Posted by: wildflowerz | September 11, 2012

Now Woody, he’s been my pal for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, like a cowboy should be. And kind, and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special, is he’ll never give up on you… ever. He’ll be there for you, no matter what.

Good morning. 🙂  We had a low-key weekend.  Em’s best friend spent the night on Friday.  They were great and well behaved.  They even took themselves to bed on their own and settled down quickly!  Saturday, they had their first soccer game of the season.  It’s different!  In U08, the coaches were the referees and were on the field with them.  They didn’t have penalties for much of anything except hand ball.  They also played 5×5.  I’d noticed a lot of improvement in Em while she was in U08.  She started when she was in first grade and had the same coach both seasons that year.  The girls traveled in a big clump.  Em hung back and didn’t want to run or get to the ball. The next year, she had a grumpy, older guy as coach the first half of the season.  They played positions (something the coach didn’t try the year before).  Em really tried a lot harder and got in there and wanted to get her foot on the ball.  The second half of the year, the coaches were a married couple who were really nice.  They also played positions and Em got even better.

Then, we get to this year.  I was a bit unsure when her coach said that she didn’t believe they should play positions and wasn’t going to do that.  She said that if they played a team that did, the other team would probably score a lot over them.  I never quite got why she thought not playing positions would be a good plan. Chris said he thought it was so that they didn’t get in the habit of playing one position and switched around.  But that sounded silly to me.  I mean, she’s the coach;  she can switch them to wherever she wants to play them.  And the fact that the other team would score over them seems like a dead give-away that it was a silly idea.  Don’t get me wrong:  I’m not all about the score.  They should have fun.  But the goal is to score, so shouldn’t that be what you’re working towards?

Anyway, we get to the game and they immediately start running around in a big clump, just like when Em first played.  It was a mess. The other team scored at least 6x in the first half to our girl’s 1.  But I TOTALLY have to give the coach credit.  She realized it wasn’t working and talked to the girl’s at the half.  They decided to play in positions the second half and did a lot better.  I can’t even remember the score, but I know they didn’t get scored on nearly as much.  So while I didn’t get the Coach’s original plan, I totally appreciate her trying something new and then seeing that it wasn’t working and switching it up.  Awesome. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was super low key.  I didn’t feel all that great most of it.  Just kind of a general ug feeling:  my stomach felt kind of bloaty and blah and the chest pressure was back.  I mostly laid around and read.  We played a few games and watched some movies, but that was about it.

Is it ironic that I was stressing out about scheduling my stress test?  Did I mention that I had to have one?  I went for a follow-up from the first visit and the ER visit on Thursday.  They didn’t do much of anything.  My BP was high when I went in, but after about 20 minutes, they checked it again and it was normal.  They didn’t do much of anything else.  Even though all the tests they did at the hospital were negative for any heart problems, the doctor (and the hospital doctor) wanted me to go ahead and get a stress test to be on the safe side.  So they called Friday to set it up.  I’m not sure if they’re only at that office in the afternoon or what, but the only times they had were 2:15 on Monday or 11 on Thursday.  Thursday I’m volunteering at the school.  Well, it just so happens that Em had Girl Scouts on Monday.  Usually that ends at 4, but since it was the first one of the year, their meeting ended at 3:30 and then the parents had to sign stuff and go over beginning of the year things.  IF the doctor visit was on time, I should have no problem picking her up.  But when has a doctor visit ever been on time?  So I arranged for Chris to get her.  Good thing I did.  I had to be there at 1:45 for some reason.  I guess for paperwork?  The paperwork took me maybe 5 minutes.  I sat there for 45 minutes before they called me back.  They hooked me up and I got on the treadmill.  Except the treadmill wouldn’t work.  I sat there for ages while they tried to fix it, even calling the help desk people.  At 3:15 they couldn’t figure it out and I had to schedule yet another appointment.  The only time I could do it was Friday at 8am.  So once again, I’ll miss the WW meeting.  Gah.

On the positive side, did I mention the Girl Scouts news?  We found out a few days ago, that two MORE girls from Em’s 3rd grade class are now in her troop.  One of them she’s been sitting with at lunch and the other she knew from her kindergarten class!  That makes 5 girls from her class that are in Girl Scouts together.  Well, Chris came home yesterday from picking her up and told me that there are 15 girls in their troop (only 10 last year).  Evidently another troop was a mix of ages and all but 3 of them moved up to Juniors.  Well, guess who one of the 3 are?  The daughter of her soccer coach!  And the coach was their leader.  So now Em has a soccer teammate in her GS troop and it looks like her coach might help be a leader too since they have so many girls.  How cool!

So today, we’ve got soccer practice.  Tomorrow, I head to Em’s school in the afternoon when her class goes to the book fair.  Thursday, I’m volunteering at her school.  Friday’s my stress test, followed by weigh in at WW, and then soccer practice in the evening.  But I think Em will be going to practice with her best friend and spending the night, so that lets me off the hook.  I’m not sure if we have any plans for the weekend.  Oh, speaking of volunteering, check this out:  Em’s school has a Fall Festival every year.  There are tons of bouncy things, games, vanity stuff (colored hair spray, fake tattoos, etc), and food.  They also do a cake walk and some other stuff too.  Well, each class has a booth or something they do.  It’s man a bouncy, work the concessions, etc.  Chris and I trade off on this from year to year.  I did kindergarten, he did 1st, etc.   Well, this is his year.  Guess what the class booth is?  Nail painting!  Bwahahahaha.  I’ll have to take pity on him and do it for him, but I don’t have to tell him that until closer to the festival, do I?  /evil  XD


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