Posted by: wildflowerz | July 17, 2013

Sick as a dog, what’s your story? Sick as a dog, a cat got your tongue? Sick as a dog, you’ll be sorry. Sick as a dog, you’re really ain’t that young.

Uuuuuuuggggg! I’m sick. I blame Chris. He had it first and is now getting over it. Then, yesterday? Boom. Starting with a dry throat that was just starting to hurt. During the night, it was snot city. Today I feel so freaking tired. It’s really just a cold, but bah. I’m skipping exercise today. Chris’s little sister, her hubs, and daughter are in town and called last night to see if we could meet them and the parents for lunch. Problem is that they live an hour away. I agreed last night, but this morning I feel like ass, so I cancelled. It’s a nice sunny day and I expect we’ll sit around the house all day long. We did the pool yesterday and it was tough. Evidently between 3rd and 4th grade is when you don’t just play with whoever’s at the pool. The little girls become snots and exclusive. So pool time is hella boring for Em unless one of her friends is there. Maybe if I feel better later, we’ll go. Who knows.

Last weekend we didn’t do a whole lot. It was rainy most of the time. We did the pool on Sunday for a bit. Monday we tried out the new aquatic center. The bad is that they think it’s perfectly legitimate to charge $2 if you use a credit card on a base fee of $11 (and then claim they aren’t making money o that…bullshit). And their lounge chairs are BEYOND uncomfortable. Other than that, it was great. They’ve got a little kid’s area that’s not alienating to older kids where there are buckets that fill and then dump and lots of spray cannons and stuff. The water gradually gets deeper and kind of swirls around into a deeper pool area. There’s a separate lazy river type area that’s in the shape of a figure 8. In the two holes of the 8, one has jets that move you around in the circle. The other has a ledge with jets that will spray onto your back, feeling lovely. The middle of the 8 is a mist stream from overhead. There are also 2 reasonably fun water slides. We had a good time. We’ll probably go back at least once more before school starts.

Yesterday we tried to go see the $1 movie. But the highway was at a standstill, so we turned around and came back home. We went to the pool around lunch time and hung out for a while there. Last night we totally forgot taekwondo. Now I’m supposed to take Em at 4:45 today and I bet Chris forgot to leave her key fob thing for check-in. Tomorrow Em’s got a play date with a friend. She’s been kind of weepy. Her two best friends are both out of town. Never mind that one of them, her mom doesn’t want her to play with Em. Blah.

We’re going to re-do Em’s bedroom. We just got the bedding in yesterday. When I feel better, we’ll shop for curtains. Then paint. Currently, two walls of her room are aqua and two are a yellowish white (closest to sand I could find). The yellowish walls have colorful flowers all around the top. We’re keeping the aqua, but she wants purple for the other two walls. I think it’s going to make it REALLY dark in there. I don’t think CAVE is the motif she’s looking for. Not sure what we’ll do. I think a lighter green might be okay, but blue and purple are her favorite colors, so I’m sure that’s what she’s going to want to do. We’ll see, I guess.


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