Posted by: wildflowerz | October 26, 2012

White knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight. Clenched shut jaw, I’ve got another headache again tonight.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 205.4
Weekly Change: -0.2
Total Loss: 33.8
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 30
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  39
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 9

Hmm.  Not unexpected.  I weigh myself at home, so I knew that the scale wasn’t moving this week.  I wasn’t quite sure why until yesterday.  That womanly stuff will get you every time.  I tend to hold on to weight just before I start, so I’m hoping that’s what this was.  I did pretty well this week.  I did eat a few more of my Weekly Points (9 compared to 3), but that’s really it.  Oh, I didn’t notice it when I made the last post, but my daily Points went down to 30.  Oh, also, I earned more Activity Points this week.  /shrug  At least I was down some, even if it was only 0.2.  So crossing my fingers that the loss will catch up to me next week.

Our meeting today wasn’t really for me.  It was about “Just 10 Minutes.”  The idea is that you make yourself fit in just 10 minutes of activity a day.  I’ve been doing really well with the exercise.  This past week, I got through days 1 and 2 of Week 6 of the Couch 2 5K.  I hope to get day 3 done tomorrow morning.  It’s 22 minutes straight of jogging.  :-O  All I can say is that I did 20 last week, so what’s 2 more?  I’m just gonna suck it up and do it.  On the non-C25K days, I’ve been doing 37 minutes on the elliptical and 37 minutes on the treadmill.  First, why 37 you say?  Doing 37 instead of 36 nets me one more Activity Point.  😉  On the elliptical, the first time this week, I alternated using the handles and not.  I read that not using them works you abs.  Not so much that I noticed.  The second time, I used one of the pre-programmed workouts.  On the treadmill, I’ve been upping the incline.  I’ve been upping it 1/2 a % every 30 seconds.  I try to get up to 10 and then come back down again.  Then I usually do it again until either 5 or 7.  I’m sweating like crazy by the end of those workouts!

Em has soccer practice this evening, followed by a Girl Scout thing at the bounce house.  You have the option of leaving at 11 or spending the night. She did it last year and spent the night.  This year, none of her troop leaders were staying.  This, we knew.  But they didn’t tell me until today that she couldn’t stay if there was no troop leader staying.  Nice.  It will work out MUCH better this way since she’s got a soccer game tomorrow at 1, but I know she’ll be disappointed.  Her best friend was supposed o be going this year (and didn’t go last year), but she’s been sick all week, so she had to cancel that too.  Em was already bummed about that.  Oh well. She’ll get over it, I’m sure.  Oh, she had running club again yesterday.  She was so proud.  The first time they did it, she did 6 laps.  This time she did 7.  Yeah for my little runner girl!

Last night we FINALLY finished the refi on our mortgage.  Chris started it months and months ago and for some reason it’s just taken FOREVER.  We were supposed to meet the person at a Chase branch, but for some reason she thought we were meeting at our house and the Chase branch wasn’t open because it was 7pm before we met.  So we went to the Panara close by and signed (and signed and signed and signed some more).

What else?  I’m still off the caffeine and have cut back on the artificial sweeteners significantly.  I’ve been trying to check everything I’m buying (though not so much the stuff we already own), so at least I don’t bring much new stuff in.  About all I’m buying with the non-sugar sweeteners is Vitamin Water Zero.  It’s okay.  Publix had a nice sale a few weeks ago and I picked up 10 for $8.  I’ve been having maybe 1 a week.  Oh, and for the caffeine, it’s not been bad.  I had a week of bad headaches and since then, it feels like my headaches have decreased a lot.  I have one today, but this is the only one that’s been more than a short, minor annoyance.


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