Posted by: wildflowerz | August 3, 2012

Now this looks like a job for me, so everybody just follow me. ‘Cause we need a little controversy ’cause it feels so empty without me.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 215.4
Weekly (Er, since last WI) Change: +1.o
Total Loss: 23.8
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: Returning Next Week
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  Returning Next Week
Weekly Points Used: Returning Next Week

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  No, not Slim Shady, sorry for that trip down musical memory lane. 🙂  I went back to WW this morning, all by my lonesome.  It took me a LONG TIME to get there.  There’s roadwork on the overpass over the highway at my exit and it’s gotten godawful since the last time I was traveling it in the mornings.  I ended up turning around and heading north to that exit and then heading south.  Took me 45 minutes to get there!  Oh well, I know for next week, right?

So, after being gone and eating mostly what I wanted for a month, I’ve gained a whole pound.  Maybe I wasn’t doing as badly as I thought I was?  I suppose something must have sunk in, yeah?  It was a really good meeting.  There was this lady there who had been coming with her daughter for a while now.  She’s VERY overweight and had been coming in a wheelchair.  She wasn’t in the chair today and she made her 10%!  She had most of the people there crying.  I haven’t had any luck getting anyone to go with me.  So that sucks.  I’m much better at attending when I’ve got someone depending on me to go too.  But I’ll muddle through.

Did I mention my super cheap gym membership?  6 months for membership, group classes, and a session with a trainer for only $25!  My intention was to go after Em left for school for the first day on Wednesday.  And I did go.  But while it’s a 24 hour gym, there was no one working there until 9am.  Oy.  So I came back at 9 to sign up, but yesterday was my first day working out.  All I did to start was 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I wandered around and looked at stuff.  It’s a bit odd.  It’s a pretty small place.  Probably only 2x as much floor space as one floor of my house.  There’s a small free weight area, 3-4 bikes, 4-5 ellipticals, and 10 or so treadmills.  The rest of the space are weight machines.  It looks like they just threw them all out in the area.  There’s no rhyme or reason to them at all.  So once I get to those, it’s gonna be fun finding the ones I need.  The shower is with the regular bathroom and not with the dressing room…which has a small bathroom with it.  It’s kind of odd, but the place is clean and well-lit.  I don’t like that there’s no one working there until 9am, but it was reasonably populated at 7:30am when I went, so I don’t feel unsafe or anything.  But I definitely won’t be going in the middle of the night or anything.  (As if I would anyway!)

Em’s school’s going well.  She’s already started on AR points.  She likes her teacher a lot.  She likes some of the kids in the class.  As far as I know, she doesn’t dislike anyone.  She’s got recess with her two best friends.  The bus is weird.  We have a new (for us) driver who everyone says is awesome.  He’s very reluctant to turn around the way the bus driver has been doing it, so it’s thrown all the parents around, having to park in odd places to accomodate.  Still, whatever.  But the afternoon dropoff is supposed to be 2:45.  I usually leave here 10 minutes before.  Yesterday, it was 2:35 and I was about to head down, when the doorbell rings.  It’s Em’s best friend’s mom and Em.  The bus came over 10 minutes early.  The mom was the ONLY parent there because it was so early.  The bus driver took all the kids under 2nd grade back to school because no one was there.  It’s the only time I’ve ever called and complained at the school.  I got nowhere.  I get that the times are guesstimates.  But shouldn’t they be best case estimates?  Drive the route when there’s no traffic and give the parents those times.  We all get that there’s traffic or a wreck or something, so if they’re late, it’s no big.  But that early?  That’s ridiculous, imho.  Unfortunately, the lady I spoke to at school didn’t seem to feel that way.  /sigh  So, I guess I’m showing up at the bus stop 20 minutes early and either sweating to death or wasting a lot of gas having the air on.  Oh well…first world problems, right?

Em’s best friend’s spending the night tonight.  There’s bound to be tons of giggles.  She already started on this morning asking if her other best friend could spend the night too.  Ug.  I don’t mind one girl, but two?  Not so much.  So we’ll probably invite her to spend the night next Friday.

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