Posted by: wildflowerz | August 17, 2012

I’m missing you so much. Can’t help it, I’m in love. A day without you is like a year without rain. I need you by my side. Don’t know how I’ll survive. A day without you is like a year without rain.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 210.6
Weekly Change: -2.2
Total Loss: 28.6
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 31
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  31
Weekly Points Used: 20

Pardon me.  I’m having an “I’d like to thank the Academy moment.”

Whew, okay.  Done.  XD  Look at that!  A 2+ weight loss for 2 weeks in a row!  I’d love to keep that going!  I upped my APs by 10 this week.  And my daily went down by 1.  I feel like I did better with food this week.  There was a doughnut incident, but I logged it and moved on.  I’m still feeling good at the gym.  I feel like I should add some strength training in there, but at the same time, I’m afraid to when things are going so well.  Perhaps I should wait and try changing it up when the numbers don’t seem to be going down and I want to shake things up?  Or maybe I should add the weights on top of the hour of cardio.  Honestly, I think I’m at my limit right now on how much exercise I can do a day.  I DO feel like doing it every day and I’m still okay at an hour, but I think more would be pushing it.  I’m not sure if I could do weights on top of that.  Even though it wouldn’t take me long if I stick to one zone a day (arms, legs, core).  I guess I’ll just play it by ear.  I do need to look up some strength workouts though.

I had a busy morning!  In 3rd grade, they’ve been studying Greece and the Olympics.  Today, her grade had a little mini Olympics.  It was cute.  They all wore togas and made their own torches and laurel crowns to wear.  They marched in with their classes and flags and then passed the “flame” around the circle.  Then they went to different stations for mini events.  So adorable.  Here’s my little Olympian:

She’s still doing great in class.  We have this Parent Portal thing that I’d forgotten all about.  I signed up for it but promptly forgot it because they only start using it once they get real grades and that’s this year.  So I went and checked it out and Em’s in the high 90s in all her subjects (Yes, there’s only been 13 days of school.  Shut up).  She’s already less than 2 points shy of 50 for AR.  I looked at her goal the teacher set her and it’s sad.  The goal for points is 17.5 (Em has 48.6).  The goal for percentage is 85% (Em’s at 95%).  And the goal for Book Level is 3.3 (Em is at 4.7).  And her book level’s so low because she’s been taking tests on books they read in class!  Yes, I am proud of my girlie, tyvm.  She also took the test on 3s and passed it.  She’s studying 4s now.  She can get there, but she’s slower on these.

She’s got a sleepover tonight that she’s SO EXCITED about.  This friend’s only slept over a couple of times, so it’s even more exciting.  They’re doing pizza for dinner and I’m trying out a crock pot french toast recipe.  Oh, speaking of that, I tried a few more Pinterest things.  We had the crock pot cube steak and gravy this week.  It was okay.  The flavor was good, but even with all that sauce floating around, it was still a bit dry and hard to swallow.  Probably won’t make it again.  We also tried the crock pot chicken ranch tacos.  Guys, these were really good.  I think it’s going to be our go-to taco recipe from now on.  It’s super easy and very yummy.  We also tried a copycat CFA chicken bites recipe.  This one was a big hit, but I don’t see me doing it for dinner much.  It used a LOT of vegetable oil to make it.  For 4 servings, it was 13 points alone just for the chicken…not counting the honey mustard!  So, I might do this occasionally to pack for Em’s lunch or something, but I don’t see it becoming a regular.  On the plus side, it was pretty easy and very tasty.  I didn’t realize how much oil it used until I made it.  And that’s totally my bad for not paying attention.  Let’s see…I also tried the flat tummy smoothie on that link.  My grocery store was out of papaya and at the second grocery store they only had the monster ones.  I made it and it was…meh.  It wasn’t completely horrible, but even though I blended it for a while, I keep biting into little hot pieces of ginger and that was unpleasant.  Probably some ice to make it cooler would have helped.  But overall, it wasn’t great and I probably won’t do it again.  Last thing I tried was the 1-2-3 cake.  You don’t even have to check the link for that one.  Buy 1 box of angel food cake mix and 1 box of any other cake mix.  Combine them and mix them up.  When you’re ready for cake, put 3 Tbsp of the mixture in a mug, along with 2 Tbsp of water and mix it up.  Microwave for a minute and you’ve got a tiny 0 point cake.  Em loves this one.  That’s it for the food stuff.  The only other thing I tried was the Halloween Boo dress.  And I only partially did this one, so pics when I finish it.  Em needed a toga for her Olympics thing today, so I did this with a regular pillow case, but used a white ribbon.  When she’s done today, I’m going to wash it and change the ribbon to black.  Then I’ve got some felt and I’ll glue on some eyes and a mouth.  I’m not going to do the thing on the bottom.  I used a regular pillow case (not king) and it’s plenty long enough for her to wear.  It will look cute with a black, long sleeve tee and leggings.

So, there you go.  I’ve droned on for long enough now I’m sure.  😛


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