Posted by: wildflowerz | October 13, 2012

Review Wrap-Up: Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Look at me being all organized and scientific and stuff.  So, I finished them all today.  If you want the TL;DR version, skip down to Order of Yumminess.

My Opinion:  Liberté was the yummiest to me.  It also tied as the cheapest.  That, of course, is with the sale I got at Publix.  I’m not sure what it usually is.  But all the yogurts had some sort of sale when I bought them, so I’m thinking their regular prices might be the same, in comparison to each other.  We’ll have to wait and see on that.  While I liked Liberté the best, I’d probably buy either that or Chobani, depending on which one was cheaper.  Liberté also had the most calories of any of the yogurts.  It tied for most carbs and had the lowest protein.  I mention those specifically because I’m dieting to lose weight.  Weight Watchers uses fat, fiber, total carbs, and protein in figuring their points, so I highlighted those numbers.  However, all these yogurts had the same Points+ number at 3, so for my purposes, they’re equal.  If I were specifically trying to cut back on sodium, carbs, or whatever then I might have a different opinion.  I didn’t do a comparison of ingredients, but they all seemed much the same to me.  Obviously Oikos is made with Organic ingredients, if that’s important to you.  In my limited scientific knowledge, they all seemed to have relatively simple ingredients and I noticed no artificial sweeteners and that’s what prompted me to try this in the first place.

Objective Comparison of Facts:

  • Largest Size:  Chobani at 6oz (170g)
  • Calories:  Most-Liberté at 150, Least-Oikos Organic at 110
  • Cholesterol:  Most-Voskos at 5, Least-Chobani & Fage at 0
  • Sodium:  Most-Oikos Organic at 80mg, Least-Fage at 45mg
  • Total Carbs:  Most-Liberté and Chobani at 20, Least-Oikos Organic at 16
  • Fiber:  Most-Chobani at <1, Least-All the rest at 0
  • Sugar:  Most-Chobani at 19, Least-Voskos at 15
  • Protein:  Most-Chobani at 14, Least-Liberté at 11
  • Price*:  Most-Voskos & Fage at $1.50, Least-Liberté & Oikos Organic

Now, all that was comparing them as if they were the same size.  But if you adjust for the larger size of Chobani, these are the changes:

  • Total Carbs:  Most-Liberté at 20 (Chobani’s now 3rd highest)
  • Protein:  Most-Oikos Organic & Fage (Chobani’s now just behind those two)

To be honest, though, you probably aren’t going to stop eating Chobani when you’re 88.33% finished, so you might as well compare the total amounts.  I added all this information because different people are looking to different things.  Some people are lower sodium or lower carbs. Some are trying to decrease their sugar intake.  So, you’ve got all the information.  🙂

Order of Yumminess, Best to Worst:  1-Liberté, 2-Chobani, 3-Fage, 4-Voskos, 5-Oikos Organic

Individual Reviews:  Liberté Nonfat Greek YogurtOikos Organic Nonfat Greek Yogurt,Voskos Nonfat Greek YogurtChobani Nonfat Greek Yogurt, Fage Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Company Websites:  Liberté, Oikos, Voskos, Chobani, Fage

*Publix in NW Georgia Prices on 10/8/12


  1. Thanks for your research and comparison. I love the availability of the Greek yogurts now!

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