Posted by: wildflowerz | May 15, 2013

Their daughter told my son that he looked like Tom Petty and in a negative way.

Hi there.  Look!  A post that’s not on Friday!  😛

It’s been a busy week so far, but a nice one!  Saturday Em had her game.  It didn’t rain, but it was very wet in the morning.  They played REALLY well, but still ending up losing.  There was one bad call from the ref where their goalie caught the ball, but it was in the net so it should have counted.  If it had, they would have tied.  The other team was really smart, but it didn’t help our girls.  The other team was up by one in the last few minutes and they stacked everyone in front of the goal and our girls couldn’t get a shot in.  But it was a really good game with lots of good passing, teamwork, and shots on goal.  I’m so proud of how much they’ve progressed as the year has gone by!

Sunday we drove to see the moms.  Em and I dressed up just because. 🙂  We went to see Chris’s parents first.  You know, I generally have an allergic reaction to the cats once I’ve been there a few hours?  Well, we were there 30-45 minutes or so when Chris’s mom said my face was turning red and started questioning me about if I was having issues.  I felt totally fine.  No reaction later either.  A few minutes after that, both the parents started the “I know you’ve gotta be going…” when we hadn’t made any kind of motions to leave yet.  They totally kicked us out!  What the hell.  So, we left and drove to see my parents.  We stopped by and picked up lunch for us all and visited for a while.  We then made the long drive back home.

Monday Em had field day at her school.  So of course I had to go.  It was GORGEOUS weather, even though the day started out pretty chilly.  They were all so cute.  Em got all annoyed at something or other, as usual.  /rolleyes  But she was soon over it and having fun.  I talked to her teacher a bit and I confirmed pretty much what he was thinking:  Em gets upset fairly easily and doesn’t deal well when she doesn’t know how to do something right away.  He said he was glad that I saw it too because some parents will just deny it or refuse to see it.  We work on it and he said he had too, but she doesn’t seem to be getting much better at it.  He also said how proud he was of her in math.  She started out the year having a bit of trouble, but now she’s doing VERY well.  It’s one of her best classes.  In fact, if I can brag for a minute, we got her CRCT results back yesterday and her highest score was in math!  Out of 5 subjects, she “Exceeds the Standards” in 4 of them.  The 5th was Social Studies and she met that one by a pretty big margin.  That’s funny because her highest subject grade is Social Studies and she has 100 in it!  Oh well.  I learned from another mom last night that evidently Em was upset with her scores because she didn’t “exceed” in everything.  That’s my little over-achiever.  Evidently her friend was able to reason with her or whatever because when she got off the bus, she didn’t seem bothered in the least. 🙂  Em’s got good friends.

Yesterday we had her last soccer practice of the season.  Once again, the weather was fabulous.  After practice, Em and I went to an Origami Owl party that a friend of her’s at school’s mom was doing.  It was neat.  You know my social anxiety…I totally was freaking out a bit on the inside, but I plowed through.  The friend’s mom I’ve only recently become friends with on FB and even when they were in class together last year, I don’t think I talked to her much.  She’s really nice, I’m just totally shy.  But there were two other ladies (also moms of Em’s friends, including one of her best friends) there and another lady that I’ve met, so it wasn’t so bad.  I still felt totally out of place, but that’s all on me.  Em had a lot of fun too, playing with all the kids.  She picked out a super cute locket for me.  I didn’t realize you didn’t get to take it with you and had to order it.  So, I’ll snap a pic when it comes in.  Em picked out the largest silver locket with the little jewels around it.  In it, there’s a red heart that says MOM, a cute muti-colored owl, a little girl with a January birth stone in her belly, a heart-shaped jewel for my birth stone and Chris’s, a little stack of books, and…that might be all.  I can’t remember.  It’s got a cute dangle next to the locket that’s a thick square of metal with a heart cut out.  The chain’s the really long one that hits between the boobs when you wear it and is made of big links.  I can’t wait ’til it comes in!

Ooh, I might have a friend to go to Weight Watchers with!  I hope so…it will be such a help to me if it is.  I mean, I’m good at the gym, but WW is more of a social thing for me, so it really helps when you’ve got someone there with you.  One of Em’s classmates’ mom is thinking of going with me…I think this Friday.  I hope so!  She’s really sweet.  As for WW, it’s still super tough.  Em got me a cake for Mother’s Day.  Our Publix (no idea if others do it) does this deal where you can order a cake for Mother’s Day.  They’re small, heart-shaped ones.  They come with the basic icing on it and they deliver them, along with all the stuff to decorate them, to the schools right before Mother’s Day.  They kids decorate them and then bring them home.  It was so tasty.  I ate entirely too much.  Luckily, it wasn’t a big cake to begin with, but still.  Ooh, speaking of sweets, this week, I didn’t buy any, excepting one of the small ice cream things for each of us (mine was WWers).  I’m thinking I won’t do any most weeks in the future.  I did get the stuff to make the banana “ice cream” again.  Did I mention this?  I know you’ve seen it on Pinterest.  It’s the one ingredient “ice cream.”  You slice up ripe bananas and freeze them.  Then you chop them in a food processor and eventually they become creamy just like ice cream.  You can have it that way, or you can add some cocoa powder and/or peanut butter (or whatever you want) and it totally tastes like ice cream.  Even with the add-ins, it tastes REALLY strongly of bananas, so if you’re not into those, you probably won’t like it.  But that strong banana taste mellows if you leave it in the freezer for a few days.

I’m still going to the gym.  I’m getting bored though.  I think I need to switch stuff up.  I’m tired of my strength stuff.  Soon I’ll be switching up the cardio out of necessity anyway, but I think I need to switch up the strength.  I saw a pin for some good challenges that I may try.  I’ll give it a go at trying to do certain areas, rather than a total full-body thing that I’m doing right now.  So if you’ve got any good ones for arms (particularly that awful sag), inner thighs, and lower belly, send them my way!

Now, I should stop because as much as I DON’T want to, I need to go mow the lawn and trim the bushes.  Blech.


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