Posted by: wildflowerz | June 24, 2013

But you make me wanna act like a girl; paint my nails and wear high heels. Yea you, make me so nervous that I just can’t hold your hand.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 173.4
Weekly Change: +0.8
Total Loss: 65.8
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  51
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  5

Better late than never, I suppose.  I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t that I didn’t want to make this post.  Because I don’t.  Especially not two weeks in a row.  But I have also been busy.  It feels like we’re even busier now during the summer than we were during school!  But I also didn’t really want to make this post.  And it’s easier to forget the farther away from Friday I get!  But here’s the post now.  Em and I made Orange Creamsicle Fudge for Chris for one of his Father’s Day presents.  (It was really tasty and easy, btw.)  I thought it would be a bit of a safer food since I’m not generally into orange very much.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  Also, it made at least twice as much as any other fudge recipe I’ve ever made.  So it stuck around longer.

Then, because I’m an idiot, I decided that THIS week would be the perfect time for Em and I to make cookies.  See, at the beginning of summer I found this cool list of stuff to do with Em.  Little and bigger things.  One of those were to make cookies.  Em had two back-to-back sleepovers, so I figured we’d make cookies, have a couple, and split the rest between the two sleepovers.  Except that the recipe made a LOT of them, so we still had quite a few leftover after I’d shoved them into my biggest to-go container.  And they were SO STINKING GOOD.  (Strawberries N Cream Pudding Cookies, btw)  So, yeah.  And to make it worse, the mom from the first sleepover sent back the cookies they didn’t eat!  Gah!  Guess who ate them?  Me!  So, I’d also planned for us to make cupcakes this summer, but I’m amending that.  Instead, I’ll take Em to the new cupcake place where we can each get one and then leave.  And not for a few weeks.

Other than the food frenzy, this week went okay.  Last weekend, Em went to White Water and then to a bday party for a girl from her soccer team.  Her whole team was invited, but Em was the only one who showed up. 😦  Fortunately, there were a lot of other kids there.  The girl goes to the other local elementary school, so I guess they were from there.  Sunday we drove around to see the grandparents.  We were supposed to see Chris’s younger sister, her hubs, and their baby girl, but the sister asked Chris if he’d be there before noon or after noon.  He said before and she heard that he’d be there until noon.  We’d planned on leaving at 11 to get to my parents, so it didn’t work.  My mom was in the hospital part of last week, but got out on Tuesday.  I’d called to let them know we’d be up for Father’s Day and to see if my mom could call in a to-go order to some restaurant that we could pick up on our way in, but she wouldn’t hear any of it.  She insisted that my dad make ribs for us and that he wouldn’t mind.  Seriously.  So, we’d planned on getting there around noon and that’s when we got there. Em and I were both starving by the time we left Chris’s parent’s house at 11 (we eat breakfast early and I’m always hungry).  When we got there, my mom said the ribs wouldn’t be done until 1.  Gah!  We waited.  At 1 they took them off and they still weren’t done.  So we ended up having the sides.  Nothing all that healthy but salad, though none of the dressings were healthy.  And there wasn’t much salad.  So, it turned into a bad food day.  😦

Monday Em had an orthodontist appointment.  She got braces on her top, front teeth.  She wasn’t thrilled at all.  She’s really cute, of course.  She was sore for a few days, but she’s doing much better now.  For days she couldn’t really bite down and instead tore off her food and shoved it into the back of her mouth.  She’s getting braces on the bottom teeth the Friday before school starts.  After that, we went to Steak N Starve at 9:30am and got her a milkshake.  🙂  Then we went to get hair cuts.  I couldn’t believe it, but it was Em’s idea.  She got tired of all the tangles.  Now it’s a few inches below her shoulders.  And looks much better.  After that, we went to Sally to pick out some green hair dye.  They had a light green in the non-temporary colors, which wouldn’t have looked good on her blonde hair.  So we ended up getting a turquoise in a brand we’d not tried.  If you’re keeping score, here’s our experience with wacky hair dyes:

  1. Punky Colour in bright pink from Ulta – VERY good. Super bright and lasts a long time.
  2. ‘N Rage from Sally in blue and purple – VERY good. Also super dark and lasts a long time.
  3. Color Jam from Sally in turquoise – Meh. Almost all of it rinsed out. And it’s not very bright at all. It looks like how the ‘N Rage looks after it’s been on a month, WITH pool visits. (That’s what we just put on her hair.)  Also, now, one week later, you can’t see it at all.
  4. Manic Panic from Sally in pink and red. Ug. Worst one. Red was orange (though I’m willing to conceed that was b/c of Em’s hair color). The pink was SUPER light. Both barely lasted a week before they’d totally washed out. Though it does win for best name.

