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2012 Book Post

I’m  not really sure anyone else really cares about this stuff, but I find it neat to look over what I’ve read during the past year and see the stats, so I’m going to share it here.  2011’s can be found at this link.

Overall Stats:

  • Total Books Read:  223 (6 less than last year)
  • Total Pages Read:  85,202 (2,897 more than last year)
  • Total Number of Books from a Series 156 or 70% (last year was 6 or 66%)
  • Average Length of Book:  382 pages (359 pages last year)
  • Author Most Read:  Julia Quinn (JD Robb last year)

Books Read by Month:

  • January:  16 (7%)
  • February:  23 (10%)
  • March:  17 (8%)
  • April:  13 (6%)
  • May:  18 (8%)
  • June:  22 (10%)
  • July:  16 (7%)
  • August:  18 (8%)
  • September:  19 (9%)
  • October:  22 (10%)
  • November:  19 (9%)
  • December:  20 (9%)

Last year, my biggest months were August and September, both at 10%.  This year, it was February, June, and October.

Books Read by Category:

  • Classics:  2 (1%)
  • Fantasy:  17 (8%)
  • Fiction:  15 (7%)
  • Graphic Novels:  1 (0%)
  • Historical Fiction:  1 (0%)
  • Juvenile:  19 (9%)
  • Memoir:  2 (1%)
  • Mystery:  44 (20%)
  • Nonfiction:  3 (1%)
  • Romance:  46 (21%)
  • Science Fiction:  19 (9%)
  • Supernatural:  20 (9%)
  • Suspense:  1 (0%)
  • Young Adult:  33 (15%)

This year, as opposed to last year, I read more Fantasy and Science Fiction and WAY more Romance.  I think that can be attributed to finding Julia Quinn and Eloisa James.  Also this year, I read less of the Classics, Fiction, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Nonfiction, Supernatural, AND Young Adult.  Everything else stayed mostly the same.

Books by Source:

  • Borrowed:  3 (1%)
  • Library:  56 (25%)
  • Library/Kindle:  8 (4%)
  • Owned:  99 (44%)
  • Owned/Kindle:  57 (26%)

That’s kind of interesting.  Last year, I got over half my books from the library.  This year, it’s just under 30%.  Of course, last year I’d only read one book on the Kindle since I got it for Christmas, but while the number of hard copies of books that I owned and read this last year stayed the same, I read 26% from what I own on the Kindle.  I honestly would get more for the Kindle from the library, but they only have one copy of anything, you can only put 3 on hold at a time, and the wait list for almost everything is a mile long.  Also, I should note that I don’t buy too many books for the Kindle.  Most of those are free.

Books by Rating:

  • A+:  9 (4%)
  • A:  20 (9%)
  • A-:  10 (4%)
  • B+:  41 (18%)
  • B:  15 (7%)
  • B-:  15 (7%)
  • C+:  34 (15%)
  • C:  20 (9%)
  • C-:  12 (5%)
  • D+:  15 (7%)
  • D:  8 (4%)
  • D-:  18 (8%)
  • F:  7 (3%)

Last year, the number of crappy book (D+ and lower) numbered at 37 books, comprising 16% of what I read.  This year, however, I read 47 stinkers that comprised 21%.  So this year, I picked crappier books.  Could it be because a lot of them were free offerings on the Kindle?  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  In the same area, I only read 39 (or 17%) of A rated books this year and last year, I read 56 (or 24%).  So while it’s awesome that I’m getting a lot of free books, is it worth it when most of them are crap?  I should probably be more selective about what I’m getting instead of just downloading “anything that looks vaguely interesting.”

Best Books of the Year:

It’s worth noting that those last 3 are re-reads.  I don’t re-read a lot, even though there are a ton I’d love to read again.  I re-read The Hunger Games because I saw the first movie and it had a been a while, so I wanted to see the differences.  I re-read the  Potters because they were Em’s choice of night-time reading.  Of the others, half of them were parts of REALLY excellent series.

Worst Books of the Year:

  • The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho
  • Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
  • The Litigators by John Grisham
  • “Missing in Death” (from The Lost) by JD Robb
  • Only In Your Arms by Lisa Kleypas
  • Kiss the Dead by Laurell K Hamilton
  • Destined by PC & Kristin Cast

Yeah.  So, The Alchemist is a classic.  So not for me.  Beautiful Ruins is one that tops the list of OMGTHESEBOOKSAREAMAZING lists for 2012.  I thought it was extremely boring and pointless.  I’ve read almost all of John Grisham’s books and most of them are a lot alike, but this one was so boring it was a chore to read.  Only In Your Arms was the second Lisa Kleypas I’ve read and I’m not a fan of either.  I tried her in an attempt to find some more like Quinn and James, but she is not the answer.  Her heroines are horrible and her heroes are assholes.  At least, from the random 2 books I’ve tried.  I do own 2-3 more of her’s so I’ll probably give them a shot at some point, but I don’t hold high hopes.

That brings me to the last two.  I really liked both of these series in the beginning.  Anita Blake was one of my first forays into the world of supernatural fiction and I loved that she was a kick-ass female.  We all know the complaints:  as the series wore on, it became 98% sex and 2% plot.  And the sex scenes usually read more like tax code with all the qualifiers we had to get from Anita’s inner monologue.  So I decided to stop buying them.  However, if my library still had them, I’d still read them.  At least I didn’t have to pay for it and I was already so invested in the series.  However, with this last book, I said, “Enough is enough.”  I quit.  I just can’t do it any more.  I didn’t finish the last one it was just so bad.

Then, there’s the House of Night series.  If you’re unfamiliar, this is a YA series about vampires in a world where they’re out and the House of Night is a school for them to learn about themselves.  At first, I liked these a lot.  I mean, obviously.  I wouldn’t have kept reading had I not.  But this is another series where the story gets so convoluted, it’s confusing and boring at the same time.  The “big bad” is never resolved.  I get that they want to keep the series going, but do something with this bad guy and move on to a new one.  I also am not a fan of the woo-woo stuff where they go into the “otherworld” and everything’s fluid and makes no sense.  Just not for me.  So, I gave up on this one too.  I’m just not wasting my time any more.

Oh, and finally, here’s a link to all the books I read last year.


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