Posted by: wildflowerz | May 3, 2013

It’s expanding ever outward, but one day it will cause the stars to go the other way. Collapsing ever inward, we won’t be here, it won’t be heard. Our best and brightest figure that it’ll make an even bigger Bang.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 175.4
Weekly Change: -0.0
Total Loss: 63.8
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  53
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  22

Hello there.  The hunger continues.  I really didn’t do great with the food this week.  I was thinking I wasn’t doing all that great with the exercise either, but my weekly APs are just a little lower than last week, so I guess I was able to pull that out. 😛  I’m reasonably satisfied with a flatline this week, considering my eating.

The WW meeting this week was about anchors.  WW says:  “An anchor can be anything you choose, anything you associate with those power-boosting emotions: sights, sounds, smells, textures, tastes, people, places or things.”  People use all sorts of things.  I don’t really have anything that I solidly use for this.  What I really mean is that there’s nothing that I have that I look at constatly all the time that really has a powerful image in my mind.  I do have lots of anchors, though.  I view my ActiveLink as my most present one.  I’m ALWAYS wearing it unless I’m in bed or in the shower.  For me, always having it there doesn’t just remind me to get more activity, but it reminds me that I’m doing WW and I need to create healthier habits.  So drop that cookie and step away from the buffet, missy!  I also have other things.  In my closet upstairs, I have a pair of the smallest jeans and top I’ve ever owned.  They’re hanging up so I see when when I go into the closet and when I’m getting dressed.  By the way, I took them down the other day to see how close I was to fitting in them.  I can proudly say that can get them buttoned.  It’s not pretty OR comfortable in the least, but they will fasten.  So I’m getting closer!  In another tangent, I also had to buy a new belt last week.  My old one was TOO big.  Yay!  Anyway, back to anchors.  I also have those jars with the stones in them.  They’re on my kitchen counter, so I see them when I’m cooking or when I just walk into the kitchen.  I also have my race tags on my fridge from our two 5ks.  And next to those, I’ve got the post cards my WW leader and receptionists sent me when I meet a milestone.  Another anchor I have is my keychain.  WW gives you the 10% keychain when you make that.  You can get a charm for your first 5K as well.  You also get these washer medallions for every 25lbs you lose, so I’ve got my 25 and 50 on there.  You also get a charm with two hands clapping and a 16 on them.  That’s the Stay and Succeed award you get for coming to WW for 16 weeks.  Mine fell off at some point and I’ve no idea where it is.  Anyway, I have the keychain that’s usually with me when I’m out.  One other thing I have is I have this .jpg on the lock screen of my iPod:

I just like it.  Another thing I do is to have a motivation board over at Pinterest.  What kind of things do you do for an anchor?

Today when I came home, I decided to start evaluation the activity games I’ve got for Wii and the XBox.  No idea why it popped in my head, but I do love a project, especially one that needs a spreedsheet, so there ya go.  🙂  I listed all the games we have and then decided I’d see how efficient they were at getting activity in.  The way I’m doing it is by using my ActiveLink.  The AL tells you what percentage of your goal you’re at as you go throughout your day.  So I decided to figure out the per minute percentage gain that each activity brings me.  So I pop the AL in to get my starting %, do the exercise, then pop it in again to get the new %.  I take the change in % divided by the number of minutes I exercises and will give me a number to compare.  I did two today.   First I did the Zumba game for the Kinect.  I’d tried this one a while ago and remember liking it fine, but I found it tough.  Today, I did the 20 minute Beginner Workout #2.  In the end, my % went up by 19%, so my number for that game is 0.95.  I rested for a few minutes and then popped in Just Dance 4.  Em got this around Christmas and has played it a few times, but I never got around to it.  We’ve also got JD3 and JDDisney for the Kinect, and JD1 & 2 for the Wii.  I hate the Wii, so I probably won’t play those.  😛  This one I ended up doing for 32 minutes and my % change was 14, so that has a number of 0.42.  Some of that, I think is because you’ve got some standing around time with JD because you’re picking songs.  I also accidentally did that deal where it does a stop-motion video of you while you’re doing a song and that takes forever.  I’ll probably re-do this one too at some point.  I might do another later.  I plan to also see how treadmill walking and outside walking stack up.  The other activity games I have are:  Biggest Loser (Wii), Dance Central (Kinect), EA Sports Active (Wii), Gold’s Gym (Wii), High School Musical (the dancing game, Wii), Kinect Adventures, Kinect Rush, Kinect Sports, Michael Jackson Experience (Kinect), Walk It Out (Wii), Wii Fit, and Wii Sports.

