Posted by: wildflowerz | February 8, 2013

Messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, offer their compliments to Professor Snape and…and request that he keep his abnormally large nose out of other people’s business.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 186.0
Weekly Change: -1.0
Total Loss: 53.2
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 27
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 64
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 6

Slow and steady, kids.  Slow and steady.  First, this week in WW:  My points went down to 27 with my loss last week.  It wasn’t too much of an adjustment.  I like that it only goes down a point at a time, so it doesn’t feel like you’re losing a lot.  As far as food goes this week, it wasn’t quite a normal week.  Chris emailed on Tuesday with a link showing that IHOP was doing free short stacks and did I want to go.  Em loves breakfast and IHOP is actually one of those places that has quite a few decent options for WW.  So we went.  Wednesday Em got her progress report.  It was amazing.  It had three 100s, a 99, and a 97.  Not only that, but two of those hundreds were actually 101 and 103, but they’ll only go up to 100 on the PR.  XD  So with results like that, we had to reward her.  We do money for report cards, but nothing as big or formal for PRs.  We asked what she’d like to do and, of course, it was Ooh La La again.  Well, Swirlin’ Twirlin’.  They changed their name.  It sounds stupid.  Anyway, it’s one in the big pool of “by the ounce” froyo places that are EVERYwhere these days.  So, we did that.  Both nights were atypical and I made sure I made good choices.  IHOP night, I had one of their F&Ts instead of having the free short stack.  On froyo night, I made sure we had a light dinner (points-wise) and I had plenty leftover.  So, there ya go.

For exercise, it was pretty normal.  I’m actually doing something atypical today, but it will be on the next WW week.  I decided to take a rest day.  You’re supposed to.  I think “they” say that you should have one or two a week, but I’ve turned into that weird person who likes to go to the gym and I don’t WANT a rest day.  But because I need to be at Em’s school one day next week in the morning, I looked at how my workouts were going and a long workout day would have fallen on the day I need to go to school, so it seemed like a good idea to put in a rest day today, since it’s WW and all.  It was HARD, y’all.  I changed my mind a million times and was going to go anyway.  Then I thought I’d even just walk on the treadmill at home.  A super light workout for me.  But in the end, I skipped.  It’s a rainy, glum day outside and I’m actually sitting here in my PJ bottoms.  Since it’s a rainy and lazy day, I wanted to be super comfy, but all I had clean were jeans.  So I’m waiting for the laundry to finish and in the mean time, I’m wearing pjs. 😛

So, I’ve been productive this week.  I got some new shoes.  When we went to Disney, I had issues with blisters on two particular toes.  They’re the same toes that normally hurt a little after a workout.  My toes are also getting numb near the end of an elliptical or treadmill workout.  And my knees and sometimes shins kill me.  I noticed after Disney that the inside heels of my shoes were torn quite a bit.  So, I remembered that a friend had told me about a place near her called Fleet Feet where they do all sorts of measurements and evaluations and the like and recommend a shoe for you.  I’d looked them up and there wasn’t one anywhere near me, so when I needed some new shoes, I went to Facebook to see if anyone knew of a place like that near here.  Of course, they did. I got tons of recs for a place called Big Peach Running Co.  The one closes to me is down off the same road I go to WW on.  I went down there on Tuesday and got checked out.  I first stood on this plate thing in the floor that shows where you place your weight and how your arches are and all that.  It said I put weight on my heels, which is good.  And I had a low arch on one side and medium on the other.  Then, you put on a neutral pair of shes and run on a treadmill while they record your feet.  Then they slow it down and show it to you.  When I land, my ankles were bending into the middle a little, so over-pronating (though, I thought that was when you went the other way AND my feet generally hurt on the outsides of my feet).  So, in theory, this helps them narrow down which shoe is best for me.  However, I have my doubts.  The reason I say that is because I was there for an hour and a half and tried on probably 20 pairs of shoes.  It’s a bit pathetic, but I tied so many shoes, that my left hand, in the first crook of my first finger, I got a blister.  No, really.  When I had finally narrowed it down to two, based on their advice of needing a bigger toe box and stuff, then I found out the prices of my choices.  I was hoping to stay around $100, the same I had for my past pair.  The two I picked were $115 and $150.  Chris would freak if I got the $150 ones, so I got the others, especially since I couldn’t decide based on feel.  Here they are:

They’re the Mizuno Wave Inspire.  They’re super cute.  And those are $15 socks I have on.  One of the people helping me wanted me to try them on with the shoes and even though they said I didn’t have to get them, I’d worn them for an hour and a half, so I felt like I had to.  I know, that’s probably just my own personal thing.  I don’t care how awesome they are, I don’t need to pay $15 for a pair of socks.  So, I LOVED the way the shoes looked, even though when I was trying on them all, I tried to just go by how they felt.  They told me that if I wore them on a run and didn’t like them, I could return them and try something else.

