Posted by: wildflowerz | October 9, 2012

Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?

Good morning!

I’m feeling strangely motivated today.  Could be from my visit to the doctor yesterday.  I went back for two things:  blood pressure and thyroid.  I’ve been taking my blood pressure at home for the past two weeks.  It’s been totally normal each and every time.  So they’ve determined that it’s just the white coat thing.  I’ve never had that before.  My BP’s always been fine (excepting the end of my pregnanacy).  I think I’ll continue to check it from time to time at home.  I mean, I paid $50 for the BP monitor, so I might as well, right?  Okay, so on to my thyroid.  It was slightly high last time.  Last time it was 5.38.  The range for normal is 0.40-4.50.  This time, it was 3.52.  He thinks mine just naturally fluctuates and that since 5.38 wasn’t that bad anyway, we’re going to let it be.  We also talked about weight loss and such.  He’s still recommending a goal weight of 150 for me and a target loss of 5lbs/month.  My feet have been giving me problems lately (over pronating) and he suggested trying The Walking Co. to get some insoles to help.  Turns out, there’s one at my local mall, so I’ll probably be doing that this week.

So today, I’m feeling pretty good.  I feel back on track.  In fact, I felt pretty good and hopeful yesterday too after the doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that my health is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY fine except for my weight or what.  I mean, it’s good that instead of a host of things to worry about, I only have the one, right?  Granted, it’s a big one (pun intended), but still.  So yesterday afternoon, since Em had Girl Scouts, I hopped on the treadmill for half an hour.  Usually if I don’t exercise in the morning, it doesn’t get done.  But I warmed up for 30 minutes and then did 20 minutes where every 30 seconds, I upped my incline by .5 until I reached the upper limit (10) and then lowered it at the same rate.  Followed by a 5 minute cool down.  I also found lots of treadmill workouts on Pinterest.  Today, I went back to the gym and ROCKED Week 4, Day 1.  I’ve had lots of issues trying to get through it when I’ve tried repeatedly.  And I haven’t been to the gym a lot lately with foot and knee pain.  But today, I just did it.  Yay!

Let’s see:  caffeine/artificial sweetener.  I asked the doctor too about the artificial sweeteners.  You know, whether I should avoid them all?  Is Stevia okay? Etc.  He basically said what I was thinking.  Right now, they say Stevia’s okay, but who knows what they’ll say tomorrow?  They used to say Splenda was good too.  Basically your body isn’t used to ingesting any of that stuff, so it doesn’t know what to do with it.  So he said that any of it was okay to have as long as you only have a little.  And sodas are the main source of them, so don’t drink those.  I can tell you that I’ve tried several flavors of Vitamin Water:  Zero (flavored with Stevia) and most of them have been pretty tasty.  (I’ve got Orange to try next, Michele!)  I’ve tried one of the Crystal Light Pure (also Stevia) and it was horrible.  (Wild Berry, for the record.)  The only other thing that I have regularly that’s got artificial sweeteners in it is yogurt.  I usually do Yoplait Light.  (2 Points + for any of them.)  I’ve tried to do Greek yogurt from time to time, but I’ve never really liked it.  But I decided I’d try all of the ones my grocery store had.  So I’ll do a little review thing every day.  Today I had Liberté.  Review to follow.

This week, we’ve got soccer practice tonight and Friday.  After practice on Friday, Em’s having her friend sleep over.  Saturday, she’s got a soccer game at 11:30am.  After that we’re having some friends and their kids over for some board gaming!  We had a lot of fun at Dragon*Con playing games with friends and Em LOVES all the games we’ve got  so I thought she’d like to play some more too.  We’ve been doing a family game night at least once a week.  Yay!  By the way, did you catch the most recent Table Top?  They played Pandemic!  That’s what started our family game nights here at home!

It also looks like we’re getting together another Geeky Girl’s Night Out next month!  Yay!  We’re going to see Skyfall.  Yes, the last Bond movie was shit.  No, I can’t really tell you what it was about except that Daniel Craig was very yummy in it….and that’s all that matters. XD

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