Posted by: wildflowerz | September 14, 2012

‘Miss Granger, a plain but ambitious girl, seems to be developing a taste for famous wizards. Her latest prey, sources report, is none other than the Bulgarian bon-bon Viktor Krum. No word yet on how Harry Potter’s taking this latest emotional blow.’

Good morning.  I didn’t go to WW this morning.  My rescheduled stress test was this morning at 8am.  I got there just before 8am.  They didn’t call me back until 8:35 or so.  I didn’t actually have the test until closer to 9am.  It took a grand total of 12 minutes to do.  I’m not particularly impressed with this office.  The people are nice, but this is a bit ridiculous.  I was the first appointment of the morning and it took an hour and 15 minutes to do a 12 minute test?  Jeez.  At any rate, I’m fine.  Still no idea what the deal is with the pressure, but my heart’s fine.

Today is 50s day at Em’s school.  The reason why is kind of stupid, but apparently only I think so.  The principal of her school has his 50th birthday on Saturday.  So for the occasion, everyone is dressing up with clothes from the 1950s style.  Does no one else really see why that’s silly?  If he’s turning 50, he was born in 1962.  Whatever, it’s a fun thing for them.  We have no poodle skirts or the like.  So last night, I found some flats, some jean capris and a flowy tee with a scarf to tie around Em’s pony tail.  I got it all together and she didn’t really want to wear it.  So she’s wearing pink leggings, a zebra print skirt, and a purple tee shirt.  Whatever. 🙂

We’ve got all sorts of stuff coming up!  Em’s got soccer practice tonight, followed by a sleepover with her best friend.  We may be doing Dave & Buster’s this weekend.  She’s out of school all next week.  Monday I’m taking her and her best friend roller skating at lunch time and then she’s spending the night with us.  Tuesday morning Em gets her flu shot.  After that, we’ll probably head to the used book store and maybe Trader Joe’s.  If we find a Halloween store, we’ll stop in and get Em a costume.  I predict a Monster High thing this year, but I could be wrong.  We might head up to my parents in the end of the week.  They’re moving. Next week, I’ve got a follow up doctor appointment, followed by a dentist appointment on Monday.  She’s got a lock in at the Bounce House (just like last year) next month.  The first Sunday in November, she’s got Girlapalooza.  Six Flags finishes it’s season with Halloween, but they’re going to open that Sunday just for the Girl Scouts and it’s called Girlapalooza. So we’re taking Em. 🙂  She loves Six Flags and by the first of November, it should be a little cooler.  I’ll just make sure I skip the Ninja and the Mindbender!


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