Posted by: wildflowerz | September 24, 2012

You’re Mister Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thicktown, Thickania. And so’s your dad.

Good afternoon. 🙂  I’ve finally got my house back.  Em was off all last week for Fall Break.  Never mind that Fall didn’t actually start until Saturday.  So, let’s see….last Friday Em was supposed to have soccer practice.  But it was the beginning of Fall Break and only 4 girls were going to show up.  Someone thought it was supposed to rain (none of the sites I saw predicted it) too, so the coach emailed saying she might cancel early that morning.  I never got a text (which was going to be her preferred method of communication for last minute cancellations), nor did Em’s friend’s mom.  So she took them.  Turns out it was cancelled, we just didn’t get the info.  So Em spent the night with her friend and I came and got her the next morning.  We drove over to Chris’s parents to see Chris’s older sister and her husband and kids for a little while.  The next day, we went to Dave & Busters.  We’d found our old D&B Gold Card and took it in and we had a bunch of ticket credits on there, so Em got a ton of stuff.

On Monday, I’d planned on taking Em and her best friend roller skating, followed by a sleepover.  Luckily, I checked that morning and the stupid rink wasn’t open.  So Em and I got stuff for a tea party and they did that instead and then played all evening.  I dropped her friend back off the next morning.  I took Em to get a flu shot and then we went to the used book store, Trader Joe’s, lunch at Arby’s, and a trip to a Halloween store.  The store didn’t have a whole lot and their prices were twice as much as Target.  So we went to Target and got her a costume.  She wanted a Monster High Draculaura costume.  We got it and the wig, along with a cute pair of boots to go with it.  When we got it home and tried it on, it was horrendous.  Okay, my daughter is 8.  She has no chest, as you would expect.  You’d expect her to be a C cup by now looking at the costume.  There was an extremely excessive amount of room for boobage.  The costume also said that it was a shirt with a vest.  What it actually had was a vest with attached fish net sleeves and a white lace dickie (that didn’t fit well) underneath.  The wig didn’t fit right wither and Em said it was super itchy.  So we took it back.

Wednesday morning we drove to my parents’ new house.  They had just moved all their big stuff the past weekend, but still had a lot of little things.  So Em and I went with her to move most of the remaining stuff.  When we finished, all that was left was some stuff my dad needed to decide on and Christmas deco in the basement.  We came home Thursday.  Friday, Em and I drove down to Barrett to find another Halloween store with a better selection.  We found one and she tried on a Merida costume, a Shake It Up costume, and a witch costume.  The Merida was VERY pretty, but it was twice as much as the Target version.  The SIU was okay, but cheaply made, barely much of a costume, and $40.  She actually liked the witch one.  It was a lot cheaper.  It’s a purple, punky witch.  We got her some purple and black striped tights and some purple hair paint.  We also picked up some brown paint for her Hermione costume for Book Character Day.  After that, we went by the mall.  She got a few new outfits from Crazy 8 (I so love that store), a baby Merida doll from The Disney Store (Seriously, get it there instead of Target.  The Disney Store version has a smirk that’s adorable), as well as some PJs, and some froyo from Yogli Mogli. 🙂

Saturday we went to the Georgia Tech game.  The weather while we were walking there felt GREAT.  However, we were going to go by the school store and see about finding another tee for Em.  Chris didn’t look it up ahead of time and evidently it didn’t occur to him that in 17 years, it might not be in the same place.  😛  So we went way out of our way to find it, couldn’t, and walked back to the stadium.  By then, we’d walked quite a bit!  Our seats were the SUPER cheap seat…as high as you can go, less about 10 or so rows.  So we walked up a LOT of stairs.  By the time we got there, I was SO hot and sweaty and wasn’t feeling great at ALL.  After the half, the sun went behind the clouds and it felt a lot better.  Em started out pretty bored, but she got into it.  Did you guys watch the game?  She was horrified when the Miami player grabbed the face mask of the Tech player and whipped his head around.  It was scary!  Dude could have killed him. We had two ANNOYING Miami fans behind us.  So at least Em had a good example on how NOT to act like a decent human beings.  But we also had two Miami fans beside us who were cool.  The game was REALLY good.  Miami started up up 19 points, but then Tech won them back and they tied in the end and had an OT.  At least if Tech couldn’t win, it was a really GOOD game.  (Why am I capitalizing so much?)  Anyway, I realized that I really enjoyed it.  I’d love to go to more games, but I absolutely could care less about watching any sport on tv.  So, there’s that. 🙂

Sunday Chris’s parents came over early to watch Em.  Chris and I had a wedding to go to.  It was my first Jewish wedding.  Didn’t differ all THAT much from any other wedding I’d been to, but it was cool.  The reception after was at Rays.  We got to see some good friends, including one who lives on the other coast and don’t get to see very often.  We were also seated with another couple and their kid that we didn’t know, but who were really nice and geeky. 😉

Today, Em’s back at school.  She’s got Girl Scouts today.  I had a physical today.  I got all the results back from my lab work.  On that front, every single thing but TSH (Thyroid) was normal.  The TSH number was a little high (5.38).  He said it wasn’t something to get super worried about, but he drew more blood today to check it again and if it stays up there, I’ll go on medicine for it.  The only other possible problem area is blood pressure.  When I first saw this guy when I had the chest pressure, my BP was super high.  The upper number was 170ish.  It didn’t go down and that’s when I got the nitro.  Last time I went, it was a little high, but went down after I sat there for 20 minutes.  For the two times I had to go to the stress test, it was normal (125ish).  When I went in this morning, it was 160ish.  A few minutes later, it was down to 145.  So, he gave me a log and sent me to get a BP monitor to check it for two weeks.  When I go back, we’ll see if it’s a white coat thing or if my BP’s actually high.  If it is, we’ll work on that.  If not, he’s suggesting some sort of weight loss drug, if I’m up for it.  I kinda think I am.  At the end of this month, it will have been a year on WW.  I’ve loss less than 30lbs.  I know I could be doing better and that it’s all my responsibility, but sometimes you need some help.  So we’ll see where that goes.  He told me my goal should be 150 and to aim to lose 5lbs a month.  Sounds reasonable to me.  He also told me to stop all the sodas.  Yeah, I knew it, but I didn’t want to have to do it.  Not sure how Chris will react to that. 😛  After we finish what’s in the pantry, I’m not gonna buy any more.  We don’t have many left in there anyway, maybe another 12 pack.  Ug…headaches here I come!  I’ll just have to stick with it and make it to the other side though, right?

I also had a dentist appointment after the doctor.  Ug.  I hate the dentist.  That’s the “dentist” in general, not my particular one.  My actual guy is super nice, as are all his staff.  Anyway, I’ve got a filling that needs to be crowned.  Ug, ug, ug.

I think I’ve gone on long enough for this entry.  I knew you were all dying to hear about my week and all… 😛

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