Posted by: wildflowerz | February 15, 2013

Well, I’ll hazard I can do more damage on my laptop sitting in my pajamas before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do in a year in the field.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 184.8
Weekly Change: -1.2
Total Loss: 54.4
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 27
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 63
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 0

Yup.  Another pound gone.  The meeting today was about portions:  estimating them and actually measuring them.  It felt a bit like they were just trying to sell you their scale, which is $10 off this week.  I dunno.  I found it hard to concentrate, for reasons I’ll explain in a bit.  I might pick up the scale if it’s still on sale next week.  They also have a new key lime bar I’d like to try.  Key lime isn’t my favorite, but I do like it.  It will probably be safer in my house than the super yummy celebration bars are!  🙂

I’m still a little annoyed.  Know why?  Chris’s work lets you get a credit on each paycheck for both you and your spouse if you fill out a health survey and take a blood test every year.  Until last year, it was just the survey.  This year, just like last year, I must have missed the part where they told me I had to take a blood test.  I had no clue.  I knew Chris had one because they came to his work to do it.  Anyway, he gets an email YESTERDAY saying that I hadn’t taken mine and had to do it or we wouldn’t get the credit.  Annoying, but not THAT huge of a deal.  The same thing happened last year.  But last year, I had about a week to get it done.  So, I called them up yesterday and I had to have it done by today.  No, really.  The closest place to do it is actually pretty close to me.  However, their Friday hours are from 1-3pm.  No.  Really.  They only had one appointment and that was at 2:15.  Em gets off the bus at 2:25.  Frak.  Chris had a phone thing he had to do today from 2-4, so it wasn’t a huge deal for him to come home after lunch and just work from home.  The giant pain in the ass part of this is that it’s a fasting lab.  At 2:15pm.  Frak.  Frak, frak, frak.  I tried to find another place to get it done, but the next closest one to me is over an hour away.  Jeez.  So, I’m willing to admit that maybe on the survey somewhere it said that you were supposed to do this and I missed it.  I mean, I’ve done this same survey for five years in a row and I probably just clicked through it as fast as possible to get it done, so it’s perfectly reasonable that I missed it.  But the DAY BEFORE it has to be done is when they send out the reminder?  Not cool.  I ended up waking up at 4:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Luckily, the fasting had to be a minimum on 9 hours, so I was able to eat a banana before the time started.  And I sucked down the water all day today.  But I was SO FREAKING HUNGRY.  I went to the gym after WW and couldn’t finish my workout.  Today was a strength training day, so I did my warmup and the weights no problem.  I then hopped on the elliptical and omg it was so much harder than normal.  And this is doing the same program I usually do.  I got on the treadmill and only lasted for half of my usual time on there before I had to call it quits.  I felt light-headed and SO tired.  I went home and took a shower (and screamed and yelled and stupid things) before finally calming down.  I ended up heading to the place early and they saw me right away.  It took about 5 minutes from when I showed up.  In fact, I got back home 5 minutes before my appointment and in plenty of time to get Em.  She’s upstairs with her best friend playing now.  And I’ve had some food, so I’m feeling a bit better.

We’re heading up to Chris’s sister’s place tomorrow for their youngest’s 1st birthday.  Other than that, we don’t have much in the way of plans for the next week.  I think Em’s going to spend the night with her best friend some time next week.  And we plan on hitting the used book stores one day.  But other than that, we got nothing.  I’m hoping Em will come to the park and run with me next week.  I plan on trying to go tomorrow morning, but I just don’t know.  It may be upwards of 60 degrees right now, but at 8am, it’s still below freezing!  Then again, it’s just a few weeks until our 5k, so I guess some practice in the cold is a good plan, in case it doesn’t warm up any.  The run’s at 8am (I think…maybe 7am).


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