Posted by: wildflowerz | January 3, 2013

She’s a cranky old critter. She’s bitter, we warn ya. She lurks in a treehouse in Burbank, California.

Going away from my normal routine is HARD, y’all.  Chris went back to work yesterday, but Em’s still out of school until Monday.  So I couldn’t go to the gym in the morning.  It was a weights day too, so I couldn’t attempt that at home.  So the plan was me for to go when he got home and then eat dinner afterwards.  I planned crock pot chili for this very reason.  So I get an email from him around 3ish saying that he’s going to be late.  He’s almost never late and when he is, it’s usually 30 minutes or less.  So I didn’t worry too much.  I gave Em dinner at 5pm and waited.  Around 5:30, he texts saying he’s on his way home.  Um, just leaving or halfway there?  No clue, so I decided to wait to eat.  He got home at 6:30pm.  Holy crap, I was so mad and annoyed.  But I recognized that it’s not his fault, so it was worse because I had no one to direct the anger at.  I flew out the door and went to the gym.  I rushed through my weights and cut my treadmill time short so I could get back home before Em went to sleep to do our bed time story.  It was totally worth it from the grin I got from her when I went in.  After that, I took a shower.  Which means no dinner until 8:30!  Still, even that wasn’t the bad part.  Not even the part where I went to bed with slightly damp hair so it looked like ass this morning.  The really bad part was that since I do most of my water drinking at the gym, I had to pee ALL NIGHT LONG.  So, yeah.  I’m not looking forward to this summer when I’ll have to do the gym 5 days a week in the evenings.  Ug, ug, ug.

Also, does the quality of the treadmill really have THAT much effect on your workout?  Today was a running day, so I decided to try it at home, though I’ve not had much luck with this in the past.  Before I joined the gym, I usually walked at home on 3.0.  I started out that way at the gym, but now I usually warm up for a few minutes at 3.2 before bumping it up to 3.5.  And honestly, 3.5 has started to feel a little slow lately and I planned on upping it some more.  But 3.5 at home?  Much harder.  So I started the C25K deal.  Why is it that when I have to run at home, it’s always the start of a new week?  Andy it had to be THIS week too.  Last week I was 1.5m running, 1.5m walking, 3m running, 3m walking, and repeat.  THIS week, it’s jumps up to 3m running, 1.5 walking, 5m running, 3m walking, and repeat.  MUCH tougher for me!  I barely made it a minute before I decided not to do it.  I don’t know what the deal is.  It’s harder to run at home.  My arms even hurt more at home.  What’s up with that?  So I quit the C25K for today and decided to just walk today and do it tomorrow and go after dinner and go to the gym.  So I was going to up my elevation.  But even that was much harder at home.  I ended up doing the whole thing at 3.5, which was much harder than 3.5 at the gym.  At the end, I’ve only got 3 lights blinking on my ActiveLink, so I’ve got to do something to get the other 25% today to meet my personal minimum goal for the day.  /sigh  At least I can go back to mornings on Saturday!

I ended up getting quite a bit of moola for my birthday (some for Cmas too, but Chris and I decided to put that to Disney) and I did end up ordering a new iPod (4th gen, along with a cute purple Otterbox) along with a few books.  The books are supposed to come today.  The iPod some time next week, I think.  Anyway, I have some left, so next week, when Em goes back to school, I’m going to get some clothes.  Yay!  Know what I’m gonna get?  Some Old Navy NON PLUS SIZE clothes!  XD  Specifically, another pair of jeans.  Not sure what else.  Definitely stuff I can wear at Disney, though.


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