Posted by: wildflowerz | August 31, 2012

Out on the streets, that’s where we’ll meet. You make the night, I always cross the line.

Well.  I’ve had an interesting few days.

I went to Em’s curriculum night on Tuesday.  Her teacher was ALL over the place.  I have no idea what the heck’s going on in her class.  But parents whose kids have had this teacher love him.  The kids love him.  All the kids coming up want him.  We got her progress report today and her lowest grade was a 94.  So she’s still doing great.  But he didn’t exactly strike me as being organized and together, but Em’s doing great.

Anyway, after that, I came home.  Chris and I were watching tv and I started feeling pressure in my chest.  Not pain, just pressure.  I started feeling light-headed.  I’ve felt this way before…usually when I get too hot.  So I immediately headed upstairs to lay down.  Halfway up the stairs, it got hard to lift my legs to climb.  At the landing, my vision was really narrowing and I stumbled to my left side.  I made it up the stairs, still unable to stand straight.  I laid down and in 5 minutes, all of it was gone except the pressure.  It worried me and I had a hard time getting to sleep.  I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I got Em off to school and looked for a doctor.  I haven’t been to the doctor in AGES.  I found a place close to us and made an appointment for 11am.  I showed up and they did all the normal stuff.  My BP was super high.  They did an EKG and it was totally normal.  The measured by BP again and it was even higher.  The doctor talked to me for a bit and didn’t have any idea what was going on.  He gave me nitroglycerin and in 5 or so minutes, I was sweating and dizzy.  My BP dropped to a normal level.  The doctor decided that he wanted me to go to the ER so I could have tests done and get immediate results.  Chris came and got me and we headed up to the Northside in Canton.  I had another normal EKG and they took blood and did tons of tests.  In the end, they decided that it’s not my heart and they have no clue, but to guess, I might have some sort of virus that’s causing the chest pressure.  I should follow up with my doctor and see a cardiologist for a stress test and such.

Yeah.  I still have the pressure.  Sometimes it’s barely there and sometimes I can definitely feel it.  The doctor suggested going ahead and taking an aspirin every day because “it can’t hurt and might help.”  So there’s that.

After we got home, we took Em to soccer practice.  At first, I was just going to stay home.  A side effect of the nitro is a killer headache until it gets out of your system.  But it was her first practice and I wanted to meet her coach and team.  So I went.  It was fucking HOT. Em had a good time.  Turns out, there are 4 girls from her grade at her school.  The coach’s daughter, she’s got AIM with.  The other girl was in her best friend’s class last year.  All the girls are super cute, of course.

This morning, I volunteered at Em’s school and helped set up for the book fair.  I was just moving crap around and setting up and stuff, but I rather enjoyed it.  It was, again, really hot in there and I sweated so much, so that’s gross.  Two of the moms I knew already.  But it was cool.  I came home and signed up to help with the takedown after it’s over too.  I might sign up the help when Em’s class is going too.  We’ll see.

After school, I drove Em to my mom’s house.  It took me almost 2 hours to get there.  It also took me almost 2 hours to get back.  Holy crap, I’m tired.  But tomorrow’s Dragon*Con.  Here’s hoping I don’t self-destruct.


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