Posted by: wildflowerz | September 4, 2012

Dragon*Con Review: Or, How I’m Getting Really Old

So, Dragon*Con this past long weekend.  Chris went on Thursday to get our badges and said it took him an hour and 45 minutes, including drive time.  So definitely much better.  The I drove Em to my Mom and Dad’s house after school.  It took almost 2 hours both ways and I was BEAT when I got back home!

Friday, we got up early and dropped off the dog at the kennel and stopped by Weight Watchers.  (Another post on WW later.)  Then we headed down to the Con and got there around 9:30.  They make a REALLY big deal about how they ALWAYS clear the rooms between panels, so I was annoyed when they didn’t clear the room after the Dragon*Con Late Show and we couldn’t get in to see John Barrowman.  I didn’t have anything else going on and was annoyed, so since also wanted to see the next panel in that room, I just got in line and read.  I ended up on the 4th row for the 11:30 Lord of the Rings panel.  This one had Craig Parker (Haldir in LotR, but more importantly, the incredibly sexy Darken Rahl in Legend of the Seeker!), Billy Boyd (Pippin), and John Rhys-Davies (Gimli/Treebeard).  They were all so fun and sweet.  Parker was hot.  I loved listening to all of them talk with their British accents.  Near the end, a 10yo (ish) boy got up to ask a question and was so cute because he was nervous.  They ended up bringing him on stage and being super sweet to him.

After LotR, I met Chris in the food court.  It was hella crowded (which I knew would happen).  But I didn’t expect my phone’s texting not to work.  It was godawful.  This would be a trend that continued throughout the week.  I ended up just getting in line at DQ and picking some food because it didn’t have much of a line.  Calling on my phone was also useless because you couldn’t hear anything since it was so loud.  I eventually found him.  I was feeling pretty crappy by this time.  I had this chest stuff and was just generally feeling pretty rundown.  We finished eating and decided to head to the Exhibit Halls to find Steve Jackson so we could pick up a few games.  They were having a sale, Buy 2 & get 1 half off.  That fit perfectly in our plans because there were 3 we wanted to buy!  So we got Small World, Castle Panic, and Tsuro for just over $100.  We also found the Sparkle! booth and I got a dalek necklace, a phone box necklace, and an HP necklace.  I kept the dalek and gave the other two to Em.

For the 2:30 panel, I went to see Nichelle Nichols.  I wasn’t into Trek the last time she came, so I was excited.  I was squished in between two people (another trend that would continue throughout the weekend) and hot.  Nichols was sweet but pretty rambly.  I ended up leaving about half way through to stand in line with a friend for the next panel in the room.

The 4pm panel was a Guild panel with all the actors.  It was a good one and really funny.  Chris was in the panel too, but near the back.  After, I left with him and we went to Hard Rock for dinner.  It wasn’t crowded at all and we had no problem getting in.  After dinner, we headed over to the Westin to see Jason Momoa.  /drool  He was a little late to the panel, but one of the D*C staff people who does a lot of Extra work around Atlanta talked to keep us entertained and he was seriously funny.  Momoa finally came and he was just beautiful.  He seemed a bit full of himself, but still funny and entertaining.  He has a couple of things coming up that I want to look out for:  Wolves and Bullet to the Head.

After that, we headed to other end of D*C to see an IT Crowd fan panel.  This was my favorite panel last year.  This year?  Not so much.  It was okay, but not great.  Plus, Chris kept saying, “we can go whenever you want to.”  I got it the first time!  After the panel, we headed home for some much needed rest.

Saturday, I woke up feeling a lot better.  We stopped by McD’s on our way in for breakfast.  We planned on leaving early so we’d get there before the parade so we wouldn’t be caught in that traffic.  We got there about 9 and camped out in front of the Brit Track.  We went to see “Brit TV You Should Be Watching.”  I haven’t caught this panel before, but they do it every year.  My evaluation is that this is one you can go to once and never need to go to again because it was almost exclusively old stuff they were talking about.  Also, they evidently post the list online after the Con.  However, I still made a list.  I’ll put what I’ve got for you here:

  • Crime/Mystery:  Whitechapel, Luther, Vexed, Doc Martin, Spooks/MI5, Wire in the Blood, Hetty Wainthropp Mysteries, Cludo, The Last Detective, Campion, Johnathan Creek, Lovejoy, Prime Suspects, Vera, Raffles, Rosemary and Thyme, The Red Riding Trilogy, Wallander, Murdoch Mysteries, and Dirk Gently
  • Period:  The Forsyte Saga, Upstairs Downstairs, Eastenders, Casualties, Downton Abbey
  • Horror:  Bedlam, Jekyl, Survivors, The Fades, Hex, Strange, Young Dracula, Dead Set, Day of the Triffids, Dark Season, Apparitions, Ultraviolet, Demons, Duckula
  • Comedy:  Red Dwarf

I only got one comedy because the track director was on this panel and she was REALLY rambly and wouldn’t move on.  So yeah.

