Posted by: wildflowerz | March 25, 2013

Where am I? Why am I so fancy? This is not good for my image!

Last week, I found that I really needed a new dress for a thing we have in a couple of weeks.  I went through my stuff and the only dresses I had that still fit were the super casual cotton ones I got last summer at Old Navy.  I also had an older dress from Target that was a 22/24, but it tied in the back and actually didn’t look all that bad.  Still, I thought I’d go see what I could find.  Guys, Target has a TON of cute dresses.  However, almost none of them have sleeves.  BUT!  They also have those cropped cardigans, so it worked.  I was going to post a picture of the dress, but I couldn’t find it!  The closest I could find was this one, but mine’s in an oatmeal, grey, and black animal print, the skirt’s fuller, and it has pockets.  I love it!

While I was there, I also looked at swimsuits.  They’ve had them out since the beginning of January.


Swimsuits are going to be a problem this year.  Okay, so for the past several years, I’ve gotten my suits at Torrid.  I usually get a halter top and a bottom with a skirt attached.  Last year, I got that, along with a one piece halter, with a much smaller skirt.  I didn’t wear that one as much because it didn’t cover my inner thighs.  I’m not a fan.  Since I’ve lost weight, they’ve gotten flabbier.  So, I thought I’d look at Target and see what they had.  The only thing they had with a skirt was the kind that’s got this ruffle around the middle that MAYBE looks like a skirt, but when you put it on, you realize that you can still even see the suit bottom UNDER the skirt, so what the heck good is the skirt for.  Still, I tried it on.  It was as bad as I thought.  Also, the largest of their regular sizes was a bit tight.  The top fit okay, though, but wasn’t wonderful.  So, while I was looking around, I looked in the plus size section.  They had the same damn “skirted” bottom, so I didn’t even try it on.  Not to mention they has almost NOTHING in the plus size suits.  /sigh  So, I checked out Torrid online and they don’t have a lot of suits yet.  They do still have a bottom with a good skirt.  I’d link you, but their site’s down right now.  I looked at and tried on my old stuff.  It’s all too big.  I went ahead and put it all in the Goodwill bag except for the one piece.  If I don’t find something , I can make do with that one for a bit.  But for the separates, the bottom’s falling off.  I looked at the sizes and I had a 2 on top and a 3 on bottom.  So, I’m hoping that I’ll get to Torrid and a 1 will fit on bottom.  I don’t think they have a 0.  I also don’t think I’ve lost THAT much, so I’m hoping it will fit.  If their tops are too big, I can always try to find one at Target.  /fingers crossed

Oh, I tried another interval workout today.   It kicked my butt in a very good way. I decided I wanted to do it until I hit 3 miles.  I figured that would be 4 times.  I did 5 minutes of walking to start.  All my walking was at 3.5.  All my jogging was 4.0.  The first sprint, I did at 6.0.  That’s the fastest I’ve run on the treadmill.  It felt like I could do a little more, so all the rest, I did at 6.5.  I got through two cycles before I started thinking I’d had enough.  But near the end of the 2nd, I thought, “Oh, just try one more.”  And I did it.  Then, I wasn’t to 3 miles yet, so I did another whole cycle!  I’d gotten there by the end of it, but this was a really good one.  I was breathing super hard and I felt so good that I’d managed to complete it!  This one will make it into my regular rotation for sure!

So, we were supposed to have our 5K on Saturday, right?  Well, the forecast had been for rain for ages.  I’d steeled myself to the fact that we’d have to run in the rain.  I was ready for it.  So I woke up Em on Saturday morning and got breakfast.  But around when it was time to go, it was thundering and lightening REALLY bad.  So, we stayed home.  The stormy part of the rain blew over by race time and they still held it.  I wish we’d gone on and braved it.  We did go the day before to pick up our bags and Em LOVES the shirt.  It’s miles too big for her, but it’s all silky (it’d dryfit) so she’s liking wearing it to bed.  Her soccer game was also cancelled on Saturday.  This one I didn’t mind quite as much because one of her best friends was having a bday party that was overlapping with her game.  So since the game was cancelled, she got to go to the whole party.  Then, her soccer pictures were supposed to be on Sunday, but they cancelled that too.  /sigh  We ended up not doing a lot of anything this weekend.

Today, Em’s got Girl Scouts after school.  I’m waiting on the TV people to come.  Did I mention that?  We bought that new tv a few weeks ago.  After a week or so, a green vertical line appeared on the right side of the screen and wouldn’t go away.  Chris called them and they said they’d bring us another and take away the green line one.  They’re supposed to be here today between noon and 4 and call 30 minutes before they get there.  They still haven’t called.  I have to leave at 3:45 to go get Em at school.  Hope they get here soon!  I also had a dentist appointment today.  Ug.  Just a cleaning, but I hate the dentist.  Not the actual dentist, he’s very nice.  Just the profession in general.  It’s also snowing here today.  Tiny flakes and it’s not cold enough to stick, but it’s neat.

Tomorrow, Em’s got a field trip to a nature center.  Should be NICE and COLD.  Then there’s soccer practice.  Wednesday she’s got an ortho appointment to get the spacers out and the bands on.  I have to take her out of school in the morning for that.  Then there’s another soccer practice in the evening.  Thursday is running club.  Friday is a furlough day, so she’ll be going with me to WW in the morning.  We don’t have any plans after that.  Saturday she’s got a soccer game.  Sunday, I don’t think we’ve got anything.  Then, she’s going to school for a week and then will be out the next week for spring break.  The weekend at the start of that, we’re heading out of town.  We come back on Sunday and my parents are going to be waiting here to take her home with them and bring her back on Wednesday.  Thursday’s an ortho appointment and then we’ve got nothing.  They might be making up their soccer pictures that weekend, but I don’t know.
Also, I saw this on FB yesterday and I had to share.  It was really hard to resist the urge to tag some people.  But I was nice and didn’t do that.  XD



  1. Target dresses: AWESOME this year. I have already purchased 2! 🙂 Swimsuits: I have not looked yet and am NOT looking forward to it, but ON had some cute separates last year in plus and regular.Tagging people on the lazy ass sign? HARSH. 🙂

    • Well, I DIDN’T tag. I just wanted to. XD

      • *snort* I think I’m offended just in case.

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