Posted by: wildflowerz | December 31, 2012


I can’t believe I forgot to mention the best gift of all that I got:  Another 15 months membership at my gym!  I’m so spoiled.  But I’m really into doing the gym this year.  I actually really like it.  I go almost every day.  In fact, other than Christmas day, I can’t remember the last time I missed.

I had a kind of NSV a few days ago that has to do with working out.  (Non-scale victory for those who don’t know.)  On my weight training days, I usually also do half an hour on the elliptical and the treadmill.  On the treadmill, I’ve been doing 5 minute intervals where I increase the incline to 5-7%.  Well, the other day, I thought I’d throw in a jogging interval instead.  I did and I can’t jog at 4mph any more. It’s too slow!  The 6.0 for the C25K is kicking my ass, but I’m making it through (just barely).  But 4.0 is too slow any more.  Yay!

Also, I got a compliment at the gym this morning!  There’s a few people that you see EVERY day, you know?  I guess I’m one of those people for them too now.  Well, there’s this older guy (50ish) who’s always there doing weight stuff.  I was on my last machine (abs) and he was doing whatever was next to it.  I finished my first two sets and was resting for a bit and he mentioned that he sees me in there every day and that it looks like I’m working hard and doing a good job.  XD

In non-exercise stuff, we went to Ikea on Saturday.  My parents came up and we drove 2 cars down.  For Cmas, we gave them money for some of the Expedit shelves there and promised to put them together too.  So we all trekked down there.  Chris and I were planning on getting another 2×4 Expedit and the desk attachment for the library.  We picked up that and wanted another office chair (but they were sold out).  My parents got two of the 2x4s and one 4×4.  We ended up taking down the Cmas deco that evening, so we could move the treadmill into the living room.  Then, once we did that, we put together the Ikea stuff in the library where the treadmill was.  THEN, the next morning, after the gym, I was able to move all Em’s crafty stuff to the new desk/shelves and put all our new games on the old shelves.  So that meant that I could finally uncover the dining room table!  That’s important because Chris and I were thinking the other day that since we didn’t have any plans for tonight (NYE), we should invite some friends over and play games.  It’s a nerdy, low-key NYE!  My favorite kind!  So, we did all of the above and this morning I cleaned house so we’re all set.  Today looks to be a pretty lazy day until the evening.  We’re all sitting around.  I’m on the computer, Em’s painting something, and Chris is killing aliens on the desktop.  Or something.  My house is all clean and I feel very accomplished. 😛

Oh, I also have a “plan of attack” for our Disney trip in a few weeks.  Let me know if you have any ideas or hints for me!  I plan on bringing lots of fruit for breakfasts.  Chris and Em like cereal bars, so they’ll also have those.  I should be able to pick up a yogurt of some type at the hotel in the mornings.  For the counter service meals (we’re doing the meal plan thingy), I’m just going to order the healthiest thing they have at wherever we eat.  They all come with desserts, so I’ll pick what looks good and have 1 bite.  If it’s not fab, I’m not eating any more of it.  If it is fab, I’ll go from there.  For table service meals, I plan on mostly doing the same as I’m doing for counter service meals.  But I’m reserving the right to pick whatever I want for one or two of those meals.  For snacks, I’ll try to mostly pick fruits when I can.  Usually we end up just spending most of our snack credits in the hotel the last day before we go, but there ya go.  So, any tips for me?  Oh, and the only exercise I’ll get is the constant walking around the park.  I know from experience last time, that it’s more than enough!


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