Posted by: wildflowerz | November 7, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I’ve been feeling simultaneously awesome and sickly lately.  It’s weird.  I’m still working my way through the Couch to 5K.  Sunday morning I got up and banged out the 25 minutes on my home treadmill.  And usually it’s harder for me at home.  I was scheduled to do Day 1 of Week 8 yesterday.  But I’ve been extremely tired in the evenings and feeling a bit sickly in small ways that don’t add up to much individually, but together leaves me feeling uggy.  So, since Em was off for a Furlough Day yesterday and I couldn’t get to the gym anyway, I went ahead and took the day off.  I usually take off two days during the week, usually it’s just Friday and either Saturday or Sunday.  This week it was Saturday and then Tuesday. I got back to the gym this morning and banged out Day 1.  That’s 28 minutes!  Woohoo!  Day 2 is the same and then Day 3, the last day, is 30 minutes.  I anticipate no problems.  I plan on going to the gym after Weight Watchers again on Friday to do Day 2.  Then Day 3 I will try on Sunday, at home.  Or possibly even at the gym…we’ll see.

We went to see Wreck-It Ralph on Saturday after Em’s early game.  The game went really well, though they lost.  One girl on the other team was very big in elbowing and the ref refused to call it.  To be fair, the last team they played were ALL like that and it wasn’t called then either.  It was so bad, even the girls were complaining about it at halftime.  Still I think they’re playing really well.  They’ve got a make-up game from the first game that they had to cancel on Friday evening.  Then the last game that should have been Saturday will now be played on Tuesday.  Evidently one our our players and 4 of the players from the other team are being picked to play for the Academy tournament this weekend, so we’re rescheduling instead.  So then the End of Season party that WAS going to be on Saturday after their game is now going to be on Tuesday after the game.  Em will be out later, but it should be fun.  it’s going to be at the restaurant one of her teammates owns.

Oh, Wreck-It Ralph was really good!  We all enjoyed it a lot.  We might go see it again.  At least I’d love to and I’m sure Em would too.  On Sunday we went to Girlapalooza at Six Flags.  SF had officially closed for the year after Halloween, but for the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary, they opened on Sunday for just GS and their family.  We took Em and she had a good time.  The weather was great until lunch time when it started raining.  I know Em would have had a much better time had she been able to ride the rides with friends.  But no one from her troop mentioned even going and we invited her best friend to come, but she couldn’t for some reason.  We didn’t run into ANYone we knew either.  We ended up leaving around 2pm.  We did go ahead and get season passes for next year for Em and Chris.  They were available as an upgrade from the tickets we had for the day.  I’m good to go when it’s cooler, but in the heat of summer?  No thanks.  If I go with them, we’ll just do a day ticket for me.  I doubt it will happen often!

Anyway, Saturday Em’s having her best friend spend the night and some friends and I are doing a Geeky GNO to see Skyfall (Daniel Craig /drool) and do Mexican yumminess.  Sunday Em’s got a bday party at the Bounce House.

I started my Christmas shopping last week.  I got a bunch of stuff at Target and ordered some more from Amazon.  I wanted to get stuff for the nephew at Target too, but Chris neglected to get a list of what he wanted.  I had a coupon for a percent off the entire purchase.  That’s why I went ahead and started.

Still doing pretty well with the dieting stuff.  I didn’t do quite as well yesterday.  Em wanted Wendy’s for lunch, so I did a salad, but had a Frosty.  I’m not sure why, but it really tore up my stomach and I laid on the couch for most of the rest of the day.  I just had a sandwich for dinner.  So I ended up not getting in the needed water, fruit & veg, or healthy oil.  Oh well.  It’s one day.  Em’s Halloween candy has still been totally safe from me, so that’s good too. 🙂


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