Em also had Taekwondo on Monday and that’s the day we made cookies. 🙂

Tuesday we went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the $1 movie.  Our local GTC is doing animated movies, as well as all the HP movies this summer.  Since Em’s only seen 7 and 8 on the big screen, we’re trying to hit as many as possible.  She also had a sleepover with one of her friends on Tuesday night.  Wednesday we went to the pool and then she went to a sleepover with another friend.  This one’s a bit of a newer friend.  She was in a unit with her last summer at GS camp and they were in 3rd grade together, but they didn’t really start hanging out until the end of this past year.  So far, so good!

Thursday, we went to the $1 movie to see The Pirates:  Band of Misfits, then we went to the pool.  That evening, more Taekwondo.  Friday Em came with me to WW.  Then we went to Barnes & Noble so Em could turn in the summer reading program thing and use her GC she got from her teacher.  We did lunch at Sidelines and then hit the pool.  There we had the major girl drama.  I just…  Ug.  When we got there, one of Em’s best friends from the neighborhood was there.  Another mom friend of that girl’s mom was also there with her two girls (one Em’s age, one older) and they brought another friend Em’s age.  Em’s friendly with all the other girls.  Em played with them really well for about an hour.  Then Em’s other best friend got there.  Em hung out with just her for a bit, telling the other girls she wanted to do that and not hang out with them…why, I don’t know, but it looked like it was the newly arrived friend’s idea.  Whatever.  This went okay and they were all back to playing together soon.  Later, they decided to play chicken fights.  The older girl (who’s much taller) had a girl on her shoulders and Em was on her newly arrived friend’s shoulder.  They were in the pool that’s deeper.  As they “fought,” the taller girl moved deeper and that pulled Em and her friend deeper.  You see where this is going?  Soon Em’s friend was under water and panicked.  Perfectly understandable.  And she was upset.  Also perfectly understandable.  But then they got super mad at Em and yelled at her that she tried to drown her.  I can’t see how this is Em’s fault.  And neither could she.  So Em got on her pouty face and refused to engage while her friend went around to all their other friends, telling everyone that Em tried to drown her and getting no one else to talk to her.  Girls!  Luckily, there was another girl there, who’d brought another friend.  This is the girl Em’s had problems with on and off (the one who’d bring playdates who were also Em’s friends and then refuse to let them even talk to Em).  She was super sweet and offered to let Em play with them.  Em still refused to engage (stubborn much?) and wouldn’t play.  She got out and sat on a chair and read.  Her friend’s family (the girl whose shoulders Em was on) had all their stuff with our’s, though her mom was somewhere else when it happened) and they’d come back over, including the girl, to get a snack.  The girl sat on our floaty and wouldn’t talk to Em.  I eventually told Em that if she was just going to read, we could do that at home.  The mom’s usually all about knowing what’s wrong if Em even hints at being upset, but she didn’t say anything.  I suppose she already knew and thought Em was in the wrong?  I don’t know.  We left and Em said goodbye to her other friends, but not this one.  Gah.  Anway, later we watched Escape from Planet Earth and had fun picking out all the names of the aliens who’d signed the floor.  😛

Saturday we went to the pool early.  It was SUPER nice out.  No one was really there, so Em mostly played either by herself or with her dad and I.  Later we went to see Monsters University.  Sunday Em and Chris met up with Chris’s older sister and her son and they went to Six Flags.  I went to the grocery store and then to a movie.  I hadn’t realized that Much Ado About Nothing had opened up to a wider release.  And I thought that when it did, it wouldn’t be anywhere near us.  But luckily a friend from GGNO had sent out an email wanting to get a group going next weekend and mentioned that it was playing near us.  I can’t go next weekend, so I went yesterday.  Guys.  It was so good.  MAAN is my FAVORITE Shakespeare.  I LOVED the Branagh/Thompson version, even with Keanu, but this one was awesome.  It was much darker than the other one.  I tried to watch the Tennant/Tate one, but it’s a recording of a play and I just couldn’t get into it because it looked so bad. 😦  REALLY wish I’d been able to see that one in person.

Anyway, this week Em’s got a sleepover here tonight (with the newer friend).  They’re going to watch Goblet of Fire and have butterbeer with their pizza.  Tomorrow we’ll probably go see Rise of the Guardians at the $1 theatre and we’ll try to hit the Farmer’s Market.  Wednesday we’ll probably go see Rio at another $1 theatre.  Then Thursday through Sunday we’re doing staycation stuff.  I can’t remember it all, but we’re going to do the Aquarium, World of Coke, Stone Mountain, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Helen, and White Water.  With the option to hit Tellus and/or Fernbank if we get too much rain.

Guys, if you live in my school district, particularly Post 1, please read up on this school board bs.  If you need links, check my FB page or shoot me a message and I’ll get them to you.  It’s a mess.

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