Posted by: wildflowerz | November 14, 2012

Now I’ll be bold as well as strong. Use my head alongside my heart. So take my flesh and fix my eyes, that tethered mind free from the lies.


Soooo, I finished the C25K program I’ve been using on my iPod.  I can jog for 30 whole minutes now.  I feel so accomplished.  Still, at only 4mph, I’m not getting very close to actually finishing a 5K in the 30 minutes.  I figured it out and I’d have to speed up to 6.2mph before I’d finish the distance.  So, my plan’s going to be to do the 30 minutes at 4mph three times and then start increasing my speed by 1/10th an mph and see how far I get.  If it gets to be too fast for me, I’ll back up just a bit and start increasing my time spent running.  I can definitely tell a difference.  I did my 2nd time at doing 30 minutes this morning.  I was really sore (more on that in a minute), but other than that, it was pretty doable.  When I first started doing this, ever time I increased my time, I was gasping for breath and unsure I’d be able to finish.  Now, I pretty much feel the same 5 minutes in as I do near the end.  So, progress!

After my doctor told me I needed to increase my muscle percentage, I decided I’d work out a plan for doing strength training.  Mostly this consisted of me looking up a good basic list of gym equipment for the different areas and then traveling around my gym to find stuff that would fit.  I found something for everything but hip adductors and abductors.  I honestly can’t remember which one’s which, but I’d just as soon skip the outer thigh, but I do need to do inner thigh.  I can probably do something with the cable machine, but I figure this is good for now.  I ended up with 10 exercises.  My legs are totally fine today, but my upper chest near my shoulders and my abs are killing me today.  I didn’t think I was going to make it when I started jogging, but I ended up pushing through.  Yay me again. 🙂

Ooh, yesterday, I saw 200 even on my scale.  This morning?  199.2!  I know my official weight is with clothes, so I’ve got to get a little lower to see the “1” at WW, but I’m on my way!  Ooh, the ActiveLink also comes in this week, so I’ll have a new toy to play with soon.  🙂

We had Em’s end of season dinner last night for her soccer team.  It was at a local Italian place we’d never been.  One of her team mate’s mom and/or grandparents own the place.  They were SO nice.  They let the girls go back and make their own pizza and the grandfather was SO fun and good with them!  The girls were super silly the whole night.  It was the grandfather’s birthday too, so near the end, the girls all went back and sang Happy Birthday to him.  It was too sweet.  We also got their pictures back.  The group one looks so cute.  They’ve all got their “tough girl” face on and it’s just adorable.  Some look like they’re even snarling a little. There was a problem with the trophys and they’re supposed to come in today.  The girls may or may not have a game on Thursday or Friday.  This season has been a nightmare with this stuff.  Here’s hoping next season is better.

This past weekend, we had our Geeky GNO.  It was fun.  The restaurant we did was, as always, yummy, but it was really loud in there and hard to hear.  The movie was really good.  We saw the new Bond.  WAY better than the last one.  Sunday we didn’t do anything most of the day and then took Em to a laser tag birthday party where I think she was the youngest, but she had a really good time!

This weekend, I think my mom’s coming to get Em on Friday and taking her home with her.  We’re all getting together at my Grandmother’s house on Sunday for Thanksgiving with them.  I get to bring desserts.  I chose to make Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake.  Here’s hoping they’re good!  I’m going to cook TG at home too.  My parents usually come, but I’m not sure if they are this year.  I’ll do it either Thursday or Saturday.  We’re getting together with Chris’s fam on Wednesday.  His parents want to host, but they don’t want to cook.  Last year we did this semi-French place.  This year, we’re doing hibatchi.  Oh well, at least I know I’ll like it!


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