Posted by: wildflowerz | April 10, 2013

If destiny was by choice I would have developed an ass instead of a mustache.

Apparently, I’m the only one in the world that feels the need to make firm plans about timing.  /sigh  This happens to me over and over again!  My parents have Em.  They’re supposed to be bringing her back today.  Except I have no idea what time.  I’ve been sitting here since 10am, waiting.  I kept thinking it would be any minute now.  Evidently I was very wrong.  I tried to get to the gym a bit earlier and made sure I was home.  I freaked out about them coming when I was showering.  Then I waited on lunch in case they came near lunch time and wanted to eat together.  But they still aren’t here.  And it’s not just them.  So that leads me to think that it’s me.  Does everyone else not care about having open-ended plans?  I didn’t really have any plans to go out today, but I could have tackled a project or two, but I didn’t want to be knee-deep in something when they came.  So, here I sit.

Anyway, moving on.

I’m pretty happy with how my workouts are going.  I like the split between upper body and lower body/abs.  This challenge I joined has made it where I seem to spend more time on the treadmill than I normally do.  Usually I do one mile (the requirement) and end up doing at least one more.  So every day is a running day.  This week, someone’s brought their kid to the gym.  Not a big, he’s kinda young, but he sits nicely and quietly at a table out of the way and plays on his DS.  But he’s there when there’s staff.  And today one of the trainers sat with him for a bit.  So, I’m thinking it’s not a big for the gym in general.  So, my new plan for the summer isn’t to get up super godawful early, but to take Em in the mornings and just do the weight stuff at the gym.  Then I’ll come home and use the treadmill or convince Em to run with me, if it’s not too hot.  Fridays will still be rest days.  Then on the weekends, I’ll do more elliptical and my normal gym workouts.  We’ll see how that goes.

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