Posted by: wildflowerz | April 27, 2013

That’s not the blunt-force trauma, ma’am, that’s just the honeyglow in my cheeks.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 175.4
Weekly Change: -0.6
Total Loss: 63.8
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  57
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  21

I totally feel like this week was a gift.  I’ve been so incredibly hungry this week and I’ve also had a really hard time resisting all the junk we’ve got lying around, particularly the cake pops.  I hope this past week doesn’t catch up to me this week, though I won’t be surprised if it does.  All I can do is do better, ya know?

This week, the WW meeting was about tracking.  When I’m doing WW, I’m pretty good at tracking.  It doesn’t bother me and I don’t usually have much trouble doing it.  That said, I’ve been experimenting this last week since I’ve been so hungry.  USUALLY, our biggest meal is dinner.  It’s the only meal we eat all together and it’s easier when you’ve got more points to work with.  But I think that having a bigger lunch and breakfast with a smaller dinner might work better for this godawful hunger I’ve had lately.  I’ve never been one of those people who make something different for myself while Chris and Em have a high fat, bad for you thing.  However, I’ve been thinking that what I might do is make dinner for everyone and then have something low in points myself.  Then, I’ll have the leftovers from dinner the next day for lunch.  Also, I’m thinking that pre-tracking might help.  I mean, I eat the same thing for breakfast most days.  And since Em’s got so many activities, it’s easiest if I figure out which meals I’m going to have and when, so I can pre-track that.  We’ll see.

Last night was the 5K at Em’s school.  It’s the first time they’ve done one.  I also want to note that they didn’t do the Boosterthon this year.  I’m totally thankful for that!  Has your kid had the Boosterthon at their school?  If they haven’t and you get any say in the matter, say NO!  On the surface, it sounds great.  The kids run laps and get money based on those laps (though most just do a flat donation).  Then they get prizes based on how far they ran.  The trouble is not just that the prizes are crap.  The real problem is that it’s an outside company that comes in and does these and they’re CONSTANTLY interrupting the classes.  They really hype of their shitty prizes and it makes the kids think that they must have them.  And they take a huge percentage of the money that the school raises.  So, they decided to take a break from Boosterthon this year.  I’ve no idea how long they’ve done it, but they did it every year since Em’s been going there.  This year, it was a 5K.  There was no class interruption that I know of.  They, of course, announced it.  The class with the most participation won $100.  And there were some sort of prizes for winners in each grade, and age range for adults.  But that’s it.  So, they had it last night.  They had packet pickup from 5-6.  We got there around 5:30 and got our packets.  Chris did the slacker phantom runner thing.  Em and I did the 5K.  The first time she did one, she mostly walked with Chris.  This time, since he wasn’t doing it, she had to run with me.  My goal this time was just to beat my time from our first one.  And I did that.  But only just.  Em moaned and complained almost the entire time.  I actually made her *gasp* run!  Oh, the horror!  So, we finished at 42:04 (her) and 42:05 (me).  Last time was 43.  I think if I didn’t have her, I could have at least done less than 40.  MAYBE faster than that, but I shouldn’t kid myself.  I’m a VERY slow runner.  VERY slow.  And while I can run 3 miles on a treadmill, not so much outside.  This flat course wasn’t actually that flat, though it was much better than the first one we ran.  Anyway, I’m not going to be an avid 5k runner from here on out.  I’ll probably only do them if it’s something like this where it’s for Em’s school or if her running club’s doing it or whatever.  Though, I’d totally love to do the color run.  Though that one would probably be so fun to just do with friends that I’d probably just walk it.  I think the next one’s in August, so I’m not too keen on that.  There was one just a few weeks ago, but I didn’t hear about it until people started posting about it on FB that day!

Anyway, we still had a lot of fun last night.  Even though Em’s two best friends were on a GS campout, there were still plenty of her friends there.  After we finished, we got shaved ice and then took our chairs and all our stuff down to the back field to set up for Wreck It Ralph.  They had a dj down there doing games and stuff with the kids.  I’ll tell you, I was SO surprised at Em.  She’s not a “dance in public” (or in private really) kind of girl.  Even when all her friends are doing it.  For instance, we did a dance at her school at the beginning of the year (or maybe the end of last year, I can’t remember) and she refused to dance, even when her best friend was doing it.  But she hopped right up there last night and just kept dancing and dancing!  Chris and Em picked up a pizza there and I packed some dinner for myself.  I ended up having a wrap with some bbq pop chips and 2 clementines.  The movie was good, of course.  It was a little chilly, but we’d brought blankets.  Em even stayed awake through the whole thing!  I can’t explain it exactly, but the atmosphere of the whole thing (5K up to the movie) was just awesome.  I really enjoyed it.  Oh, we also got a TON of coupons in our race packets.  We got stuff from Swirlin’ Twirlin’, Shane’s, Cheeseburger Bobby’s, Which ‘Wich, Dick’s, Sports Authority, AMF, Regal, Steak N Shake, Kohl’s…and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.  Em also broke a board at a booth for the local karate place.  They’ve got a special for the summer, so I think Em might do karate this summer twice a week.  That, along with Girl Scout camp and Summer Enrichment is probably all the formal stuff we’ll do.  Other than that, the county’s opening up an aquatic center (with water slides and other cool stuff) on our exit in a few weeks.  Our pool will be opening soon.  We’ll also probably do Tellus once or twice.  And there’s all the free or cheap summer movies.

This morning I was right back to the gym.  I woke up with an awful headache, but after about an hour of exercise, it finally went away.  I’m feeling like I should cut back on the strength training amount I’m doing with each of my workouts.  I don’t know.  I’ll experiment.


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