Posted by: wildflowerz | March 16, 2013

South America. It’s like America, but south.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 180.8
Weekly Change: -0.2
Total Loss: 58.4
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 27
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 49
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 1

Huh.  Lately, it’s felt like at the end of the day, I’ve got a bunch of points left over and I’m searching for stuff to spend them on to get myself to my daily minimum.  So, I need to do a better job with planning and not fill up on crap at the end of the day just to get in the points.  I need to work on that this week.  The topic at the WW meeting this week was how to plan for eating out at a restaurant.  I suppose everyone had their own strategies, but I’ll share mine.  If you’re like most people, you go to the same few restaurants all the time and you usually stay in the same area.  So, what I did was go over to Dotti’s and looked at all the restaurants near me.  I made a list of any food that was relatively good for me, Points-wise, and that I would and could eat.  I put that all into a spreadsheet and printed it out to stick in my purse.  I have since found out that the list isn’t up-to-date over at Dotti’s so I need to check with the actual restaurant web sites.  So, I always know what I can get at the restaurants we normally go to.  When we’re going somewhere that’s not on my list, I try and look up the menu and points ahead of time when I can.  If we’re going somewhere where the nutrition info isn’t available, I just do the best I can.  Stick with grilled stuff, no french fries, vegetables as sides, etc.  That’s how I handle it, anyway.

I’ve been working on doing some different stuff on my running days.  I’d pinned a bunch of different interval workouts over at Pinterest on my Exercise Stuff Board.  Wednesday, I tried the pink one at the right.  So, it’s called an Incline WALKING Workout.  I can’t walk at 4.0 for long at all.  It’s just too fast for me.  I can get up to 3.8, but that’s about it.  So, I backed it down to 3.5, which is where I normally walk, and did this workout there.  Since the speed is at 4.0, you’re probably meant to walk pretty darn fast, so next time I try this one, I’ll probably bump it up to 3.8.  At an incline of 8 or higher, I find it seriously tough.  I know you aren’t supposed to hold on to the treadmill, but I can’t make it for long without gripping the console.  So I need to work on that too.  This is also a pretty short workout for a running day…and there’s no running.  So I’ll probably save this one for a day when I do cardio with my strength workout.  The rest of the time, I think I just walked at a 4 incline or something.  Honestly, I just can’t remember.  😛

Today, I tried the Treadmill Fat Burn #7 Workout to the left.  This is a much longer workout.  Since it had some 3.5-3.8 intervals, I went ahead and went by the listed speeds.  So I ran on the 4.0s and 4.5s.  It was also seriously tough.  I think I bunked out on one of the intervals, though I don’t remember if it was the incline or speed.  But I did most of this one as written.  Just as the one above, I had a hard time going at the incline of 8 or higher without holding on.  So, still need to work on that one.  But this was a really good workout, I think.  I was really breathing heavily and it was tough, but I was able to do it all.

I’m loving my shoes, by the way.  I think the last time I posted about them, I’d gone back to Big Peach for the 3rd time for my 3rd pair.  The person who sold them to me said to try them for 2 weeks this time.  They did take just a little bit to get used to, but they fit great in the heels and there’s tons of room in the toe box to move around.  They’re definitely keepers.  The key to the heel slippage issue has definitely been in how I tie my shoes.  You can see a picture here.  Basically, you tie the entire shoe like normal.  But you know those extra holes at the top that are really close the last hole you normally use?  You thread the lace back down through that hole on the same side you’d ended on.  That makes a little loop.  You then thread the lace from one side through the loop on the other side you just made.  Do this on both sides and pull to tighten and then tie as normal.  Probably I’m the last one in the world to know about this, but it really makes a ton of difference.


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