Posted by: wildflowerz | January 28, 2013

Disney Recap: Day 1 – Drive and Downtown Disney

Saturday – Drive and Downtown Disney

We got up at 6am, planning to be on the road by 8.  We were all surprised when we actually ended up leaving home by 7:15.  Chris and Em picked up food at McD’s and I had my standard banana and greek yogurt.  We stopped around noon for Subway and arrived at All-Star Music around 3pm.  We checked in and schlepped everything up to our room and put it away.  We were in one of the Broadway buildings, about as far away from the transportation center as possible, so that wasn’t great.  Our room was also near the smaller piano pool.  Our room smelled like cigarette smoke.  The housekeeper said was because people smoked outside and the vents brought it in.  She sprayed and it was a bit better but it never went away.  I think we got used to it.  Ug.  The first housekeeper was good and did cute stuff with towels and stuffed animals.  But the next day, we evidently got someone else.  One day, they didn’t give us any new washcloths (was the only thing we had them replace each day) and when we called for a few more, they didn’t bring them until after we were in bed.  One day, they left the drain closed in the tub and the faucet on at a slow leak, so there was a few inches of water in the tub when we returned.  Also that day, they didn’t take away all the dirty washcloths.  They also didn’t change the towel sculptures at all and we’d no idea what they were supposed to be.  The later housekeeper only spread Em’s blanket over a stuffed animal every single day on the bed.

Despite those relatively minor things, the hotel was fine.  We’re only really in the room to sleep, so getting a cheap room is much more important to us than how fancy schmancy it is.  Em always wants to use the pool since we go in winter and it’s been ages since she’s gotten to swim.  Also, other than the value resorts, the hotels are all decorated a little more upscale.  And while the adults might like that, I think my kid would much rather have the large, cartoony sculptures and pools that you find at the value resorts.  Sure, the more expensive ones have cooler pools (with slides and such), but see above where we don’t spend much time at the hotel/motel.

After getting unpacked, we went to Downtown Disney.  We stopped at the Lego store to look around and Em bought a small Lego Friends pack with the newest Friend.  We went to T-REX and it was godawful crowded.  There were about four times as many people there as there were at Rainforest Cafe when we went at the same time on a Saturday, 2 years ago.  We still only had a 30 minute or so wait and were there pretty early, so it was fine.  Em gets a Build-A-Bear every year for her birthday and wanted another dino this year, so we did that.  She named it Lilo.  It’s a rainbow Pterodactyl.  She also got a mini dino friend to go with it and a cute outfit, of course.  Em LOVED the restaurant.  If you haven’t been, there’s a meteor shower every 15 or so minutes and the dinos all move.  I had the Wooly Mammoth Chicken and it was yum.  It was chicken over garlic mashed potatoes with veg in a light broth.  Very good.  We all enjoyed our dinner, but I definitely prefer Rainforest and will lobby for that next time. Or maybe just something new!

After that, we wandered around.  I ended up getting a cute women’s cut Disney shirt in XL (not even the largest size!) and Em got a cute grey tee with a Mickey in pink sequins.  Em also got one of those sets of dolls with the removable soft plastic clothes and hair and stuff for Rapunzel.  She’s got a bunch of the sets from our last trip and even before then.  We also stopped at Babycakes and I got the one mini cupcake-thing they had.  It was a brownie and it was the perfect size.  We then went to Goofy’s Candy Company for Chris and Em.  Chris got three marshmallows shoved on a Mickey straw and dipped in white chocolate.  Em got a vanilla cupcake with blue icing.  Then we went to the create-a-tee shirt place and Em got another set of Mickey ears.  This time, as Tinkerbell.  She also had her name put on the back.  Then she spied the charm bracelets and necklaces.  Last time we went, she got a bracelet and lost it on the Honey, I Shrunk the Whatever thing at Hollywood Studios.  We replaced it and she lost it when we went home.  So this time, she decided to get a necklace and we made her pay for it with her own money.  But we told her that if she’d taken care of it, at the end of the week, we’d get her a few more charms.  Between what she bought and what we ended up buying, she had 8 charms when we left. 🙂  Then we went back the hotel and went to sleep. 🙂


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