Posted by: wildflowerz | April 2, 2013

Swimsuit Shopping, Gah!

Well, kids.  The tee I got Chris with his bday stuff was too small, so I had to go to Old Navy today to switch it out.  So I put my Torrid swim bottoms in my purse and decided to try on suits.  Old Navy had 3 tankini tops in the store and they were all identical, excepting color.  So I got a Large and an Extra Large and tried them.  No.  They don’t have NEARLY enough structure.  Sure, if you’re 21 and have tight skin, you’re fine.  I am neither, so they weren’t going to work for me.  I also tried a 1 piece on in a Large.  Last time, I think I tried an XL and it had too much fabric in the crotch.  Well, the L fit, but I had the same problem.  It actually looked pretty good except for that.  All wasn’t lost, though.  I got two shirts that have a ruffle front, exactly like the long sleeve version I got before Christmas.  I would link you, but I can’t find them on their site.  And the one pic I have of me in it, you can’t see the ruffle.  Anyway, they’re 3/4 length.  I got a blue and white stripe and a white.  I also found a wonderful super soft jersey skirt in grey and some basic black shorts.  What is it with ON’s shorts?  They’ve got a TON of the 3.5″ inseam shorts, but not many of the 5″.  And while their website says they have 7″ ones, I’ve never seen them. 3.5″ ones look ghastly on me.  /shudder  Anyway, I also got Em a stack of tank tops and a cute dress that was on clearance.  We went through her clothes this weekend and while we got rid of quite a bit, the only thing she was really lacking was tank tops.  So, that’s done.

I went on to Kohl’s, but honestly I didn’t have high hopes.  I don’t like Kohl’s.  To me, their “original” prices always look insanely high, like they’ve artificially bumped them way up, so they can say they have huge discounts.  And the plus size stuff I’ve always seen in there looks hideous.  But, it was right there and I hadn’t had any luck at my other two favorite stores where swimsuits were concerned, so I went it.  I’m glad I did.  I you wear Misses sizes, they have a TON of stuff.  It’s not cheap, but most of it (after their “sales”) isn’t all that expensive either.  I ended up getting this top to go with the bottoms I got at Torrid.  Then, I also got the bottom here, in pink to go with this top.  I had the same problem as ON with a lot of the tops there.  There was just no structure.  These two were better.  For the bottoms I got, I was debating on those pink ones or some blue ones that were a bit shorter, though still with enough coverage.  In the end, I decided that I have enough blue and the ones I was looking at were a bit more short-waisted, so the pink ones felt better.  I’m sitting at a 16 at Kohl’s.  That’s their biggest Misses size.  So since I had the structure problem, I thought I’d go over to Women’s to see what they had.  Surely it would be more sturdy.  Except I couldn’t find them.  I wandered all around Misses, Womens, Juniors, and Girls trying to find someone to ask.  I eventually found a person working in Boys.  She had no idea.  Not only that, but she guessed at the answer, said she didn’t know Misses, and didn’t offer to find out for me at all.  Thanks.  I went back to the suits in Misses and found some.  But what they have in the store is ALL one piece and all the kind that look like dresses.  Just for kicks, I tried on two.  They didn’t look too very bad and if it was my only option, I might have gotten one, but they weren’t great.  Their online store has TONS of stuff.  TONS.  They probably had 8 different suits in the store and they were all the kind that look like dresses.  That’s compared to at least 70 different suits in Misses.  Screw you, Kohl’s.  I just don’t like them.  I browsed through the Girls stuff before I checked out and it was sad.  They had some basics, but a lot of the other stuff was just…./shudder   Ooh, example:  Have you seen Grease?  Remember ChaCha?  It all looked like something she would wear.  It was all that look that’s supposed to be grown-up, but just makes the girls looks like little prostitutes even though the dress covers all it should?  Like this one.  I did see one cute shirt, but the price was still way too much for what it was.

Oh well, swimsuit shopping is done and I can forget about it now.  Yay.


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