Posted by: wildflowerz | May 20, 2013

Since this I’ve grown up some. Different kind of fighter and when the darkness comes let it inside you. Your darkness is shining. My darkness is shining. Have faith in myself. Truth.

So yeah. No post Friday, other than the update. I’m annoyed as hell. It’s not like it’s a mystery WHY I’m gaining. The mystery is how the hell I get this under control. No clue. None in the least. I stopped buying most sweets, but I really want them. I’ve started doing this banana “ice cream.” I highly recommend it. It’s very tasty.  Yeah.  So, I’m at a loss as to what to do other than just keep trying.  /shrug

I’m bored with my workouts.  And maybe there’s something to it where I feel out of control with the food, but way more in control with the exercise.  So I CAN change my exercise.  And I do.  I’m now going to a 3 day rotation.  I’m going to work on the spots I’m most self-conscience about.  So I’m doing this for the triceps, which I did today.  I’m doing this one for the inner thigh.  For lower abs, I’m using this one.  I also modify when I need to.  For instance, anything there I have to rise up all the way from prone to sitting over and over again isn’t going to work for me.  My butt hurts REALLY horribly when I do that.  So today I tried the bodyweight tricep presses, but it’s not going to work for me, so I’m not doing them.  I’m also building up to some things.  Like the tricep push ups?  KILLER to me, so I only did one set today.  We’ll see.  The plus side of THESE sets of exercises, too, is that most of them don’t require any equipment I don’t have.  A few of the tricep one require weights, so I’ll make sure I do those on gym days, but I’m thinking now that I’ll hold the weekly gym visits still to two days.  One will be triceps (so I don’t have to buy heavier dumbbells), and the other I’ll just make sure I do elliptical or the bike:  stuff I don’t have at home.  So, there we go.

Em had her end of the year Girl Scout thing at SkyZone on Friday.  She LOVED it.  She’s all excited to be moving up to Juniors next year.  And thanks to camp, it will come sooner rather than later!  At camp, they’re classified as “rising” whatever grade.  So she gets to do Junior stuff, like real archery and canoeing.  Cool!  Saturday, Em had a play date here with a friend from her class.  This friend was in her group at GS camp last year.  She hadn’t had a play date with her before, but it went very well.  This girl’s really sweet and seems like she might be a bit nerdy, so she fits right in here.  Her mom seems super sweet too, so that’s always great!  That evening, I went with some friends to dinner and to see Star Trek.  We ate at an Italian place near the movie theatre.  We’d been a few times quite a while ago, but when they opened Ipp’s, we didn’t go to this place any more.  Turns out that was a bad idea because it was REALLY good.  Everyone loved their meal.  The movie was great and I totally enjoyed it.  Sunday, all we had was the parent meeting for Em’s GS camp.  They’re doing a Journey award thing this year at camp.  Okay, so I don’t know a lot about GS, even though I was one.  I have no idea what this is, but evidently no one ever really wants to do one.  For this one, they’re partnering with Children’s Healthcare to provide meals for families with kids that are currently at Children’s.  Each girl’s going to bring donations of certain items and then help assemble the packages and stuff.  At the end of the week, they’ll have earned their Journey Award.  Pretty cool!

Today, Em had her AR party at school.  Not sure they did much else, except for a small yearbook signing party.  Tomorrow, she’s got Honor’s Day in the morning, followed by an ice cream party, and the 3rd grade party.  Then, that evening, we’re meeting at a local place one of her teammate’s family owns (also Italian) for her soccer season-end party.  Then Wednesday’s her last day at school and she’s having her two best friends sleep over.  We’re doing pizza and ice cream sundae’s and I’m going to fill up a ton of water balloons for them to play with after school.  Should be awesome. 🙂  Thursday I plan on taking Em to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale.  She’s a book fiend and is eager to go after hearing about me going twice a year for the past several years!

Then, next Tuesday my parents are going to come get her and keep her until the following Sunday.  They’ll bring her back and the next day she does GS camp.  The next week is Summer Enrichment.  We’ll also probably start her to Taekwondo that week.  Then, we’ve got nothing the rest of the summer.  I’ve already mentioned to several of her friend’s moms on FB that we’d LOOVE to do playdates this summer.  I also need to seek out the summer movie schedule.  It wasn’t online yet when I checked a few weeks ago.  I’ve already got the B&N summer reading program printed out and set to go.  The library one starts Friday, I think.  Today, after school, I think I’m going to take Em to the pool.  It opened over a week ago, but it’s been chilly and rainy.  It’s quite warm today, so maybe the cold water will feel good to her.  🙂


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