Posted by: wildflowerz | March 11, 2013

Dobby never meant to kill! Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure!

Hi kids.  I’m going to start off with a little factoid that I’ve been meaning to mention, but once I sit down to make a blog post, I forget.  It took FOREVER, but I’m finally below my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yes, Em’s 9 years old, shut up.  I was around 185 when I got pregnant with Em and the weight just went up and up and up from there.  So, anyway, it’s a little accomplishment. XD

I managed to convince Em to do the 5K with me later in the month.  Of course, once I did, it never fails that the activities keep piling on after that.  For instance, when we went to Disney, the day we were driving back Em had to miss World Thinking Day, her best friend’s bday party, and her cousin’s bday party.  Of course, that last one ended up being re-scheduled, so at least didn’t have to end up missing that one.  Then, we’d signed up for this last 5K when we got the soccer schedule.  Her first game was only 2 hours after the 5K started!  Then that evening was the Girl Scout dance.  Luckily, we ended up being able to do all those and nothing over-lapped.  Well, this coming 5K is also at 8am and her soccer game that day’s at 1pm.  So, I didn’t worry. However, today I get an invite for her other best friend’s bday party from 11:30-1:30 that day!  I need to make sure the game’s at the soccer complex and if it is, she can probably go for about 45 minutes or so and then she’ll have to leave for the game.  Oy!

Speaking of soccer, her second game was on Saturday.  This time, they had managed to get in one teeny short practice before they played.  The field was SUPER soggy and it was really cold, so they only practiced a little over 30 minutes.  The opposing team for this game, though, had 3 girls from her team last season.  We thought that was odd, but then found out that one girl’s dad decided to coach.  Perfectly understandable.  But the other two girls that moved over had been on Em’s coach’s teams since she started coaching (2-3 years ago).  I heard it was because they wanted a more serious soccer experience and they thought that our coach was more about the fun.  I don’t really see that.  No, she’s not super strict with them and they do have fun, but they are learning the game and doing drills and working on stuff.  They do play a lot of games at practice, but the games are to teach certain skills.  Anyway, whatever.  The moms of the girls were kinda rude to their girls (and the other girls too), so it didn’t hurt my feelings much.  However, it was an awesome feeling when Em’s team won 7-4!  Yay girls!  They had a sucky season last time and I can’t remember if they even won a game!  So this was cool. 🙂

Guys, I had the worst headache yesterday.  Chris was finally feeling better, so went to the 1:30 show of Oz the Great and Powerful (pretty, but boring, imho).  About 20-30 minutes in, I got this godawful headache.  When we left, I covered my eyes the entire way home because the sun hurt too bad.  It was better inside, but it was still too bright.  I laid on the couch most of the rest of the evening with my eyes covered, doing nothing.  I’m not a “lay around and do nothing” kind of person.  Yes, what I’m doing is probably goofing off (fb games, Jigidi, email, etc), but I’m always DOING something.  I rarely watch tv without doing something on the computer at the same time.  Chris went and got takeout for dinner and we watched Deathly Hallows Part 2 until Em had to go to bed.  I closed my eyes during most of it because of the pain.  After Em went to bed, it finally got a lot darker.  Chris and I watched The Watch (<3 Richard Ayoade!) and then I went right to bed.  Luckily, when I got up this morning, the headache was gone.  Ug, ug, ug!

I’m not sure what the deal is with exercise lately.  I feel like since I started doing the dumbbell strength routine, I’m sore all the time and when I do the running workouts, I don’t have nearly as much stamina.  Today, I only managed 30 minutes of running and that was one 20 minute block and two 5 minute blocks.  Yesterday, I couldn’t manage to do the cross training program on the elliptical after the strength training part.  I’m not sure what’s up.  After the last 5K, I decided I’d start upping my incline and my speed while running.  We’re not talking anything drastic.  I went to a 1.0 incline and upped my speed to 4.1.  After having so much trouble with the soreness and stamina, I kept it at 4.1, but I decreased the incline back to 0.  I just don’t know.  I think I’m going to start doing true intervals on the treadmill on my running days.  I’ll at least give it a shot.  I’ve found quite a few on Pinterest to try.  We’ll see.



  1. Don’t hurt me, but I think maybe your lack of rest days may be catching up with you.

    • 😛 That makes perfect sense. Except that before I changed the strength workout, I wasn’t taking a rest day at least 80% of the time. Since I changed it, I’ve taken one a week every week but one. 😦 So I am actually taking them most of the time now.

      • Maybe its more timing of the rest days? My thought process is that you are using new/different muscles than you were before so your body is really having to recover and its effecting you more. I am not familiar enough with your schedule and so maybe you are resting after the strength days, but that would be my first thought (if you aren’t doing it).

  2. Ahh soccer… I was a soccer mom for 14 yrs! First season i didnt have any games to go to ( son is 19 now and plays for Temple U) Miss those practices, yucky fields, early games, etc… Enjoy these times!

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