Posted by: wildflowerz | March 8, 2013

I may be the one walking away, but you’re the one that’s leaving. Again.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 181.0
Weekly Change: -1.8
Total Loss: 58.2
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 27
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 46
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 0

Hi there!  As you can see above, my 0.2 from last week wasn’t an ill omen of things to come and was just a little blip on the radar.  Yay!  The WW meeting this week was about planning your meals.  /yawn  I do that already, but maybe you don’t?  I can tell you why and how I do it, but people have all sorts of reasons and ways they do it.  I grocery shop on Monday.  So usually on Sunday (or something Saturday), I try and sit down to plan the meals.  Since Em’s back with all her activities, I have two days that I need to do crock pot (or VERY quick prep) meals and one to two days where I have to do something that doesn’t take a long time to cook.  So, with that in mind, I plan the menus.  I’ve been doing chili (crock pot) every other week or so because it’s easy, low in points, and creates so many leftovers for me to have for lunch.  It’s also one of those foods that, when I think about it, it’s easy to slip in the evoo to get my 2 servings of healthy oil a day.  For other things, I have a list of stuff I make consistently in my iPod.  I have a Grocery List app that I use for any kind of shopping list I need to make, as well as for meal planning.  It’s the kind where you check off stuff and when you do, it goes to the bottom of the list.  So, for meals, I can just uncheck what I want to make or add in something new and it’s all at the top of the list for me.  As I make it, I check it off.  If it’s something new and it’s not good, I just delete it.  But if it’s good, it will stay there to remind me to make it again.  I like the app a lot. 🙂  Anyway, I usually go to Pinterest first to see what I’ve pinned that I’m in the mood to try.  I try and do one new recipe every week or two.  Some of them suck, but some make the cut and are made again.  I usually ask Chris and Em what they want and Em always says soup and grilled cheese or breakfast.  /rolleyes  At least she’s picking easy stuff, huh?  Chris can usually give me some suggestions though.  As I’m planning, I add all the ingredients that I don’t know for sure we already have to my app.  After the meals are planned, I check my list against the fridge and pantry and take off anything we already have.  Then I go through and add anything we’re out of and check the paper list that’s sitting on the island in the kitchen where we all add stuff when it occurs to us.

I don’t plan out specifically which day we’re going to have stuff most times.  So, these days I’ll have two crock pot recipes a week and I know they need to be made on Tuesday and Wednesday, but when the day comes, I decide on the fly which one I’ll have.  I usually decide before I have lunch though.  I have pretty much the same thing every day for breakfast and I know the points.  So, before I have lunch, I track breakfast and then figure out what we’re having for dinner and track that.  That tells me how many points I’m left with for the day for lunch and any snacks, so I know what I can fit in for lunch.  That’s generally how every day goes for me.  Weekends are tougher.  The only consistently low point and filling fast food I can find is Subway.  A lot of times I’ll just suggest Chris and Em go get something themselves while I have stuff at home.  It’s not particularly fun or ideal to have to do something else, but at least it’s not all the time.  I can usually eat out once a day on the weekends and be fine, but twice is hard unless it’s Subway.  And this family doesn’t cook on the weekends!  🙂  So, there ya go.  🙂

Em came home yesterday from running club with another flyer for a 5K.  It’s on March 23.  She says she doesn’t want to do one again because it’s too long.  I was kinda thinking of doing it.  For this one, the school with the most participants wins $1000.  I’m going to see if I can convince her and, if not, I might just do it myself.  We’ll see.  Oh, in related news, I got my 5K charm at WW this morning.  It goes on my 10% keychain with my 25lb charm, 50lb charm, and 16 week Stay and Succeed charm.  Yay me. 🙂

I’m not sure if it’s this new strength workout or what, but on my running days, the muscles that are where my legs meet my torso hurt after about 15 minutes of running.  I usually tough it out for about 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute walk break and then run for 15-20 more minutes.  I’m not sure exactly what’s doing it and if it’s going to continue or if I’ll get used to whatever I’m doing that’s causing it.  Hrm.

This weekend we’ve got Em’s soccer game in the morning at 8:30am!  Yikes!  I think it’s DST this weekend, too, right?  At least we don’t have anything Sunday morning, so it shouldn’t be so bad.  I’m thinking of doing a rest day tomorrow since we’ve got Em’s game so early.  I guess it depends on what’s going on after the game whether I get to the gym or not.

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