Posted by: wildflowerz | July 31, 2012

I can see you in the morning when you go to school. Don’t forget your books, you know you’ve got to learn the golden rule.

It’s no secret (mostly because I’m a bitchy complaimer) that we’ve had less than stellar class placements these years in school for Em, for various reasons.  Kindergarten had a great teacher and what we thought was a friend from the neighborhood, but who ended up being a brat to Em the next summer and all the summers that follow.  First grade also brought a great teacher, but Em didn’t know anyone in her class.  Of course, then her now best friend moved in, so that ended up as a win.  This past year, we had a teacher who felt like she was just going through the motions and one girl in the class that she knew a teensy bit from the neighborhood.  She ended the year with a few friends, but no one she was super close to.

THIS year, all Em’s classmates wanted this one particular teacher.  I heard from another mom that that teacher has all the inclusion students (students in speech, etc. that need extra help and such).  We didn’t really have a hope for teacher.  I’ve heard all the 3rd grade teachers are good.  My only hope was for one kid in her class that she was relatively friendly with.  That’s it…just one.  So, we get to school and who’s Em’s teacher?  The super awesome one that everyone wants!  He’s one of only 2 male teachers.  I hear he’s super enthusiastic, thinks outside the box, and is really into science.  All a win!  He evidently plays the flute in class a lot and is super fun.  Not only that, but there are 5 whole girls in her class that she’s friendly with and/or has had in class before!  There’s two girls from her kindergarten class (including the snot from our neighborhood, but let’s focus on the positive, yes?), a girl from her first grade, her Girl Scout troop leader’s daughter and a  girl she was in a unit with at Girl Scout camp this summer!  There’s also a boy she had in her class in kindergarten and first!

I feel SO relieved!  And Em is so excited too!  We also have two new AIM teachers.  One’s Em’s kindergarten teacher and the other came from third grade.  We met the third grade one and she seems REALLY nice.  Honestly, any kind of new blood they have in there’s gonna be great.  I’m hoping for more out of the box stuff and less worksheets.

Our bus has changed too, so that’s new.  In our neighborhood we’ve had two buses in the past.  Mostly our neighborhood is one long street with a lot of side streets that mostly end in cul-de-sacs.  However, the street we live on is longer and with quite a few branches.  In our section, we’ve probably got 25-30 kids just for the elementary school bus.  So the two buses we had did either side of the main road.  We got the bus that went to our side of the main street.  This year, a bus that’s going to other neighborhoods is going to come in and just pick up the kids at our stop.  So we have a new driver.  I hear he’s very nice and everyone likes him.  Our pickup time is only a few minutes earlier than last year.  Our drop off time?  Oy.  Our school day has been extended by 8 minutes.  We have 8 furlough days (as opposed to the 4 from last year) and this is supposed to make up for them.  However, the buses are leaving 20 minutes later than last year.  I’m not sure why the discrepancy.  Last year, Em’s drop off time was 2:24.  This year, it’s 2:45!  Whoa!

Anyway, Em’s very excited.  And I’m excited for her.  She’s so excited that last night she had a hard time going to sleep!

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