Posted by: wildflowerz | July 30, 2012


I’ve been a sucky blogger lately.  I’m all out of inspiration.

I had an idea the other day to make a post about the shit I’ve tried that I’ve found on Pinterest.  I’m no Pintester (If you aren’t reading her, you should.  She fucks up most of her crafts/recipes, but she’s pretty funny about it.  But here’s some of the stuff I’ve tried and the results.  Non-food stuff first:

  • The Single Most Effective Way to Get Rid of a Sunburn –  Basically, this one involves making some Earl Gray tea and slathering it on your sunburn.  Miraculously it’s gone tan instead of red the next day.  Yeah, this one doesn’t work.  Last week I got a sun burn on my face, shoulders, and back.  I didn’t notice the back and shoulders until later, so I mostly just tried this on my face.  It had absolutely no effect.  Don’t waste your time.
  • Softest, Silkiest Legs – This one involves mixing some sugar with olive oil and lemon juice and taking a bath.  You soak for 5 minutes, shave your legs, use the scrub, shave again, and use the scrub again.  I tried this one last night.  It really worked well.  My legs have been rather dry this summer and I really suck at putting on lotion.  So when I forget, my legs look scaly and gross.  I totally forgot the lotion again this morning, but they look great and are so smooth!  Recommend!
  • Page Corner Book Marks – THIS one Michele found for me when I was looking for something to make for Em’s SWAPS for Girl Scout camp.  I didn’t end up using them for camp because I was under the mistaken impression that they had to be on actual pins, but we did them for her 2nd grade class.  They were SO cute and pretty cute.  Recommend!
  • A Rave in the Bathroom – Okay, that was my title.  This one’s super easy.  Get some of the glow sticks they sell at Target in the $1 section.  Crack them and throw them in the bath.  Turn off the lights and have a bath.  I did this one for Em.  Super easy and a BIG hit.  Recommend!
  • DIY Workout Shirt – This is the no sew upcycled tee you see all over Pinterest.  I screwed up and did the armholes entirely too big.  Other than that, it works well as a workout shirt.  I’ll try it again, with smaller arm holes.  Recommend.
  • Tee to Tank – This one’s slightly different.  I made one for myself.  I wouldn’t wear this as a regular shirt, but I’d totally wear it for a workout shirt.  It’s cuter than the one above, but it does require a bit of sewing.  Had I been able to remember how to use my sewing machine, it would have been easy peasy, but I can’t, so I did it by hand.  It still wasn’t bad.  The hardest part was finding some thread laying around the house.  Recommend.

Okay, now for the food ones.  I’ve tried much more of these:

  • Chili Lime Chicken Burgers – These are supposed to be a copycat version of a frozen burger that Trader Joe’s has.  I looked for them once there and couldn’t find them, but TJs is far enough away from me that I don’t get there often.  These are SO FREAKING GOOD.  I’ve made them twice and am making them again this week.  Chris loves them too.  After the first time, I skipped making the guac and just got the 100 calorie packs from Wholey Guacamole.  1 pack’s enough for 2 burgers.  With the PJ cheese, they’re super spicy too!  Recommend!
  • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken – This was super easy.  I thought I was using a mild buffalo sauce, but it was REALLY spicy.  Chris ate these several times as leftovers.  It makes a LOT.  I’d probably half it (at least) if I make it again.  Recommend.
  • Hippie Juice – This was yummy.  I made it for pool-side enjoyment.  Once I didn’t drink all of it and leaving it in the fridge with the strawberries floating in it squicked me out for some reason.  But it’s very tasty.  Recommend.
  • Easy Roast – So completely easy and so very yummy.  I’ve been looking for a good crockpot roast.  The ones I’ve tried have all been really dry.  This one is SO stinking good.  HIGHLY recommend!
  • Crockpot Chicken Tacos – Easy?  Definitely.  They were tasty enough, but nothing all that special.  Try it if you want.
  • Honey Lime Grilled Chicken – This was tasty.  I’d probably make it again.  If I can remember correctly, we used the Foreman for it.  Recommend.
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – This was good.  I’ll probably make it again when it gets cold.  Recommend.
  • Cookie/Candy/Brownie Thing – I made these at Mother’s Day, I think.  Everyone said they loved them.  I LOVE sweets, but they were just too rich for me.  They were good, but VERY sweet.  Maybe cut it with some vanilla ice cream?  Recommend.
  • Monterey Chicken – This is like that chicken they have at Longhorn.  I think Kayson’s/Sideline’s has it too.  It was very good.  Recommend.
  • Pizza Snowballs – These are super easy and tasty.  It’s nice to have instead of pizza.  I’ve tried them twice this summer.  They’d be good to stick in Em’s lunch from time to time.  I’d probably do that next.  Recommend.
  • No Bake Cake Batter Truffles – I also made these at Mother’s Day.  We’re no strangers to truffles.  I usually do Oreo truffles for this occasion (cream cheese, double stuff oreos, dipped in white or milk chocolate and drizzled with the other chocolate).  These were REALLY good.  I’ll definitely make them again.  Very yum.  Recommend!
  • Grilled Orange Chicken – This was decent.  I don’t remember it being particularly good or bad.  Try if you want.
  • Snickerdoodle Muffins – I’ve made these a couple of times and they’re very tasty.  What I like is that they’re made out of stuff we always have around the house.  Recommend!
  • Man-Pleasing Chicken – I take exception to the name.  There’s nothing about this dish that says it will particularly appeal to a man more than a woman.  It was decent, but most of the sauce cooked away when I did it, leaving it a bit sparse with flavor.  I’d try it again, for sure.  Recommend.
  • Slow Cooker Marinara – I have a confession to make:  I’m a Ragu girl.  I’ve never made my own spaghetti sauce.  This week, I tried it though.  It was very easy.  To Chris and I, this didn’t taste much different than Ragu.  But Em said it was good and she doesn’t normally like marinara.  So that’s enough for me.  It makes enough for about 3 meals, so I froze the other two servings.  We’ll see how well it thaws.
  • Twix Cheesecake – Again, made these at Mother’s Day.  They were VERY good and the perfect size.  Very much recommend!

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