Chris left early from the 10am panel and stood in line for the 11:30 Eureka panel for me (isn’t that sweet!?).  This one had Colin Ferguson, Niall Matter, Tembi Locke, Debrah Farentino, Felicia Day, and Jaime Paglia.  It was a pretty good one too.  I left and went to the Sheraton to see Grant Imahara from Mythbusters for the 1pm panel.  In this one, he did a slide show that he normally does when he goes to colleges and talks.  It was mostly about his own personal career and was a pretty good one.

For the 2:30 panel, I went to see Tim Russ, Robert Picardo, and Garrett Wang from Voyager.  I’m seriously tired of Garrett Wang.  This one was entertaining and it was cute how many little girls got up to ask Tim Russ about being the principal on iCarly.  I left early to line up for John Barrowman.

Chris and I met up and found the Barrowman line after they wouldn’t let us walk in the back of the Marriott.  Turned out to be good since we ran into the back of the line.  We ended up in the front 1/3 of the room.  It was really hot outside and I was super sweaty (another trend of the entire weekend).  It was really late starting too.  This was originally supposed to be a panel with Barrowman, Marsters, and Owen, but changed to just Barrowman.  I would have like to see Owen, but I don’t need to see Marsters ever again.  Barrowman was hilarious.  He will talk about any and everything and is very open.  Toward the end, he brought out his husband (who’s also a cutie).  Then both of them dropped their pants and showed us their superhero jockey shorts.  /fans self

After that, we went to the Rose McGowan panel.  This one was supposed to be general McGowan and not just Charmed like her other panel.  15 minutes past the start time, they finally tell us that she didn’t show.  So we left and tried out Truva, a new Mediterranean restaurant where the Steak & Ale used to be.  It wasn’t crowded and it was pretty darn tasty.  We’d do it again.  We finished up around 7ish and headed over to the parking garage to pick up our board games and then into Open Gaming.  It was REALLY crowded.  We had a hard time finding a place to sit.  We eventually did and we had a pretty good crowd of people.  I think there were around 13 or 14 people at one point!  I got to meet a new friend from a FB group I’m on too, so that was awesome!  We played a few rounds of Zombie Dice and a few rounds of Tsuro.  A few people played a couple games of Castle Panic.  I played a game of Pandemic and we actually won!  It’s a cooperative game that we’ve played a few times, but never won before.  We left around 12:15 or so and got home around 1.  SO tired.

Sunday, I woke up feeling pretty crappy again.  I eventually got better, but I had a headache and was a little nauseous.  Not to mention TIRED.  We headed on in and I went to the 10am True Blood panel.  It had Joe Manganiello, Carrie Preston, Nelsan Ellis, and Sam Trammell.  I’d seen all of them before, excepting Preston.  It was a decent panel.  I didn’t have to stand in line and that’s always a plus.  After that, I headed over to the TNG panel at 11:30.  This one was Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn.  Again, I wasn’t into Trek the last time they came, so I was eager to see them.  The announcer person introduced Dorn and he came on stage.  Then the announced said, “And Jonathan Frakes is around here somewhere.”  Frakes burst in the back door and started pretending to be an annoying fan asking questions.  He eventually got to the front.  They spent an inordinant amount of time singing.  At first it was funny, but got old pretty quick.  Still, they were pretty funny and entertaining.

After that panel, I met Chris and we decided to walk to Durango for lunch.  We walked in and three of our friends were there doing lunch.  We ended up at a table right next to them, so that was cool.  After that, Chris and I went to the Sheraton to try and get memberships for next year.  A friend of mine from high school was going to be working at that store.  I didn’t see her and you could only buy memberships at the Marriott store, so I went to get in line for Reading Rainbow and Chris went to his thing.  My line was REALLY long and it felt way hotter outside.  This line went onto their parking deck.  Chris’s thing was full, so we both bailed and went to buy memberships for next year, visit the Exhibit Halls, and visit the Dealer Room.  We got our memberships and I ended up finding a cute Tyrion for President (“A Lannister ALWAYS pays his national debts”) tee.  We got this cute headband that has those club kid tube hair things on it and lights up for Em.  She loves it.  It’s blue, of course.  We were done by 3:30 and had previously planned to skip our 4pm.  Since Chris did a lot of my stuff, we decided to go to one of his.  Unfortunately, it was full and we couldn’t get in.  But fortunately, my thing was in the same area, so that’s how Chris went to the Vaginal Fantasy thing with me.  Felicia Day again!  It was okay.  We had our final panel at 5:30 so we ended up skipping out early to get in line there.

We met a friend in line for BSG at 5:30.  This panel had Katee Sackhoff, Michael Trucco, James Callis, Jamie Bamber, and Richard Hatch.  It started off kind of serious and never really got fun.  But they did have some good answers, particularly Katee’s last one.  I was a little put off by Katee playing the dumb blonde though.  After the panel, we went to Willy’s and picked up food and took it to Open Gaming.  Another friend joined us and we lost at Castle Panic.  He left and another friend came and we played Ticket to Ride, which I lost miserably, but Chris won fantastically!  We headed home early after that and slept late the next day.

Monday, we skipped going to Con and went to pick up Em.  Another long ride there and back.  Em was cranky and had some homework to do after she got back.  Hopefully she’s better today because she’s got a soccer practice this evening!

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