Posted by: wildflowerz | April 12, 2013

Spoiler Alert: You won’t last the week so forgive me if I don’t commit your name to memory. You’re welcome.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 178.6
Weekly Change: +0.8
Total Loss: 60.6
3rd Goal (10% More): 63lbs
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week: 48
Weekly Points Used Last Week: 3

Grrrrrrrrr!  I know, 2 weeks isn’t a major deal, but I’m seriously pissed off.  I knew this was coming.  My home scale has showed me being up all week long.  I can’t pinpoint anything major that would make it that way though.  I’m thinking it’s time to start making some changes.  Remember how I said I don’t really count condiments or those BLTs (Bites, Licks, & Tastes) and instead trust that my weekly 49 (that I generally don’t use) will take care of it?  Maybe it’s time to stop that and start counting everything.  I was hoping I’d get closer to goal before I had to start doing that.  I’m also contemplating cutting out desserts.  I usually have a dessert every night.  They’re usually 3-4 points each and are “diet” ones.  I can’t say I’m going to cut out all sweet stuff because I’ve looking into that before and it’s fucking insane how almost EVERYthing has sugar in it.  The thought of trying that makes me break out in hives because it seems so insurmountable.  I think I’ll start this week counting EVERYthing and see how that goes.  If I don’t get some positive scale feedback, I’ll try cutting out desserts.

On a positive note, it’s the day I take my measurements.  I lost 1″ in the hips, 1/2″ in the waist and bust over the past month.  Arms and thighs stayed the same…of course.  Seriously, short of surgery, is there anything you can do to get rid of that gross saggy skin?  Arms and inner thighs are the two places that it’s the worst.  And since I’m needing some encouragement, my total numbers are:  11″ down in the hips, 3″ down in the arms, 6.5″ down in the waist, 6.5″ down in the bust, and 4″ down on the thighs.  Looking at it that way makes me feel a little better.  My hips have gone down a lot more than my waist.  And since my hips have always been a lot bigger, comparatively, I’m pretty happy about that.  I’d be happy not to have lost anything in my bust, but I guess you take what you can get, huh?  🙂  The WW website also has a place to track dress size.  Have you met me?  Don’t wear a lot of dresses.  So I don’t usually fill this in.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I guessed when I started.  Or I could have been thinking of jeans size.  At any rate, when I started, I was a 22 and now I’m a 16.  Also in another small NSV (non-scale victory), I noticed when we were out of town this past weekend that I can wrap a bath towel around me and it doesn’t gape around my hips any more like it used to.  Hey, I’ve got to celebrate the small things people.

For the FB challenge I’m doing, I had 18 miles for the month as of yesterday.  I already showered this morning, so I’m contemplating just skipping today and doing 3 miles tomorrow.  Tomorrow should be a running day for me anyway.  Ooh, when I ran yesterday, I did the entire thing at 5.0 instead of the 4.0 I usually do.  I didn’t have too much trouble getting through it either.

Moving on…I took Em to the orthodontist yesterday and she got her expander put in.  She is SO not happy.  She didn’t want it in the least.  She’s talking super funny and complains about that.  The lady that put it in told her that singing will help her adjust to talking with it in faster, but she just looks at me like I’m insane when I suggest she try it.  She’s not a sing and dance in public kind of girl, but I suggested turning up her music in her playroom and singing along.  That was met with a disbelieving stare.  The lady at the dentist also suggested that we not give her peanut butter for the first time in a school lunch because it’s hard to get out of the thing.  So we were having tacos last night (just one of the many things she hates) and I gave her the option of trying a pb&j sandwich instead.  She was teary through most of it.  She ended up eating half and then I gave her some yogurt (dinner rules are a little more relaxed for a few days while she adjusts).  She insisted that the yogurt was better, but still stuck a lot.  Now I know she’s just being a drama queen because yogurt is almost a drink.  How can it stick as much as soft bread and pb?  /rolleyes  She’s also upset about the restricted foods list.  She’s particularly annoyed that she can’t have popcorn any more.  Even when I pointed out that she doesn’t eat it a whole lot.  Her response was, “Now I can’t eat it at all!”  along with tears.  /sigh  She just did a cereal bar and a cheese stick this morning while we were at the WW meeting and that seemed to go a lot better.  Here’s hoping she gets used to it quickly.  She’ll have it for two weeks while we “activate” it ever night and then go back for an assessment on whether we need to keep doing that for a while or what.  After we’ve done with the activation, she’ll keep it in and then get headgear for when she’s at home.  Fun, huh?

I was planning on taking Em to Dr. No’s today, but they’re even more annoying than the other stores and don’t open until 11.  The only other thing we needed to do was a Target trip, so since we had so much time and the morning wasn’t nearly as warm as it has been all week (she was in shorts and I was in a skirt), we came home and changed.  We’ll head back out soon to do our errands.  That’s all we’ve got planned today.  RennFest starts tomorrow, so I think we’re going to do that and then Em and Chris are going to Six Flags on Sunday.  We usually try to do RennFest as early as possible when it opens.  Before it gets hot!  All the rain we had last night, I hope, will help with the pollen tomorrow too.  Em’s got the CRCT starting Tuesday and going until the following Monday, so there should be no homework or anything.  Right now, they don’t have Girl Scouts on Monday (though they have a tendency to tell us last minute), so it should be a pretty easy week.  We’ll see.  🙂



  1. You could try making some desserts using stevia as sweetener… I’ve blogged about it a bit. I find it works well in desserts where you only need a little sweetener, like puddings, yogurt etc. But I’ve had some success with baked goods, too. My beet cake was to die for and people NEVER guess what’s in it :). They love it – really!!! The trouble with desserts is that even without sugar, it is still hard to keep the calories down, unless you only eat a little bit. Cutting sugar cold turkey for 17 days helped me learn not to want it very much.

    • My doctor told me to stay away from artificial sweeteners, so I try and do that as much as possible. I’m definitely not 100%, but as a result, my beverage consumption has gone done to 99% water, with the occasional Vitamin Water Zero or Mio add-in! I think my only regular source of it is probably in those “diet” desserts…and that’s probably why I should give those up too!

  2. Stevia is a NATURAL sweetener. I hate artificial sweeteners and find them destructive. Stevia has been proven safe for children and diabetics (therefore for most people). But do ask your doctor about it. The only down side as far as I can see is that it allows you to perpetuate a dessert culture. Good work on the drinks front! I also HATE sodas and so-called “diet” drinks.

    • Heh, I know all about Stevia. They said Splenda was superawesomewonderful when it first came out too. My doctor said to stay away from them all, in general. Anything’s fine every once in a while, but any of the other stuff, you’re body isn’t used to handling.

      • I agree, that it has been processed. And I also agree that it pays to be careful. It was just a thought 🙂

  3. First, great job staying positive. You are doing really well overall and I am glad to see you refocus right away!

    Second, have you considered whether this tiny gains are the result of you losing fat BUT adding muscle from all this running?

    Oh, and stevia has been around a LOT longer than any “artificial” sweetener, it’s an herb like sugar or licorice or anise. And like those, it has a distinctive taste! It’s safe, at least in quantities anyone could normally eat anything sweet.


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