Posted by: wildflowerz | February 19, 2013

Well… sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not.

That was evidently us on Sunday.  😛  We’ve been looking around for a new sofa for a bit now.  We were looking at either a sectional or a sofa with a chaise on one end.  We hadn’t found anything that we loved and that was super comfy.  We headed to Rooms To Go to check them out.  They had a TON of stuff.  We found a super comfy and affordable sectional right off, but it was ugly.  The color wasn’t bad, but it was one of those that’s super puffy and reminds me of 1982.  So we kept looking.  We found a magnificent sectional in the back.  It’s SUPER deep.  So deep that if I’m not using the throw pillows and sit with my back against the back cushion, only my ankles and feet are hanging over.  Here’s a picture:

We were also looking at this one, which was much cheaper (and I love that cute, rounded swivel chair!), but Em and I loved the big one above, so we got that.  It was a lot more than we were thinking, so Chris had to be convinced.  Eventually he was. 🙂  It’s supposed to arrive a week from tomorrow.  Yay!

Chris was excited because in the morning on Sunday, Em said that the tv turned itself off and wouldn’t come back on.  Yes, he was happy.  See, the tv we have started blowing a bulb about once a year.  The bulbs are $150ish each.  So the last time we replaced it, we said we’d just get a new one next time.  That was two and a half years ago.  A few weeks or so ago, it acted like it was blown, but after “resting” for a little bit, it worked again.  So when it happened again Sunday, Chris was ready to go get a new one.  He had it all picked out and everything.  He wasn’t deterred by the fact that this time, once the tv “rested,” it came on again.  😛  So, since no one had a sale on it, we went to Target to get it (5% off with the Target CC!).  Guys, I’m going to share my horror of something related with you.  Our old tv was a 62″ DLP tv…you know when they were still HUGE.  We had it on this tv stand in one corner of our family room with two giant speakers on the floor on either side.  The consequence of this is that we couldn’t get behind the tv.  Can you imagine for gross it was back there after 5 or so years?  It was awful.  I should have posted before and after pics.  /shudder  I got it all cleaned up and Chris got a friend of his to help us move the old tv.  It’s now sitting in the dining room.  Once RTG delivers the couch and we decide what furniture we’re keeping and getting rid of, Chris is gonna call Goodwill to come over and pick it all up.  Anyway, the new tv looks AMAZING.  I didn’t really notice how much better it looked, just seeing it on in the store, but here in our living room?  It looks so good.  We’ve still got a bunch of wires in the floor, waiting for Chris to figure out how he’s going to set up the surround sound speakers (which will depend on the new couch), but I can live with that for a little while.

Em spent the night with a friend last night and she’s got a play date in about 30 minutes.  Then her friend from last night’s going to spend the night with us on Friday.  Chris and I went out for Chinese last night and then watched Pitch Perfect.  I gotta tell ya, I’d heard that movie was hilarious.  It’s cute and funny, but definitely not hilarious.  It’s worth a view, though.  🙂

I have a few recipe websites on my Google Reader.  Most of them do just recipes, but every once in a while, they’ll have something else.  Today Skinny Kitchen had a good one on How to Detect a Diet Scam.  Give it a view.

Since Em was at her friend’s house this morning, I got up at 5:30 when Chris did and went to the gym.  I had time to do my long workout before I had to go and pick Em up at 8am.  Yesterday I tried to get Em to run with me, but she wouldn’t.  She said it was too cold.  So I ran on the treadmill instead.  Maybe I can convince her to go tomorrow.  I think I’m going to take Friday as a rest day again.  I did one the Friday before last too.  This Friday, I think we might do WW and then head to the used book store.  Then either tomorrow or Thursday, Em and I will check out that alien cartoon movie.  We’ll see. 🙂


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