Posted by: wildflowerz | August 23, 2013

Cold on a mission so fall them back. Let ’em know, that you’re too much and this is a beat, uh, you can’t touch.

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 164.8
Weekly Change:  +0.2
Total Loss: 74.4
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  45
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  8

Ug, I feel so crappy at this moment.  So this will be a short post.  Probably.

Started my period yesterday.  Hopefully that’s what’s up with the gain.  I’ve felt uggy all week.  My stomach is killing me right now.  Not sure exactly what’s up, but there ya go.

Em started soccer this week.  Kinda.  She practices Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  It was supposed to rain on Tuesday and our Coach can’t get the soccer association to give her the equipment.  So we met at the local gianto-neighborhood’s pavilion and playground where we were supposed to have a short parent meeting and then let the girls practice a bit with some simple things.  We had the parent meeting, but only two of the girls were actually dressed for practice.  So, they didn’t really do anything.  The coach was able to borrow enough stuff to practice on Wednesday, but then it started storming.  Gah!  So, it looks like we’ll be doing GS every other Monday, TKD Monday and Thursday or Friday, soccer on Tuesday and Wednesday (with games on Saturday), and Reading Bowl on random Thursdays.  Nice.

This evening is Em’s school’s back to school dance.  That word “dance?”  Not really indicative of the event.  Mostly it’s a back to school run around and hula hoop. 😛  One of her friends is coming with us.  Then tomorrow Em’s spending the night with another friend tomorrow.  Chris and I have watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz this week in preparation for us seeing The World’s End while Em’s at her friend’s.  Yay!  Next weekend is DragonCon.  We’re being irresponsible parents and we’re taking Em out of school on Friday.  😛  I actually don’t have a schedule yet.  I know, you can’t believe it.  I’m working on that today.  🙂

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