Posted by: wildflowerz | May 24, 2013

Yo me siento así bella y auténtica na na na no seré por ti una fuerte mental, no no.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 174.8
Weekly Change: -2.6
Total Loss: 64.4
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  46
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  1

/sigh of relief

Well, there we go.  This week did feel a little easier, overall, than the past few weeks.  And there were definitely some challenges this week. I even think I could have handled them better than I did, but the end result worked out okay.  I had a GGNO (Geeky Girl’s Night Out) on Saturday and we had yummy Italian.  I researched the menu ahead of time and narrowed down my choices to a few things.  I guessed on their points (because the NI wasn’t available.)  When I got there, one of the things on the online menu wasn’t on the actual menu.  And one of the other things had a creamy sauce that wasn’t noted online.  So, I got my third options, which was also the higher option.  And I had a garlic roll.  And I ate every bit of the entree and the roll, though I skipped the salad.  In the past, I haven’t liked their dressing at all and it comes family-style and already drenched in it.  So, there’s that. 🙂  Tuesday was Em’s end of season soccer thing at another local Italian place. I also researched ahead of time, but I ended up not getting what I’d earlier decided on.  I felt way hungrier than my choice.  And I had another roll.  I ate almost all of it too.  Then Wednesday night, Em had friends over for a last day of school sleepover and we had pizza and ice cream sundaes.  I tried to have a salad before the pizza, but it didn’t affect my appetite at all. Then, I had ice cream.  Real, full-fat ice cream.  For the record, don’t buy Breyer’s S’Mores Blast ice cream.  It’s SO FREAKING GOOD.  I wanted to nom the entire carton.  So, yeah, I had a lot of problems this week, but I did my best at guessing the points for the places there’s no NI.  And I tried to count everything else faithfully.  And you’ll see that I only used one weekly Point.  I don’t know if that’s accurate, but there it is.

Em’s sleepover:  I’m not doing that again.  Not with two guests.  They were SO FREAKING LOUD.  And one girl whines incessantly about stuff not being fair.  Another whines about the others leaving her behind or not letting her do something in a coop video game they always play together.  Then Em got annoyed because one friend only seemed to want to play Lego Friends.  They played it three times and Em had had enough.  I get that, but I reminded her that her friend was the guest and the rule is that you let your friend choose.  Then, I freely admit this because I’d really had enough by this point, I said that I was sure that her friend let her choose most of the time when she was at her house.  Em said that wasn’t what happened when she was there, so I had to ask her if she should treat others how she wanted to be treated or how she was treated and that you can only affect your own behavior and not someone else’s.  Blah, blah, blah.  One of Em’s friends talks REALLY LOUD and A LOT.  /sigh  It’s over now though, so yeah.  She’s so busy that there won’t be an opportunity for any kind of sleepover for another 3 weeks, so I don’t have to worry about it until then.  But I’ll definitely just be doing one guest instead of two.

We also went to the Scholastic sale yesterday.  We got a big stack of books for under $50.  I got two for myself, but didn’t realize until I got home that I’d already read both.  Luckily, they were half off, so I’m not out anything when I take one to the used book store.  The other one I really liked and I originally read it from the library, so now I own it. 🙂  Today, after WW, we went to Joann’s to get the stuff for EM’s SWAPs.  I thought we’d picked a really easy one, but we had a hard time finding the stuff!  We’re doing this one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t read the post and didn’t think to look in the bridal area, so after looking all over the store everywhere else, we finally found them.  And they only had one ribbon that said anything about friends. It’s much wider than we wanted, but it says Friends instead of BFF, which works better.  And it’s got animals and stuff on it, so it works better for GS.  They should be a snap to put together.

We finally got our first pool visit out of the way yesterday.  The weather was lovely.  One again, it appears that half the neighborhood moved out and new people moved in because I didn’t recognize most of the people there.  Snotty girl from the past few summers was there, being as snotty as ever.  I hoped it would be better since they were in the same class again this year, but not so much.  After Em’s camps, I’m hoping to do lots of play dates, so we can make sure that doesn’t happen as often, but we’ll see.  I’m eager to jump on that, but Em goes to my parents’ house on Tuesday and doesn’t come back until Sunday.  Then the next day, she’s got GS camp for the week.  The next week she’s got Summer Enrichment, so it won’t be until after then that we can really do play dates.

What else?  I’ve got summer movie schedules!  The one closest to us always does the regular popular kids movies, but also usually does another that’s different.  Last year, it was 80s movies.  This year, it’s ALL the Harry Potter movies!  The first two weeks, Em’s in camp, but we plan on doing at least the middle 4 since she didn’t get to see those in the theatre.  The other movies there, as well as the ones for the other two theatres near us, are all the same movies, just at different times!

This weekend, I think we might get to RennFest again before it’s done for the season.  And I think Chris is taking Em to Six Flags.  And I think we’re going to see Epic.  So, yay!

Right now, I’ve got a headache that won’t go away, so that’s all for now. 😦



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