Posted by: wildflowerz | February 14, 2013

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light ’cause oh that gave me such a fright. But I will hold on as long as you like. Just promise me that we’ll be alright.

Good morning.  Happy Valentine’s Day and all that.  We’re not big celebrators of the holiday around here.  I got Em a cute little glittery blue bucket filled with little treats.  Chris I got a card.  We’ll probably go out somewhere as a family this weekend for dinner or something.  Whatevs.  🙂

I’ve been trying to record my measurements every month and it’s easier to remember if I tie it to my doctor’s appointments since they’re so regular.  But I just remembered today, so better late than never, I suppose.  So, this month, I lost 1.5″ in the hips and 1″ in the waist.  My chest adn thighs stayed the same.  And I gained 0.5″ in the arms.  No idea.  I’m going to pretend it’s muscle.  🙂  But it could just be that I’m not measuring in the exact same area of my arm.  Seriously, it’s a month apart…I try to measure the biggest part, but who knows.  So that’s a total loss this month of 2″.  Overall, the numbers make me feel awesome.  Since I started in September of 2011, I’ve lost 10″ in the hips, 2″ in the arms, 6″ in the waist, 5.5″ in the bust, and 3″ in the thighs.  That’s a total of 26.5″ since the beginning.  That’s over 2′!

I’m feeling better about how I’m looking too.  I went to Old Navy the other day and got another pair of compression pants.  I’d previously got them in retro violet.  They had some of the carbon ones (that match the compression jacket I previously got that’s super flattering) so I got those.  I’d previously gotten this cotton blend GoDry tee in purple that looks kind of awesome on me, if I do say so myself.  When Em and I went to get her more jeans, I browsed and they had them on sale for $7, so I picked up one in green.  I didn’t try it on.  I had thought I’d gotten an XL, but the purple was really a L.  So it looks fine, good even.  It doesn’t look spectacular.  I’ve been wearing it to the gym.  I picked up the grey one in L the other day.  So, my point in all that is that I’ve been wearing the compression capris on running days with super large (I kept a few of my old XXXL tees for this very purpose) tee.  Today?  I wore the pants with the XL GoDry tee.  It’s just long enough that it hits right at the top of my thighs (where my legs start) so it covers those bulgy bits that don’t feel like are shrinking fast enough.  But still.  I never would have dreamed I’d have had the confidence to go that bare.  In fact, though I bought the capris and the jacket together (and they’re made to go together), I never saw myself wearing them together at all.  Now, though?  I’ll probably wear them together for the run, depending on the temperature that morning.  So, yay for progress.

Now, how about some stuff that’s not so pleasant?  Ug, I don’t even like thinking about this, so sharing it’s daunting to me.  My lower belly is very big.  Honestly, I doubt it will ever NOT be at least a pooch that I’ll be self-conscious about.  I don’t say that as a poor-me thing, just in the interest of taking an honest look at myself.  Also, my upper inner things?  Super jiggly and gross looking.  I feel like the extra skin’s going to be here forever.  I’ll probably always wear a swimsuit with a skirt.  And that’s okay too.  I’m totally self-conscious about it, but it’s not something that’s going to super bring me down.  I might always have jiggly inner thighs, but I’m going to be healthy and I’ll feel much better.  And in the compression pants, you can barely really tell.  🙂  My upper arms also have some jiggly skin that probably won’t go away.  Probably swimsuits are the only sleeveless thing you’ll ever see me out in public in.  It’s not horrible, but cap sleeves probably look even worse than sleeveless.  Same deal with all the rest though.  To a much lesser degree, but still noticeable, I also have a little hangy skin under my chin.  So, there ya go.  I feel fairly good about the rest of me and the progress that’s happening.

So, there ya go.  🙂  Em got her GS cookies this past weekend.  We’ve got  a set to deliver tomorrow evening and some to deliver to family this coming weekend.  We also have three boxes for one person that I’m waiting on to pass the money to her sister.  But that’s no big.  So we’re pretty good on that.  Saturday we’re going to our niece’s bday party.  It was originally while we were at Disney, but when I emailed her mom about delivering her cookies, she told me that they’d had to postpone it because her husband had a death in the family that weekend.

Ooh, my shoes are feeling great.  I feel like I’ve found the ones finally.  I’ve got lots of extra room in the toes and thanks to the new tying technique, the heels aren’t slipping much.  Did I mention that my left foot is slightly smaller than the right?  It makes it hard to get the left shoe not slip at all.  But still, I’m happy.  I’ve worn them for two runs and a regular workout now.  I think I’m going to try running outside on Saturday morning.  Of course, it’s just turned colder again, so it might be a bit tricky.  I’m still only running about 25-30 minutes at a stretch without resting.  But since I’m not running too much faster than I walk (sadly, still), even with the walking breaks, it’s not taking too much longer to complete.  I’m not sure that I’ll be able to jog the entire thing, but I’m going to give it my best shot.  Here’s hoping outside running isn’t too much harder.

We got all our Ikea stuff put together too.  I’m loving it.  I got our old, crappy dining set taken to Goodwill (along with those 12 bags of clothes!), so it feels great to have it all out of the house.  While we got the Ikea stuff together, we still have all the boxes hanging around.  It’s been raining a LOT here, and our trash day is Tuesday.  It didn’t rain on Tuesday until later in the day, so I was going to put all the stuff out in the morning.  For the past few months, the recycling truck hasn’t come until after 5pm.  Of course, this week, they came before I even got home from the gym!  Oh well, there’s always next week!

Speaking of next week, Em’s got Winter Break next week, so I’ve got her the whole time.  The only plans I have are to hit the used book stores.  I’m hoping I can get Em to run at the park with me too.  The next week, she starts back to running club.  And then that following Saturday is both the 5K and the Father/Daughter Girl Scout Dance.  We should start hearing from the soccer coach on Sunday or so.  I believe we’ll be on the same team with the same coach.  Thinking back to last season, I think most of the girls will be coming back.  We’ll see though.  While I’m not a huge fan of Friday practice, it works for us.  I hope it stays Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If we have the same coach, I’m sure it will work out.  The only other after school stuff Em has is Girl Scouts and running club and her soccer coach’s daughter is in her GS troop and does running club too.  So we should be good.  🙂

WW is tomorrow.  I feel good about my performance this week, but I’m not sure the scale’s going to show much.  We’ll see though.  Chris isn’t working from home again today, so I won’t have a high sodium lunch with him (Chinese is our usual since Em doesn’t like it).  I worked out a little longer today too.  I usually do an hour on running days, but I went ahead and did 20 or so minutes more of walking.  Turns out to be a good decision since I had to go to the post office and they didn’t open until 8:30.  I got there at 8:34.  🙂

I’ll shut up now.  I feel like I don’t make too many entries, but when I do, I go on for ages and ages!

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