Posted by: wildflowerz | January 28, 2013

Disney Recap: Day 6 – Thursday – Universal

Thursday – Universal

Thursday we got up around 7 and had breakfast in the room.  Apple and banana for me and we stopped for a yogurt that I didn’t have to scarf.  We got to Universal and got tickets, but despite the fact that we’d only planned on 4-5 rides at Islands of Adventure, Chris only got tickets for Islands of Adventure (IoA), thinking we’d upgrade later if we had time for Universal Studios (US).  Yeah.  Of course we were going to have time, but there’s no telling him that.  We immediately headed back to the Harry Potter area.  It’s at the ass end of the park and my feet were killing me, so it wasn’t fun.  When we finally got there, the line at Ollivander’s wasn’t long at all, so we did that.  The wand guy picked a girl who didn’t speak English, so most of it was lost on her.  Still, it was neat.  You exit through Dervish and Banges.  We looked for a bit, but Chris was pushing us on.  When we came back, it was godawful crowded (like Filch’s used to be) so we didn’t get to look a whole lot.  We went on to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  The line wasn’t too bad.  After, we did Flight of the Hippogriff.  We were then going to do HP&FB again, but the line was really long then.  We were going to do single rider once with Chris and Em and with me waiting and then with Em and I with Chris waiting.  But there weren’t a lot of spaces for single riders, so it took them a LONG time, so after Chris and Em went, we didn’t go again.

After that we had an early lunch at the Three Broomsticks/Hog’s Head.  Once again, I had a half a chicken, this time with corn and roasted potatoes.  The chicken was really dry and I didn’t eat much of it.  I had about a quarter of the corn and all the potatoes.  After Em and I went to Honeydukes and got a chocolate frog, some caramel cobwebs, and two sugar quills.  Chris and Em rode the Jurassic Park River Adventure and got soaked.  I didn’t care to be wet all day, so I waited.  After that, we rode Spiderman before we went to upgrade our tickets.  In between all that, Chris got a text from his sister that sounded urgent.  Why else would she want him to call us when we’re on vacation?  Evidently she was freaking out because their younger sis’s hubs was planning a surprise 30th bday party for her on Chris’s bday weekend (and Chris is turning 40).  Chris ABSOLUTELY did not want a party, surprise or otherwise, and didn’t care at all, but older sis was freaking out.  In fact, younger sis’s hubs emailed me to make sure it would be okay and, after making sure with Chris, totally gave him to go-ahead.  Older sis thought it was his 39th and when she realized it was 40, she freaked out some more and wanted them to cancel the whole thing.  Drama!  I hope they continue on with it because REALLY Chris doesn’t want anything done.

Anyway, we walked over to Universal Studios and rode Despicable Me:  Minion Mayhem.  It was SUPER cute!  Em got a tee with “It’s SO FLUFFY!” on it, as well as her own minion.  We then did Shrek 4-D and it sucked.  They go through this long, boring spiel about how you’re supposed to be going into the dungeons to be tortured.  Except you get in there and you’re following Shrek and Fiona as the ghost of Lord Farquad tries to kill Fiona just after they got married.  So you’re not in the dungeon at all.  Farquad wants to kill Fiona so she’ll be his ghostly bride.  Wasn’t he horrified when he found out she was an ogre in the first movie?  Yet now he wants to spend eternity with her?  You keep changing perspective and it’s not clear what you’re supposed to be doing.  Yeah.  After that, we did Twister…Ride It Out, which was okay, but kind of creepy and scary.  We then did Revenge of the Revenge of the Mummy, which was cool.  We headed over to d Men in Black:  Alien Attack, which is exactly like Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story Mania, but cute.  We then did the Simpson’s Ride for Chris.  Despite not being a fan of the show, the ride was REALLY good.

We left and went back to the hotel where Chris insisted that 30 minutes was plenty of time to take the bus from our hotel to MK and then the monorail to the Contemporary.  He’s always annoyed at how I like to get places at least 10 minutes early and thinks we leave entirely too early.  So I didn’t say anything and just went with it.  Guess who was over 15 minutes late?  Yup.  The bus came right when we walked up, but the driver didn’t know how to work the handicapped thing, so it took 5 times as long as it should have.  When we got to MK, we missed the train that was there and it was so crowded that we couldn’t get the next one either.  The next one took forever to get there.  Then we got behind this old couple who was SO SLOW leaving the monorail.  THEN, The Wave was down 3 sets of escalators.  So, yeah.  This was supposed to be a healthier place.  It’s all locally sourced, etc, etc, etc.  I had roasted chicken (another freaking roasted chicken) with blueberry bread pudding (more corn than anything) and veg.  The chicken was fine, not exceptional.  The pudding was meh.  The veg was really good.  All the desserts were small portions of three things.  Mine was a cheesecake portion (which I ate all of and was good), a chocolate mousse portion (which I had 2 bites of, didn’t care for), and a creme brulee (which I had half of, it was decent, but not great).  We then headed back to the hotel.


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