Guess what?  I wore them on Thursday morning (my next running day) and my feet hurt.  After about 20 minutes, the outside of my left foot hurt.  I think I probably compensated for that because then the outside of my right foot hurt.  Now, had they not said anything about returning and we’d gone to so much trouble, I probably wouldn’t have thought much about it and kept them.  They didn’t hurt a LOT and in the past, I’d just figured I needed to get used to them.  So, after my workout, I was thinking about returning them.  When I got home and showered, I was wavering.  I decided to walk for a bit on my treadmill in these and my old pair and compare them.  I wore the new ones first.  My right heel hurt.  Like, a lot.  But I thought maybe it was independent of the shoes.  So I took a few minutes, then tried with my old pair.  No heel hurt.  So that decided it for me.  I took them back and the main guy that helped me before wasn’t there, but the girl that was working with him and training was.  I told her all about how they felt and she said it sounded like the cushion for the pronation was too much and having the opposite effect.  So, let’s try a neutral one.  Also, at first she mentioned that I’d narrowed it down to two before and did I want to try the other pair.  I mentioned about the price and she was totally understanding and said we’d just try stuff at $115 or less.  The two she brought out were $110 and $100.  The cheaper ones were solid pink Nike’s.  I can’t find the exact pair, even at, but they looked a lot like the LunarGlide+4, except the Nike symbol was the same color pink as the shoe.  These had a bigger toe box than most of the ones out there.  I ended up getting these:

Those are the Brooks Ghost.  They aren’t nearly as cute as my first pair or the pink, but I think they felt a little better, so that’s what I tried.  She said I could still bring them back again if I needed to and try the Nike’s if these didn’t work.  I went home and my knees were KILLING me the rest of the day.  I generally do have some knee pain after a workout, sometimes shin pain too (or instead of).  It’s usually not terribly bad.  I’ve been looking up some exercises that will help it, but I haven’t gotten very far with that yet.  I never connected it to the shoes, I just thought it was me.  The lady selling me the shoes though, said that when people had knee pain was when they usually knew they needed to replace their shoes.  So, is this from the ones I took back?  If so, I’m glad I did!  My knees are still killing me today, so it’s probably good I’m resting today.  Tomorrow will be a strength workout, but I’ll go ahead and wear the new ones and see where that gets me.  I suppose the real test will be Sunday when I run again.  Fingers crossed that these are good.  I’d really rather not go back again.

So, would I recommend Big Peach?  I don’t really know.  I feel like they do this testing and measuring and stuff and they’re supposed to be experts, right?  So, after doing that, I kind of feel like maybe they should be able to bring out 5 or so pairs and one of them should be amazing for you.  Maybe my expectations are too high?  I did find out that I should be wearing a 9 1/2 instead of the 9.  And I found out some ways to tie my shoes to prevent slippage.  And I found out that I needed a bigger toe box for running and that’s probably why I got the blisters and toe pain on those particular toes.  So, do I really need to go back there for future pairs?  They prices are list prices.  No sale at all.  I’m kind of thinking that next time, I’m just going to park myself down at DSW or Off Broadway and try on everything in my price range.  I mean, that’s pretty much what I did at Big Peach, right?  I don’t know, if anyone has any opinions or something I’m overlooking, feel free to weigh in.  I welcome constructive advice.  🙂  To be fair, both sales people were perfectly nice and helpful.  They made plenty of suggestions and listened to what I was saying.  I’m just not sure that it was of any real benefit.

Wow, this is turning into a really long post.  And with pictures!  I have more, people, but I’ll try not to type so much.  😛

I also decided that it was past time for me to clean out my closets.  I’d gone through a big clean a little while ago where I took EVERYTHING out our master closet.  I washed all the clothes and dusted everything, including the hangers.  But this is different.  This time, I tried on everything and got rid of anything that was too big (most things) or I just wouldn’t wear (like old stuff that was previously too small, but is hopelessly out of date).  I also went though the closet in our guest bedroom (where I’d previously stored all those too small clothes) and got rid of that stuff.  And then I went though my coat closet and got rid of anything there too.  In the end, I had the picture to the left.  That’s 11 and 1/2 garbage bags full of clothes!  All but just a few things are mine too.  Boy, I had a lot of crap.  The bad thing is now I’ve got almost no dressy stuff.  Luckily, I don’t really need it.  Since I got rid of so much stuff, I also have extra room in my closet.  I was able to display my “goal” clothes items better now too, so I can always see them.

I said I got rid of everything that was too big, but that’s not QUITE true.  I kept one pair of my largest jeans.  They’re size 24 from Torrid:








Also, since I’m evidently picture happy today and this post is so long it’s crazy, I’ll go ahead and add another picture.  A while ago, my WW leader mentioned doing a visual about how much you’ve lost.  This took the form of using colored glass stones in two jars, one labeled “Going” and the other labeled “Gone.”  I did this and it turned out that the “Going” one was SO full that it was depressing.  So, instead, I’ve been using mini-goals.  I only put 5lbs worth of stones in at a time.  I had so many stones, that I made each one equal to 1/5 of a pound, which is the increment they use at WW.  So, below is a picture of my jars today.  The “Going” jar would have 9 stones left to get rid of before I hit the next 5lb increment:


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