Posted by: wildflowerz | February 28, 2013

Rain, rain, go away…

Evidently, I keep procrastinating about making entries until it’s suddenly Thursday and I’ll be making a post on Friday anyway.  And then I make extra long posts on Thursday and leave nothing for Friday.  So, how about I leave some of the diet-y things for tomorrow?  🙂

We got our couch.  It’s wonderful.  I’m sitting on it right now!  Em was so excited that when she got off the bus yesterday, she started cheering, “New Couch!!”  We came home, snuggled up, and watched a movie.  Later after Chris came home, we had a good time trying to figure out exactly how we wanted to put things.  I think we’ve decided that we really need some skinny tables for each end of the sectional.  I went to Target to look today.  I found exactly what we need (they call it a console table), but it was about 4 inches too tall.  But that’s only one place.  I was going to check a few more places, but I feel like ass, so I came home instead.

Is it bad that I’m hoping for the snow/rain on Saturday?  First, we have the 5K on Saturday morning.  I’ve tried a few times this week to go out and run outside, but it was SO FREAKING COLD, I couldn’t stand it.  I ended up doing 2 whole laps before I left and went to the gym.  I did give myself a slight incline on the treadmill and had no problem finishing 5k, but still, a treadmill is WAY easier to walk on.  I really, seriously doubt I’m going to be able to run the entire thing on Saturday, especially if it’s 32 degrees like is saying.  Anyway, is also saying it’s supposed to snow from 6-9am on Sunday.  It was already going to be a day with several things going on with the 5K and the Father/Daughter dance in the evening.  But spring soccer is also starting on Saturday.  Not only that, but Em’s practicing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this week.  But it rained SO MUCH on Monday, that there were huge puddles on the practice field, so practice was cancelled both days.  4 of the girls on the team are new (at least to Em’s team), so the team hasn’t even met yet.  And no practices.  But they’re supposed to play their first game on Saturday?  Ug.  They might try and practice on Friday, but the coach won’t be there, just the assistant coach.  At least it’s the same guy from last season, so we know him. I’m not sure why they only have a week before they start actual games.  And with all the rain we’ve been having, I’m not surprised they haven’t been able to practice.  So yeah.  There’s that.  I know that the soccer games are likely to be postponed for weather, but I’m not sure what the 5k people will do.

On top of all the weather and crap, I also got my period and I feel extremely awful both yesterday and today.  I’m really thankful for this comfy couch for me to sack out on.  And today Em has running club, so I don’t have to go and get her until 4.  It’s also a crock pot day, so I don’t even have anything to do at dinner time. 🙂  Even though I feel horrid, I did make it to the gym both days.  I think I’m going to take tomorrow as a rest day again.  WW as usual, but I also want to check out a few places and I need to make a BJs trip.  And since I’m supposed to have the 5k the next day, it’s probably a good plan.  I also looked around and found a free weight workout to replace the machine workout I’ve been doing.  I’m still intimidated.  I was going to start it this morning, but the gym was super crowded and there were lots of muscle guys over at the free weights.  I don’t think it would bother me so much once I know what I’m doing, but I feel really weird when I’ve got my instruction sheets and such.  So today I just ended up doing a plank in addition to my normal workout.  I think I’m going to try and use the really light free weights I have at home while I’m at home to make sure I’m good with what I’m actually doing before I try the workout at the gym.  I can probably do that tomorrow after shopping.


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