Posted by: wildflowerz | August 6, 2012

Colored lights can hypnotize, sparkle someone else’s eyes. Now woman, I said get away. American woman, listen what I say.

Hi there.  So, I started back with the WW on Friday.  I was doing reasonably well until today when I went to the grocery store hungry, bought a box of Mrs. Field’s cookies, and ate the whole box for lunch. My whole day’s worth of points in one sitting.  Yup.  Well, that’s done and I had a bunch of the WPA left, so it should be okay.  I know that if I could cut out the sweets entirely, this would go much better.  I just don’t think I’m willing to do that.  So if I can at least curb my sugar lust MOST of the time, it should all work out in the end.  At least that’s the theory I’m working off of now.  😛

I went to the gym this morning.  I planned on re-starting the Couch to 5K (yes, again, shut up) and then doing the recumbent bike for a half hour or so.  I did the C25K, but when I was finished, the only 2 recumbent bikes in the place were taken…by the same two ladies that had them when I was there last week.  I need to work out a better plan!  I can’t get there much earlier, though.  After using the elliptical (which I’ve always loved) my knees were killing me.  Some muscles too, but that makes sense and will get better.  Not sure about the knees though.  Jogging doesn’t hurt them, but high impact (jumping jacks) does.  I didn’t think the elliptical would, but maybe?  I’ll probably try it again tomorrow since it will be an off day for me for the C25K.  I think I’m going to take this week and just do cardio and focus on restarting the jogging.  Next week, I hope to pick out a few weight machines and do at least 1 day on arms, 1 day on legs, and 1 day on abs and back.  We’ll see.

Em’s still enjoying her class.  She’s decided that she doesn’t want to be superstar reader girl and isn’t going to try and beat her last year’s total.  We had a talk about it and she says she didn’t feel like I was pressuring her.  I hope that’s true.  I wanted to help her, but only as long as she wanted my help.  So now she wants to lay off.  So I’ll continue to encourage her to read and congratulate her when she does well on AR tests, but we won’t talk about her totals unless she asks.  She’s also a little worried because she gets real grades this year.  She’s all anxious.

Remember I mentioned about the bus coming 15 minutes early?  I talked to a bus driver friend and found out why.  Because we have so many furlough days, our school day is supposed to be extended by 8 minutes.  For some reason, that meant that the buses were going to leave 20 minutes after they did last year.  All fine.  Except they didn’t do that.  They’re still getting out at the exact same time.  So that’s why Em’s bus is getting here 15 minutes earlier than it’s supposed to. Most of the drivers are now sitting at their first stop and waiting for the time to catch up so they won’t be early.  Evidently, our bus isn’t doing that.  I can’t really blame him.  It’s freaking HOT outside.  But it’s still hella annoying.  You can’t say that the bus is going to come at one time and then have them arrive 15 minutes early, either letting the kid off with no parent or taking them back to school when you gave us a much later time.  Late makes sense:  traffic, a wreck, slow people in front of you, traffic lights, whatever.  At least if the bus is late, the parents are already there.  But early means the parents aren’t going to be there!  It’s crazy!  Oh well.  They were early again today.  Maybe it will work out soon.

I emailed Em’s teacher on Friday.  For AR, they take this STAR test that assesses the level they should be reading at.  They’ve taken them since she started school, but in the past, they still get to read and test on whatever they want to.  Well, I’d heard that in 3rd grade, they had to read within their range.  Our curriculum night isn’t until the end of the month.  So since Em’s already taking AR tests, I emailed her teacher to ask if she just had to stay above her minimum range number or could she read above her upper number, etc.  The answer I got back in no way answered my question.  Gah!  Oh well.  I’ll just have her read within the range for now.  Mostly what she reads IS in that range, but has a few books below and occasionally picks books higher.

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