Posted by: wildflowerz | September 13, 2013

I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously…

Starting Weight: 239.2
Current Weight: 163.6
Weekly Change:  -0.8
Total Loss: 75.6
4th and Final Goal: 89.2 (150lb Goal Weight)
Daily Points Allowance: 26
Activity Point Earned Last Week:  22
Weekly Points Used Last Week:  31

FINALLY!  I made it to 75lbs down!  Yay me!  That felt like it took forever.  I’ve been going up and down for weeks and weeks now.  Overall, I’ve still been going down, so no major cause for concern, but a few weeks ago, I got SO CLOSE to 75 and then started gaining again.  Last week, I lost 1 and I needed 1.2 for the 75.  But today I made it!

Today’s meeting was success stories.  My leader asked me repeatedly to talk, but I am SO not a public speaker.  I did it a few weeks ago, impromptu, and it was just awful.  So, I was happy to let others do it.  The first speaker was down just under 25lbs.  The second was down 68.  The third was down 107.  They were all great!

This week, I was VERY hungry.  I also learned that Fiber One products equal a gassy Jenn, so they should be avoided.  Ug.  I ate more weekly points.  I did manage to get back to the gym.  Friday’s always my rest day, but I also skipped Saturday.  I went every other day, though.  Sunday, I only did 30 minutes.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I did an hour, slowly upping my running each time. I did 30 minutes of running on Wednesday.  Thursday I WENT to the gym, but they card reader wasn’t working and no one could get in.  Since they aren’t staffed until 9am, that was a problem.  I ended up going home and running in the neighborhood.  Have I mentioned I hate running outside?  I’m a very lazy runner, I guess.  I don’t like uneven ground.  Or non-level ground.  (And I mean those as two different things.)  And I don’t like nature.  Basically, anything that’s not on the treadmill.  So, yeah.  It was super foggy out.  I ended up only running for 17 minutes and that was broken up in 4 different segments.  Yuck.  Though, I did spend most of the week washing and cleaning our cars.  I washed my van on Tuesday and cleaned the inside the next day.  Thursday I washed Chris’s car and then cleaned the inside today.  Guys, you have no idea.  I can’t even remember the last time I’ve washed the van (or had it washed even).  I have cleaned the inside, but not very recently.  Same with the car.  So yeah.  It was a job.  Plus I had to be outside.  You know, in nature.  /shudder

We had another busy week with Em’s stuff.  She had a belt ceremony on Monday where she graduated from orange to yellow.  She’s very happy.  Not in small part because she hates orange.  😛  It also means that she’s now usually going to be high rank at her class since the one she goes to is only white, orange, and yellow.  XD  In fact, she was high rank at both her classes this week. 🙂

I learned a little more about the issues she’s having at school.  It’s not exactly what I thought it was.  Turns out that two of Em’s friends were both told that they could be friends with Em and still be friends with this group of girls who are calling themselves “the popular girls.”  I don’t know why they’ve decided to target Em.  The girl who was one of her two best friends (since 1st grade) decided that she’d rather be friends with these other girls and dropped Em, refusing to tell her why.  The other girl is a newer friend.  They were in class together last year and are again this year.  They started playdates and sleepovers together at the end of last year.  They’re now in the same GS troop too.  THIS girl is the other one who was told she had to drop Em to be friends with another girl.  She told them that was stupid and she was going to be friends with whoever she wanted to be friends with.  /cheer  I’ve no idea if Em knows that both these girls were given an ultimatum.  The second girl’s mom told me who it was that told her daughter this.  It also sounds like this group of girls is NOT who Em told me they were at all.  There’s a group of 5 ladies who are really good friends.  They hang out together all the time, posting pics on FB every time, and have a stupid nickname for themselves.  One of the ladies is the mom of Em’s ex-BFF.  Two of the others have daughters in Em’s grade.  Another has a boy in their grade.  And the last is a teacher of all those kids.  What it looks like is that these moms hang out a lot.  They like each other.  It’s not an exclusionary thing, they’re just friends.  But what the girls are seeing is more like a club and they’re taking that and excluding kids.  I don’t know if it’s more than just Em.  The other two girls Em has always gotten along with.  They’ll come to our pool some during the summer and they’ve always played well together.  So I’ve no idea why they don’t like Em now.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t care if Em plays with any of them, including the ex-BFF.  The girl and her mom are both major drama queens.  What I am pissed about is how they’re being mean to Em.  It just sucks.  I thought it had gotten better.  Em’s been sitting with her ex-friend on the bus, so they’ve been friendly, but not friends.  And that seems like it will work the best for her.  But the GS had a swim party at the aquatic center on Friday.  It was WAY too crowded.  Em and her friend were supposed to be buddies and stay together.  But because of the crowds (and the other girl hadn’t been there and was excited), they kept getting separated.  Em had a complete meltdown.  She told her friend’s mom (who is also one of the GS leaders now) that all her friends were leaving her and on and on.  It’s still bothering her and I have no idea what to do.

Em’s off for Fall Break this coming week.  We have NOTHING really planned for it and it’s awesome.  We’re only in the second month of school and I already feel overloaded with stuff to try and coordinate.  So a week where we’ve only got to make it to TKD twice and nothing else.  Yay!  🙂  Em’s got an ortho appt on Monday.  And on Thursday we’re driving up to see my mom and visit.  Friday one of her best friends is spending the night.  And Saturday we’ve having a ton of friends over to play board games and such.  Chris got a little twitchy about that.  We’re at 21 people for sure.  And a baby.  We might be up to 23 people.  7 of those are children.  I think it will be fine. We’ve got a dining table that will comfortably seat 8, a kitchen table that will seat 4, and a nice bit ottoman that at least 4 can play on.  We’ve got 2 folding tables that can have 4 each.  That’s room for 24.  We weren’t all going to be able to play the same games anyway.  Jeez!  Chill!  😛  Everyone’s bringing something snacky and if we’re still going at dinner time, we’ll probably order out.  I’m going to try 4 new recipes for the occasion.  Two savories and two sweets.  Yay new stuff!


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