Posted by: wildflowerz | February 1, 2013

Looking for some trouble tonight. Take my hand, I’ll show you the wild side like it’s the last night of our lives. We’ll keep dancing ’til we die.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 187.0
Weekly Change: -1.6
Total Loss: 52.2
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 28
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 51
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 17

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it:  I’m freaking amazing.  XD  Okay, I feel pretty damn good right about now.  So, the Saturday after my last WI, I weighed at home, just before we left on our trip.  Then I weighed again on the Sunday morning after we returned.  The difference was a gain of 3.6.  I was hoping that some of that would go away once I got back to drinking all the water I normally drink.  Any change in exercise or food, I think, would have been something that would stick, but I was hoping that the change in the water was going to take care of it.  I think it’s safe to say that most, if not all, of that gain was due to the water.  Awesome!  So, I’m thinking that the loss today was mostly this week and last week was probably a wash.  And totally and completely honestly, I’d have LOVED to have lost on vacation and I tried REALLY, REALLY hard.  But after a week long vacation, especially at Disney with the DDP, I feel extremely victorious to have a flat line for the week.  Of course, that’s just me supposing on how the weight loss was allocated.  But I feel that with the water situation, along with having much less exercise, and eating a lot more, including desserts, even if a lot of them were just a bite or two, a flat line for the week would be a gift.  So, there you go.  I’m extremely thrilled to have any loss for these past two weeks.  I told Chris yesterday that if I stayed the same this week, I’d be ecstatic.  Yay!

Oh, if any of you are Weight Watchers, that’s my leader there on p6 of the Weekly!  It’s funny because the member she’s with mentioned Jacynta’s clapper really throwing her off when she first went.  Jacynta mentioned that in the meeting today and you could hear at least half the room saying, “Me too!”  I was totally like that.  I didn’t think I was going to like her at all.  Not personally, just that kind of really loud, perky attitude usually really annoys me.  I think it might be that no one else has been able to really pull it off without sounding fake.  And Jacynta, while very positive most of the time, is also sarcastic and real about a lot of things, not just putting a positive spin on everything, but trying to find something positive about even the things that don’t seem so positive.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, even though it’s all the way down the highway, through lots of Friday morning traffic and they JUST put in a new WW center that’s even on the way to my gym, I’m still driving down there just for that leader.  There ya go.  🙂

Em’s having a sleepover tomorrow.  She decided that since we were going to Disney during her bday, she’d forgo a regular party and just have a few girls over.  She invited three, two of which have spent the night and been over for playdates before, one of those has been over a LOT (and vice versa).  The other one that she just knows from school ended up being the one that couldn’t come.  I’d have loved it if she could, but she had a wedding to be in this weekend.  Oh well.  The other two girls are coming over on Saturday early and they’re going to do a craft and then we’re taking them to Pizza 3.14 for pizza and games.  I picked up Hotel Transylvania for after and I’m getting stuff for ice cream sundaes.  Can I tell you that while I don’t mind doing it from time to time, I love that my Little doesn’t expect or even ask for big elaborate bday stuff.  She’s not asked for any destination parties (like the jump house, roller skating, princess party, spa party, whatever).  And since she’s just having a few girls over, she didn’t then take that opportunity to push for something like mani/pedis at the local place, or those girlie makeover deals.  It makes it even more awesome to do those things for her from time to time that she’s not whining about wanting them or expecting them as her right.  Ya know?  I have a really good kid.

Speaking of that kid, she’s evidently hit a growth spurt.  She put on this pair of jeans that I thought were a 6 and were way too tight.  So she said she didn’t want to wear them again.  She had another pair that I thought were a 6 and then she has 2 pairs of 8s that still fit, but I had to let out the adjustable waist this week so now they fit well without being adjusted at all.  Turns out that first pair are actually 8s, but they’re from Crazy 8s.  The other pair that I thought were a 6 are actually 7s.  Those and the 8s are from Old Navy.  The 7s had a small hole in the front of one leg, so I figured we needed to go get a couple of new pairs anyway.  I was going to just get her two pairs of the next size, but I decided to take her.  I’m glad I did!  At ON (not sure about anywhere else) the girl’s jeans are a size every number from 1-8.  Then they start skipping and doing only even numbers.  So there’s no 9.  Also previously, Em didn’t care for skinny jeans.  She had a pair that her aunt had gotten her from Children’s Place and they were pretty tight.  Not uncomfortable tight, but they looked more like jean leggings.  She wasn’t much of a fan.  I convinced her to just TRY on one of every type.  So imagine my surprise when she liked the super skinny and the skinny ones better than the bootcut and the flare! However, oddly enough, the super skinny ones in a 10 looked horrible.  They had the super skinny ones in bright colors and she really wanted bright purple pants.  The skinny ones, though, looked really good in a 10.  Of course, I had to adjust the waist, but they work.  ALL of them are way too long.  The super skinny ones bunch up around her ankles/shoes and she likes them that way.  The skinny ones don’t look too bad turned up.  The two 8s that she already had are both bootcut.  We had to compromise a little.  I wanted to get her two pairs of 10s, either skinny or bootcut (the flare look horrible rolled up).  She REALLY wanted purple pants.  So we got the skinny in a 10 and the super skinny purple in an 8.  She was so excited she had to wear them today. 🙂  I looked around a little before we checked out and the GoDry tee that I got in purple (you can see it in the Disney pics…I think Epcot day) they had on sale for $7.  So I picked up one in green.  Today I was getting dressed and I looked and realized the the purple that fits perfectly is a Large.  I bought the green in XL.  I knew I wasn’t XXL, but I didn’t remember that it was large and not XL!  Oh well.  It was only $7.  I can wear it to the gym or to bed.  I have to go back to Target next week to exchange something I got Em that she already had, so I might drop by ON and get a grey on in large.

I’ve really been slowing down in the reading this month.  I know some is because of Disney, but even before that, I’ve slowed down.  I think a lot of it is my new addiction to Jigidi.  It’s a puzzle website.  I’m such a dork.  But the books I’ve been reading haven’t really grabbed me much.  The one I’m reading now is one of those classic fantasy books, but it’s getting to me.  It’s written well and interesting, but there’s a lot of stuff in it that skeeves me out.  The cheapie gym book I’ve been reading right now also SUCKS hard.  It’s like a Twilight wannabe and it’s even worse than that.  Ug.



  1. Owning my agree: You ARE awesome!! 🙂

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