Posted by: wildflowerz | November 19, 2012

Slam, slam, oh hot damn. What part of a party don’t you understand? Wish you’d just freak out (Freak out already).

Ug.  Yesterday wasn’t great and today’s not much better. 😦

Yesterday we had our first TG at my Grandmother’s house.  I got to make desserts.  I picked two things.  I wanted something more with the TG theme, so I picked some pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting.  I’m not a big pumpkin fan, so no matter how bad they were, I knew I wouldn’t want more than a bite, just to see how it tasted (for the record, it did taste pretty good, but just wasn’t my thing.)  The other one I did was a fresh strawberry yogurt cake.  It’s totally my fault because I didn’t check it ahead of time, but this cake?  It was just as bad for you as the cupcakes.  So I’d decided to just have a bite of each and be good with that.  And that’s what I did and I was good with the dessert portion.  But I didn’t think about looking up points for other things until yesterday morning.  I had no idea what we’d be having, but I knew it would probably not be good for me.  So I decided to do white meat instead of dark and skip the rolls.  Other than that, I planned on having just a spoonful of everything else.  And my grandmother always does this yummo stuff we call Pink Stuff (cook whip, jello, and strawberries) that isn’t all that bad for you, so I planned a helping of that too.  The turkey was just awful.  I don’t generally like white meat.  But if you get it right off the bone, it’s good.  This wasn’t.  It was seriously dry and I didn’t want to waste the extra calories on gravy.  I ended up not doing too badly, but I was really hungry when we left.  I felt totally unsatisfied and annoyed.  And I also had a headache.  I felt like I was completely not in control of what I had to eat and I HATE that.  Yes, in truth, I was totally in control of what I chose.  Even though the options weren’t great, I made do and actually did okay.  I stuck to my one bite of desserts rule even though I was still pretty hungry at that point.  So, yea, I guess.  But it left me feeling crappy.  The ride home with a godawful headache was also bad.  And?  Em had spent the night with my mom and dad and hadn’t gone to bed until 9pm.  That’s not too bad for her.  But she woke up at 4:30am.  She was tired and when she’s tired she’s REALLY annoying.  It was not a good combination.

So, Em’s home with me all this week, so I had to find a way to still work in exercise.  Em’s interested in running.  So I thought we’d go to one of the local parks and run around their track.  We used to go to this park all the time until we found one with a better play area.  So we haven’t been there in a while.  I’d forgotten and though the track was level and it’s not.  Also it was really cold.  I was okay for most of me, but my nose was frozen and it wasn’t fun breathing all the cold air in.  We managed one warmup lap and then half a lap of running.  We finished it up with walking and just left.  I came back and thought I’d just run on the treadmill.  I got about 15 minutes in and couldn’t continue.  Yeah, more with the tears.  I hope it’s just the period starting soon, but it was a total over-reaction.  Also, I think I might be getting a chest cold.  My lungs have this weird feeling like I’m breathing, but can’t get enough air and I have to cough some.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t get worse.  /sigh

So, I’m amending my exercise plans for the rest of the week and see how it goes.  Since this will be what it’s like this summer, I guess it’s good practice, huh?  Tomorrow I’m going to try going to the gym after dinner.  Chris is off Wednesday and Thursday, so as long as the gym’s open on Thursday I should be good to go those days.  Friday will probably be my skip day since we’re usually doing family time after dinner.  But Saturday and Sunday should also be good.  Then I’ll be back to my normal schedule.

If Em ever finishes her lunch, we’ll go to the grocery store.  I think tomorrow we might go see Wreck-It Ralph again.  Wednesday we’ve got hibatchi TG dinner with the in-laws.  Thursday we actually have nothing.  My mom and dad are coming on Saturday and I’m making an abbreviated TG dinner. (turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, broc-cheese casserole, stuffing, and a strawberry dessert).  I ended up suggesting Saturday because otherwise we’d have three TGs in one WW week.  Yikes!


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