Posted by: wildflowerz | March 16, 2013

It’s hard to imagine you as a boy. Did your parents call you Mr. Feeny?

Evidently, I have an abundance of things to post about lately.

Remember when I had to go get my blood drawn for fasting labs at 2 in the afternoon at the very last minute because Chris’s stupid work didn’t tell me I had to get them done until they were due the next day?  (No, I’m not still bitter.)  Well, I finally got the results in the mail today.  One of the things that makes it most awesome to me is that they also compare it to last year’s results.  I’m pretty proud.  Here they are:

  • Waist Circumference:  35″ (Last year’s 41 and At Risk)
  • Triglycerides:  71 (Last year’s 162 and At Risk)
  • HDL Cholesterol:  53 (Last year’s 47 and At Risk)
  • Glucose:  88 (Last year’s 98)
  • Blood Pressure:  145/92 and At Risk (Last year’s 140/94 and At Risk)

Now, if you’ve forgotten, I went through a while where I was seeing my doctor about my BP.  It’s always high at his office.  So he sent me out to get a home cuff and the results from that were totally normal.  So he still checks it every visit, but has termed it White Coat Hypertension.  I still check at home once every week or so.  I’m pretty darn happy about it.  Effectively, my results are totally normal now when they were all (but Glucose) labeled as “At Risk” only a year ago!

Some other news:  back when Em went to the dentist for a cleaning in January, they referred us to an orthodontist.  They said she had a cross-bite that they wanted an ortho to check out.  I procrastinated and finally made the appointment and we went this week.  She has a cross bite that’s only showing up on her left side.  Her top set of teeth are too close together on the sides and her tongue’s pushing her front teeth out some.  So, we’ve got an orthodontic plan for her now.  She’s got some spacers in right now around two of her top, back teeth that will be in until a week from Wednesday.  We’ll go back then and get bands put around those teeth.  I think we’ll then go back later and get an expander.  After she’s had that for a while, she’ll get braces on some of her upper and lower teeth.  At some point, she’s also going to have to wear headgear when she’s at home for a year.  Ug.  She’s talking about all the rest of it, but we left it up to her whether she’s going to share that she’ll have headgear, so if you know my daughter, irl, don’t mention it to her.  It’s not a big, but I’m sure she’s probably a little self-conscious about it.  Anyway, so there’s that. 🙂

Em’s got a furlough day coming up the last Friday of the month.  Then she goes back to school for a week and the next week is spring break.  We have some plans at the beginning of the break that I’ll talk about afterwards (not a big, just a secret), but we’ll be home for the entire break, doing nothing.  She’s got an ortho appointment in there too, but that’s really it.  Fun, huh?

Ooh, did I mention her soccer game last week?  Or her season results so far?  I’ll recap, shortly.  Her first game was that morning we did our 5K and it was REALLY FREAKING COLD.  They played a Select team and got their buts kicked, though they did play pretty well considering.  Their first two practices before that game were cancelled because of rain.  The next week, one practice was cancelled and the other should have been.  The second one, they practiced for about 30 minutes on a really muddy field.  Then that next weekend, they played a team that had 3 of their teammates from the first part of the season and they won!  This week, they had one cancelled practice and one regular one, still on a really muddy field, but not nearly as cold.  Today they had their third game.  They were one girl down, but they played SO well!  They ended up tying 4-4 and that’s after they came back from being 0-3 at the half!  The girls played SO well.  Em played defense, midfielder, and goalie.  She did really good at defense and goalie.  She did pretty well at midfield too, especially since she doesn’t play it much.  It was also such a beautiful day today that it was very nice to be out there.

Ooh, new food find before I go.  Chili’s has a new Mango-Chile Chicken on their lighter menu and it’s only 11 points.  It’s a small piece of chicken with mango, avocado, and onion on top with some type of mango sauce with some broccoli and rice.  It was pretty darn tasty too!


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