Posted by: wildflowerz | October 9, 2013

I consider jealously to be insulting to you and degrading to me. I have no right to inquire into your feelings. They concern only your conscience.

Hello Internet.  How goes it?  Decent here.  I’m doing well with food, but the scale isn’t showing it.  I’m trying not to get discouraged (and I’m mostly succeeding), but it’s tough.  I’m down a tiny bit from what I was last Friday, but not much.  Meh.  One week of mediocre results does not make a failure, so I’ll just keep plugging away at it.

Em’s team won her soccer game last Saturday.  That makes the third one in a row!  How exciting!  We went to the Board Break-a-Thon after and we all had such a great time.  There was a raffle and they were giving SO MANY THINGS away!  We ended up winning gift certificates for Olive Garden and 8 tickets to the Yellow River Game Ranch.  And we only bought a few raffle tickets.  We also won a silent auction for Nutcracker tickets.  Cool. 🙂

I took Em to soccer practice last night and it was a dismal fail.  The coach had a fever, so she didn’t stay.  (Totally understandable.)  For some reason, the assistant coach wasn’t there either.  Well, we’ve got a student coach this season (A local high school student is doing it for her senior project).  She’s been absent most of the time.  She was late to practice last night, but was supposed to be filling in for our sick coach.  She finally got there and immediately got one of Em’s teammate’s moms to call her older daughter (who, I think, plays soccer with her in high school) to come help.  Also, fairly understandable.  However, the mom in question seems always ready to help out.  She tends to have a bit more of a serious attitude about practice than Em’s regular coach, but she’s still fairly nice about it.  Her older daughter shows up and she’s a complete loud mouth and has a bad attitude.  Like whoa.  The student coach that was supposed to be running practice is not assertive in the least, though she is very sweet.  The older daughter mostly took over.  She complained the entire time about having to be there.  They ran drills the ENTIRE time and she threatened to make them run for anything and everything, most of which weren’t behavior issues (which is the only time Em’s regular coach threatens them with running).  For a comparison, how Em’s regular coach runs practice is alternating with fun games (which also get them to practice their skills) and drills.  The girls didn’t seem like they were having any fun.  I know Em wasn’t.  She hated it.  So, yeah.  She was eager for practice to over with.  At least she has a new appreciation for her regular coach!

Tonight we’ve got soccer again.  Tomorrow is her class play, which has been a mass of confusion.  In 4th grade, they have a chorus as an after school thing.  Totally optional.  Also every year, each class does a play that they do at one of the PTA meetings.  This year, evidently, it’s going to be almost completely the chorus.  Which sucks ass for all the other kids who didn’t choose to be in chorus.  Anyway, to be in the class play, you have to sign a permission slip and send it back in.  We did.  However, it sounds like MOST of the 4th grade didn’t get a permission slip and the parents don’t know much about it.  They were supposed to wear their class shirts, but they haven’t come in yet.  Chorus was supposed to wear their chorus shirts, but those are also not in.  This year just seems like it’s a mass of confusion and miscommunication.  Anyway, I guess we’ll see.  Other than chorus, there are 5 speaking parts, one person from each class.  Em’s doing the one for her class.  So there’s that.  I’m thinking this play will be a lot of listening to a bunch of kids sing that aren’t my kid, therefore, totally uninteresting to me.  Is it bad that I say that?  Oh well.  Friday, Em’s got TKD and then may or may not be spending the night with a friend.  Saturday, she’s got an early soccer game.  That evening, she’s doing Ninja Nerf Wars for a Parent’s Night Out at her TKD studio.  And Sunday we’ve got nothing.  Yay!

I’ve switched up my exercise stuff again.  I’m doing a full body workout with cardio every other day now.  Then on the other days I’m doing cardio only.  Still doing a rest day on Friday.


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