Posted by: wildflowerz | November 9, 2012

Hey baby won’t you look my way, I can be your new addiction. Hey baby what you gotta say? All you’re giving me is fiction.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 201.8
Weekly Change: -1.4
Total Loss: 37.4
2nd 10% Target Loss: 44lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 30
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  51
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 4

Woohoo!  Another week, another loss.  I could get used to this!  We had a sub at the WW meeting this morning.  That’s almost never good.  The one we had today wasn’t the one with the manic laugh, it was just the nice one that’s pretty boring.  So at least there’s that.

I also went to the doctor yesterday.  I’m seeing the doctor monthly about my weight also.  So I’m going to give you the horrible details that I’d rather not face, but here goes:

  • BMI:  Currently 34.9 (Beginning 36.5)
  • Body Age:  60 (Beginning 62)
  • Body Fat Percentage:  48.1 (Beginning 48.7)
  • Resting Metabolism:  1628 (Beginning 1679)
  • Skeletal Muscle Percentage:  23.2 (Beginning 23.1)
  • Visceral Fat Level:  9 (Beginning 9)
  • Weight:  201.8 (Beginning 212.0)

So.  Everything that’s supposed to go down is going down and everything that’s supposed to go up is going up.  Except the Visceral Fat Level.  He said it should be under 9, so I was already close there.  I’m not exactly sure what that one means, though.  Anyway, he said it was all looking good, but I should be gaining more muscle.  I haven’t been doing strength training at the gym, so I’m going to start that this coming week.  I’ve got a few apps for my iPod to try and I’ve got a chart I made up to help figure out which machines I want to be doing for which body parts.  So there’s that.

Guys, I’ve about had it with Em’s soccer team.  The first game of the season, our coach cancelled because it was at the beginning of Fall Break and she said usually there were too many people out of town, even though I only heard that 2 from our team were going to be out.  Still, that would leave them with only 1 sub, so whatever.  That team was one of the ones from 30 minutes north of here.  She tried to reschedule it for last Friday at 6pm (since the other team had to travel pretty far), but our soccer people never got back to her about a referee, so they had to cancel that and the girls had practice instead.  So, we were supposed to try again for tonight and have the last game tomorrow, followed by the team party at a local pizza place.  Well, then she emailed and said that this weekend was an Academy Tournament, also at our soccer complex and one of our girls and 4 of the girls on the team we were going to be playing were in it, so can we reschedule that game for Tuesday night and have the team party afterwards.  Okay.  THEN, she emails and says that some of the kids from both teams are in some kind of play at our elementary school on Tuesday night, so can we then reschedule the final game for next Friday and have the team party still on Tuesday, just at 5pm.  Okay.  Last night she emails and says that she hasn’t heard back from the soccer association about a ref, so if we don’t have the game, we’ll just practice as usual.  This morning, she emails and says that because of the tournaments tomorrow, they can’t get a ref for tonight, so no game.  She also said that her daughter had to do one of the soccer associations classes this evening at the complex at 6pm and she had a coach’s training thing there at 6:30.  She also said that three girls said they can’t come tonight, so she’s going to sign the rest of the team up for the free training classes they have on Fridays at the complex and to let her know if they can’t come.  Yeah.  This season has kind of been a nightmare here at the end.  Not to mention that I didn’t even know they had free training sessions on Fridays!  Seems like that would have been good information to have.  But since we’re probably the only team that actually practices on Fridays, I don’t guess Em could have went anyway.  Jeez!

Anyways, after WW today I went to the used book store and got a TON of books.  Yay books!


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