Posted by: wildflowerz | January 28, 2013

Disney Recap: Day 7 – Friday – Hollywood Studios/Magic Kingdom/Epcot

Friday – Em’s Choice – Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot

Em had a ton of things she wanted to re-do and we had dinner at Epcot.  She had the most things at HS and MK.  So, off we went.  We got to HS at opening and went to Toy Story Mania.  We got there before a big line started.  I finally was able to beat Chris!  We then did Star Tours before heading over to Rock ‘n Roller Coaster for FPs.  We rode Tower of Terror first and it was about 10 minutes before our FPs, so we waited and then rode.  Headache again.  😦  After that, we waited for lunch at Catalina Eddie’s.  I had a yummy Italian Sandwich with a Caesar side salad.  We then took a bus to the transportation hub.  Em wanted to take the ferry (which she insisted was a fairy) to MK.

When we got to MK, we went first to Peter Pan to get FP.  This is another one of those rides that always has a long line and it doesn’t really make sense why.  We went ahead and saw Mickey’s PhilharMagic before going to do Big Thunder Mountain.  We ended up having about an hour wait this time.  We did Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor where Em made a friend while we were waiting in line.  Inside, she was thrilled that they showed her up on the screen.  After that, we did Buzz Lightyear again.  We grabbed an ice cream (Mickey Head Ice Cream Bar for me.  It was my only one of the trip and it was SOO GOOD!) while we headed over to use our FP for Peter Pan.  It was a good ride, but not deserving of the over an hour wait that it always had.  We didn’t have time to do Space Mountain again, so Chris convinced Chris we should ride Haunted Mansion.  It was the only ride she really didn’t want to do.  She’s normally not all that scared of stuff, so that surprised me.  We rode it and she didn’t complain too much.  We did go through the cemetery, so she got to play with all the things.  We didn’t really have time for much else and there was a gift Em wanted to get for her best friend, so we did that before heading to the monorail for Epcot.

We got to Epcot about 40 minutes before dinner, so we headed into Innoventions.  Turns out, nothing much has changed since we were there two years ago, so we didn’t spend a lot of time.  We took a relatively leisurely walk to Germany for our dinner at Biergarten.  I wasn’t sure if any of us was going to like this one.  We have a friend who said it was REALLY good.  So since we don’t do German very much (and wouldn’t know where to go for it if we did), we gave it a shot.  This is a family-style eating place.  We were at a table with two nice ladies from NJ and another family of 3.  The husband of that family seemed upset that they didn’t have Bud Light (dude).  They had a son who was 10 and was horrified to have to sit next to Emily.  His mom said (when both he and Em were away from the table) that he still thinks girls are yucky, though he does like boobs.  Oh, thanks for that lady.  Em didn’t seemed phased by him.  For the food, I ended up having a little of everything.  I think I ate all the points there are.  It’s also a hard thing to count.  There was nothing I super loved, but most everything I had was relatively tasty.  Em even surprised me by liking a lot of it, but she didn’t love anything either.  Same with Chris.  In the end we decided that we liked it and were glad we tried it, but probably won’t go back.  After dinner, we headed over to do Spaceship Earth since it was shut down when we were there the first time.  We did that and afterwards we were all SO tired.  The intention was to once again try and stay for IllumiNations, but we just couldn’t make it.  I’d started my period the day before and I felt doubly horrible.  So we went back to the hotel.


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