Posted by: wildflowerz | February 22, 2013

I was looking in the mirror, trying to find a new reflection. Wanna take the road less traveled in a different direction. Make some new mistakes, forget the ones I’ve made.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 183.0
Weekly Change: -1.8
Total Loss: 56.2
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 27
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 55
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 6

Hi there. 🙂  My body must have busted out that at the last minute because as I weighed this week, it was looking like I was going to be lucky if I lost the 0.6 I needed to make it to 55lbs down!  I’m glad it did!  I have a few things about this week.  I’ve been hungrier this week, especially in the evening.  I’ve been feeling very munchy.  Normally, in the evenings, I go upstairs to read before I go to sleep.  I usually bring whatever dessert (WW or Skinny Cow bar) with me.  After I have it, I’m done and there’s no food hanging around our bedroom, so it’s good, even if I’m hungry.  But earlier this week, Chris went to bed REALLY early, meaning I had to stay downstairs.  And last night, had to go back into work around 8:30 and since Em goes to sleep at 8:30, I had to stay downstairs with the dog until she had enough time to go to sleep (The dog sleeps with her and he can make it hard to get to sleep because he’s a pain in the ass).  So I was left downstairs again with food, food, and more food.  I mostly did okay.  I ended up eating 5 weekly points last night, but the other night I was okay.

Today after WW, we went to Joann’s to get a cake pop baking pan.  I have another whole post about the #(&% cake pops, so more on that later.  After that, we drove over to our favorite used book store.  Em got a huge stack of books. I found 5, only 1 of which was on my GIGANTO list.  I’m afraid that if anyone else is reading the stuff I want to read, then they’re keeping it because I usually don’t find much of anything. 😦  I’ll probably hit the used book store closer to home some time next week.  After that, we stopped by the grocery store and came home.  We did lunch, started the cake pops, and then went to dip dye Em’s hair.  She wanted red this time.  We stopped by Sally earlier in the week and they didn’t have a cherry red in our usual brand (N Rage).  The lady working there said that she thought Manic Panic was the best.  So we got their red, along with a pink that’s supposed to glow in the dark (9yo omg) for next time.  We did the red today.  It looks cute.  It is NOT cherry red.  It’s more of an orangey red.  It’s SO not what she wanted at all. 😦  Oh well.

This week, Em’s spent the night with one friend, had a play date at another friend’s house, had the second friend over for a play date, and is having the first friend over for a sleepover tonight!  We also went to see Escape From Planet Earth.  It had quite a few cute geeky references.  For instance, when they called for specific military men to do something, there were always two and they always made the names of directors.  “James!  Cameron!”  and “Peter!  Jackson!”  XD  There’s also this part where the aliens are supposed to be working together on this device.  Aliens have been working on it for ages.  In front of it, on the ground, there’s a place where all the aliens that work on it sign their name.  It’s really quick, but I spotted Stitch and Em spotted ET.  We’ll definitely rent this one and pause to see who else we can see.  XD

Tomorrow we’re heading up to see my mom.  Sunday we’ve got nothing.  Em probably should be having a Girl Scout meeting on Monday (she’s only had one this month), but I haven’t heard anything from her leaders.  I asked one of them and she didn’t even know.  But soccer and running club start back next week.  Soccer practice is going to be Tuesday and Wednesday this season instead of Tuesday and Friday.  So Em will have every other Monday free and every Friday and Sunday.  Every other Monday is GS, Tuesday and Wednesday is soccer, Thursday is running club, and Saturdays are the soccer games.  Whew!

I wanted to start running outside this week, but I couldn’t make it happen.  I couldn’t get Em to go with me this week.  And I skipped today, so I run tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain all day.  However, I did manage to eek out 45 minutes straight on the treadmill on Wednesday, so that’s good.  I’ve been trying to research more strength training routines for the gym, but I’m not finding a lot that’s super straight-forward.  Probably I should just do all free weights, but I’m a bit intimidated by that.  With machines, you don’t have to worry too much about form because the machine leads you to the correct form.  But with free weights, it’s all you.  So it makes sense that it’s a better workout and that you can do fewer things and work more of your body, but I’m seriously intimidated.  Maybe I should try just working in one thing each workout?  Like bicep curls are pretty straight-forward and would be a good one to start with, I suppose.  I’m kind of of the mind that I should shake up my entire workout at once though.  So I’m feeling a bit stuck…of course, it’s of my own making, but still.  😛


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