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Disney Recap: Day 8 – Saturday – Trip Home & Recap

Saturday – Home

Saturday morning we woke up at 7am and got ready.  We had one quick service left for us all, so we decided to use it on the last day. Western Omelet for me with roasted potatoes.  We also had 5 snacks left, so Em got a big blueberry muffin, Chris got a big cinnamon roll, and I got a banana.  Then Em got a Mickey Head rice krispy treat dipped in chocolate and a back of unicorn pops.  They ate their pastries (and gave me a bite of each) and I had my banana and we were on the road.  We had lunch at Subway again (thank you Chris for searching for low point options for me!).  I drove some of the way this time.  I was SO tired the entire time.  Chris was sick and also tired.  We ended up getting home around 5.  We stopped and got Wendy’s (just a sandwich for me) and came home.  Now most stuff is put away and I sorted the laundry.  We watched Frankenweenie and I typed up these posts.

So, overall.  I used 41 of my weekly points.  That includes today and yesterday, even though they were part of a new week.  It also includes last Friday before we went, but I didn’t use any that day anyway.  I earned 39 Activity Points.  That includes our first travel day and Downtown Disney when I earned 3 and today when we traveled and I earned 0.  If we go ahead and ignore today and compare it to the previous week for the same time period, I earned 54.  So, all those people that talk about how you walk SO MUCH at Disney and it will more than take the place of your regular exercise, they are completely wrong when it comes to me.  And my regular exercise is only an hour to an hour and a half a day with the rest of the day being pretty darn sedentary most of the time.  What Disney REALLY is, is a decent amount of walking and a LOT of standing, which is really hard on you.  Well, Chris, Em, and I anyway.  I can’t speak for anyone else.  By day 2, I had blisters on the bottoms of both of my second smallest toes.  The next day, I had a blister on the side of my right big toe.  Walking was HARD.  This time, I brought two pairs of tennis shoes and switched every day.  It didn’t help.  On Universal day, when we came back, I switched to my Tevas and it was like heaven.  The next day, I wore them all day, through three parks (and my highest AP earner day at 8) and had NO problem whatsoever.  My feet did hurt at the end of the day, but I was so ecstatic that my blisters didn’t hurt that I didn’t care.  Next time, I’ll alternate between tennis shoes and Tevas, maybe.  Also, those new tennis shoes I got a few months ago?  The cloth at the heel has totally torn through.  Crap.

I haven’t weighed, though I’ll probably peek when I go upstairs.  I’ll check an official gain or loss in the morning.  I weighed Saturday before we left right when I got up and I was at 186.6.  We’ll see how I am tomorrow morning.  And the update the next morning is that I’m at 190.2.  So I gained 3.6lbs since last Friday.  I can live with that and start working on getting rid of it.  I can hope that some is water weight.  I definitely felt kind of swollen on those last days and there wasn’t as much opportunity to drink water as I usually have.  And I definitely tried to lay off the water yesterday because of all the potty breaks it would have necessitated.  So it’s back to the grind today and I hope I can knock this new, and can I stress TEMPORARY, weight will be back off soon.  How’s that for positive thinking?  Anyway, I’d planned on taking a day or two off to let my feet heal before I went back to the gym, but they feel so much better, I plan on going this morning.  I’ll do my long routine, that includes weights, but I’ll stop if my feet start hurting on the cardio bits.  We’ll see!

Oh, I also inadvertently bought a target tee shirt.  I mean a target for me, not a tee from Target.  😛  I mentioned that I got a ladies cut tee at Disney in an XL and it fit perfectly?  Well, I tried it on before I bought it to make sure.  I found a cute Ravenclaw women’s tee at Universal and the XXL looked like it might fit.  But they didn’t have dressing rooms.  And since we went back to shop there, it was super crowded and I felt pressured to just get it and go.  I thought it might fit.  Chris said that if it didn’t now, it would soon.  (He was full of awesome encouraging comments about the loss all week!)  So I got it.  It’s totally too small.  He thinks it’s not too far from fitting, but I think it is.  I can get it on, but it’s really tight everywhere, including the arms.  But I have a clothes goal now, dorky as it is.  🙂

I also wanted to do a little review of the free Disney app.  Have you tried it?  It’s My Disney Experience.  I tried to do stuff for it on my iPod, but it kept crashing.  I then realized you could make a lot of changes online and went that way.  I kept getting a lot of error messages about the server being down as I tried to add my dining reservations.  I made myself the main person on the first two I did, then added Chris and Em.  On the rest, I made Chris the main person and despite the fact that I entered it, I couldn’t see it until Chris invited me using his account.  It was pretty stupid.  The actual app was very helpful, but also very annoying.  From your dining reservations, you couldn’t then click right over to see the menu at that restaurant.  Instead you had to explore.  You were able to favorite things so they showed up in one list.  But every time you went into favorites (or to Explore) your options reset.  That was also annoying since you then had to change it every time to get the info you wanted to see.  I ended up going in while we were waiting on the bus or in line for our first ride and favoriting all the rides we wanted to ride for the day.  That way, you got to see the wait times for each ride, as well as what the FP times were right then.  It was very handy.  But to refresh it, you had to back out and go in again and each screen took forever to load.  Also, all the parks and hotels have free wifi now, but it was unreliable.  It was even unreliable from device to device.  Chris’s phone couldn’t get cell service most of the time.  He could get wifi when my iPod couldn’t a lot of the time.  Anyway, back to the rides…I ended up unfavoriting the rides as we rode them so that we then just saw what we had left.  It could be nice if this were more of something you could set up ahead of time with all your rides and then it would, by default, only show you the park you were in.  When you log in, it was always identifying where you were at that moment, so it’s totally capable of that already.  It makes much more sense to default to that and for you to have to change it when you want to look at another park.  I downloaded any free WDW app I could find and most of them were crap or required you to pay to get access to all the info.  I ended up deleting all but My Disney Experience and one that’s a Disney Trivia one.  We didn’t use the second much, but it was entertaining when we did.

***ETA:  This morning, after exercise and breakfast, I was down over 2lbs since yesterday, so I’m still crossing my fingers that it’s mostly water.  We’ll see if it holds!  Also, I plan on going through all the menus and seeing what we’d have paid if we didn’t use the dining plan and also what we’d have paid if we did more Quick Service instead of all the Table Service.

***ETA:  Oh, and here’s my full set of pictures.


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