Posted by: wildflowerz | September 4, 2013

And then she said someone will look at me like I’m looking at you one day. Then I might find I don’t want it any old way, so I don’t worry cause Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this Mama said.

It’s days like these that I’m doubly thankful that Chris works a set schedule 95% of the time and can help out!

I have the Con Crud.  I feel crappy.  You can tell because I managed about 30 minutes slow walking on the treadmill yesterday and today I didn’t even go.  For real.  I’ve been on the couch all day.  It’s not even anything particularly awful, just that I feel SO DAMN TIRED and have a sore throat.

So, right now, really, Em’s just doing soccer and Taekwondo.  Technically she’s started the reading bowl, but they aren’t having a meeting until, I think, the end of next month.  Girl Scouts officially starts Monday, but they’ve got a swim party on Friday.  Anyway, TKD is twice a week, 30 minutes each.  M, W, F it’s at 4:45 and T, H it’s at 7pm.  They’ve got one on Saturday too, but we’ve never been.  Soccer is Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30-7pm, with a game on Saturdays (starting this week) at different times.  So, we usually do Monday and Thursday or Friday for TKD.  THIS week, Monday was a holiday.  That wouldn’t be such a big thing except for a bunch of other stuff.  For one, on Friday, Em’s got a GS swim party at the aquatic center at 6pm.  Still, it would work since TKD would be over at 5:15.

Except this is testing week in TKD.  Friday is the testing.  Saturday is the she’s got a soccer game.  So, Em could only go on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Even this wouldn’t be that bad, except we’re not understanding how TKD works, evidently.  For the lower belts, they all go to class together.  They test every month or so and have to be invited based on earning their stripes.  Those are relatively easy, except the form one.  The kids in Em’s class, the intro class, are all white, orange, or yellow belts.  Instead of having kids test on different forms for those belts, they all do the same one.  So last month, Em learned the yellow belt form.  This month they’re doing the white.  I suppose next month will be orange.  But the belt color you go up to depends on what you’re at now.  So while Em DID the yellow form last time, she was white, so she went up to orange.  This time, she’s doing the white form, but she’s orange, so she’ll go up to yellow.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, last month, we didn’t know at all how it worked.  So we weren’t working on it at home.  We didn’t even know where to go to find the forms.  But they instructor told Chris and Em practiced a lot at home and had no problem learning the form.  She tested and passed with no problems.  They also DID the form in class quite a bit.

Then we get to this month.  I’ve gone to all but one or so of her TKD meetings.  I’ve only seen them do the form in class once.  And they didn’t really say too much about what it was.  I guess everyone else got an intro that we didn’t get and knew what was going on.  Em was totally confused and frustrated and couldn’t do the form because she’d only done it once in class.  Understandable!  Well, Chris figured out what the deal was, found the form online, and she’s practiced it at home.  She’s only done two sessions of practicing at home, and I’m only talking about 10-15 minutes each.  She has it down no problem.  So, today, she got her form stripe and an invitation to test on Friday.  So.

Ooh, I got off track and was talking about scheduling.  So, she had soccer yesterday, but the TKD was late and started before she was done with soccer.  Plus, hot and sweaty from the field.  So, today, she went to TKD from 4:45-5:15, then soccer from 5:30-7.  Chris met us at TKD and was going to take her on to soccer, while I went home.  Except she got her stripe, so he had to pay for testing, which held him up.  Turns out, our 3 month deal that we did is up next week, so he also had to do all that.  So, luckily, I’d decided to go ahead and stay for all of TKD to watch her before going home.  I took her on to soccer and he joined us.  It was so effing hot outside and I felt so crappy!  I was super glad to see him.

So, now, for this week, Em had soccer yesterday.  Today she had TKD and soccer.  Tomorrow, she’ll have TKD again.  Friday, she’ll test on TKD and then have to do a quick change to head to the aquatic center for her Girl Scout party.  Saturday she’s got a soccer game.  Then, next week, they’ve got the graduation on Monday.  So she’ll have that Monday, along with Girl Scouts.  Then soccer on Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, I guess she’ll do TKD on Thursday and Friday, then have a soccer game on Saturday.  I think.  Maybe that’s the soccer game right before Fall Break, so it’s been cancelled.  Gah!

Yes, I know I brought this on myself, but it’s my blog and I’ll bitch if I want to.  😛

Oy vey!  So, I’m not sure how the weigh in on Friday is going to turn out.  I’m feeling super snacky for no good reason lately.  I haven’t done any actual exercise, except 30 minutes yesterday ALL week long.  I did walk a little at DragonCon, but it REALLY wasn’t much.  For comparison’s sake, I earned 1 Activity Point one day, 2 on two of the days, and none on Monday.  I usually earn AT LEAST 6, but average about 8 on days I exercise.  So, it’s puny and pathetic.  It’s funny how your perspective changes.  I used to think that DC was a LOT Of walking.  I guess it’s more like Disney….it’s really a whole lot of STANDING and that tires you out, but isn’t really much exercise.  I plan on going to the gym in the morning, no matter what.  Even if I just do slow walking on the treadmill or do the elliptical, at least it’s something.


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