This soccer season just keeps getting more and more irritating.  But first, look at my adorable girl.  That’s her spring season soccer pic.  The company they’ve got doing them this year is Smaxart.  We’ve LOVED their photos.  I think they just do sports stuff.  I’m friends on FB with the guy who does it and he posts pics from time to time and they look so good.  He does an awesome job of using the light and dark contrast that really makes the pics look great.  Check him out.  Anyway, I’ve complained how this season has just been a nightmare because of the rain.  It’s rained all the freaking time.  And when it does, it’s usually a LOT, so it makes the fields soggy for days and days after.  Our season was supposed to be over next weekend.  But an entire day of games was missed early in the season and they just tacked them on to the end.  So now we have games for the next two weekends after this one.  Then, we missed the game last week because they prematurely cancelled all games again.  THIS team practices on the same field and one of the same days as us.  Three of their girls were on our team last season.  So making that up probably shouldn’t be too bad.  However.  This weekend, they’ve got a soccer tournament.  It’s a special thing and we had to pay extra to do it.  We’ve never actually done it before….none Em’s coaches have every mentioned it.  So it’s a new experience for us.  We had to send in Em’s jerseys to get numbers put on them.  We had to submit a picture too.  I guess they’ll be some kind of program?  Anyway, it’s supposed to be this weekend.  We’ve got an 8:30am game tomorrow and another at 3:30.  Then they’ve got a game on Sunday, but the results from Friday will tell you when they play Sunday.  The problem is that there’s a 90% chance of rain on Saturday and a 70% chance on Sunday.  As the week’s gone on, the chance of rain has just gone up and up.  I heard from someone else that there’s a Flash Flood warning.  Oy.  No idea what they’re going to do if it’s rained out.  There just isn’t enough time left to get it done!  Maybe they’ll do it during the week?  Or maybe they’ll just continue the soccer season until stuff’s done.  Never mind that it will be after school gets out.

Speaking of that, school’s getting out super early this year.  After today, they’ve only got 13 more days.  They put some of our furlough days on the end of the school year (which is totally a better way to handle that, imho), so they’re getting out early.  Our pool opens up next weekend, along with a new aquatic center they’re putting on our exit.  Meanwhile, it’s jeans and jackets weather still outside today!  Did I mention that Em’s going to do martial arts this summer?  A place near us was at the 5K last week and Chris got info.  They’ve have a 3 month summer special, so as soon as soccer’s done, she’s going to start.  The rest of her after-schools are winding down too.  Running club just had it’s last meeting.  They had an ice cream party and she got a medal.  She had the biggest grin on her face when I picked her up yesterday.  It was awesome. 🙂  Girl Scouts only has one meeting left and it’s their EOY party at SkyZone or whatever.  Should be fun.  She’ll get to sign up to be a Junior next year. 🙂

I had godawful allergies this week.  I tried several meds, but wasn’t having much luck.  I’d tried Zyrtec early in the cycle when I didn’t feel so bad, so I went back and tried that again since we still had it.  I feel MUCH better now.  I’m still a bit stuffed up, but it’s not too bad and I don’t FEEL bad, which is key.  I had a few days of sucky workouts since I was just so exhausted, but I managed to make up for it on other days.  I feel like I’ve droned on enough for now, so even though I’ve got a few more things about activity, I’ll shut up now.  Maybe another day. XD


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